Otome Game Review: Fantasy Cafe Enchante

Awaki Kotone decides to take over her late grandpa’s cafe Enchante and instead finds herself surrounded by non-human ikemans from another world who were regulars when grandpa was the master. She had quit her job because it was insanely stressful and mentally abusive. The cafe basically serves only the non human guys and because it has a magic barrier around it that makes normal humans not notice its location. Some of them also live there and pay rent in rare items from beyond this world worth thousands of yen.

Canus Espada – Canus is the headless horseman so needless to say I was not too excited to find out I had to start the game with him according to Otomate’s play order. 😩 He’s a tragic hero though because he’s the dark knight, a dullahan so to speak who brings death wherever he comes. Despite being a fairy race from the fairy kingdom, he never participates in any festive or happy activities because his existence alone is a bad omen. The only one who truly recognizes his loneliness is the ruler of fairies, Titania. One day while visiting Titania and telling her about the cafe, Kotone sees Canus killing a fairy begging for mercy saying that once he has fated a fairy’s death it cannot be stopped. Turns out the reason is fairies never die and if left alone they will over populate Medio and so that’s why Canus was created. He basically keeps the population and balance in check by being assigned to kill random fairies.

Also apparently the huge tree that runs the world once raged and nearly destroyed the world, and to appease its anger they offered a sacrifice – the fairy queen, the tree’s “bride” Titania. They found out this info because the half fairy boy they saved, Kariya, told them his great grandma apparently escaped Medio to the human world to get away from the tree. An outside attack causes a hole in Medio and to try to repair it the tree starts sucking energy from its residents by killing fairies and draining life energy out of Titania. Apparently the tree is basically like a parasite draining away Medio’s life. 500 years ago a fairy named Banshee, the older sister of Titania and Vennia tried to fight the tree to save her sister but after 3 days of battle the tree ate her… And so Canus was born as her successor. Canus is sad that Kotone knows the truth and he won’t be able to forget his misery by going to her cafe but she puts him in his place telling him she isn’t Gramps and to look at her as a diffe6 individual who’s more than just a cafe owner. So then Titania’s brother Vennia tricks Kotone into getting swapped with her in the sacrifice flower in order to get her ikeman powerful harem to save her and destroy the tree of Medio.

And so that’s basically what happens in addition to freeing the soul of Banshee that was trapped inside the tree. The tree is dead but its dead remains continue to be the foundation of Medio… Until it withers away completely and  something new will grow in its place. In the epilogue Titania visits Enchante finally for real now that she’s freed. Canus now is like a teacher to the fairies instead of the grim reaper. Canus then reads a wedding magazine and asks Kotone to marry him even if she can’t see his face and he’s a fairy Knight 🤣. Honestly I wish they used some random excuse to give him a face of some sort that even if only otome Kotone could see… Shit man there’s even a sound a effect of him kissing her hand and I’m sitting there like WHAT IS HE KISSING HER WITH HIS SMOKE!?🤤 THIS IS SO ROMANTIC BUT SOMEHOW SOMETHING IS MISSING (PERHAPS ITS WELL I DON’T KNOW…A HEAD)🤣🤣🤣.

Ignis Carbunculus – Ignis is from the beast world and he’s one of the few humanoid types. He’s also the typical red headed firey tsundere 😌. He comes from a snow filled world called Bestia where the motto is kill or be killed. A hole opens up in Bestia and it connects to the city where Enchante is so a bunch of angry cow minotaurs keep coming to cause havoc and run after Ignis. Ignis returns to Bestia to figure out what’s going on but then someone kidnaps Kotone and throws her in there too. She nearly freezes to death until a fox boy, whose family Ignis protected, saves her. Kotone ends up staying at Ignis’ village for the night and finds out that most of Ignis’ family and friends were killed after their village was attacked. Ignis managed to drive off the attackers and that’s when he became known as the strongest one in Bestia. Unfortunately he had lost all sense of self and ended up killing his family and best friend. Anyway turns out there’s a portal hole really close to his village. One of the minotaurs shows up and then spills the truth that no other beast in this world ever loses their senses. And because Ignis does it’s hard to tell if he’ll one day turn against his loved ones so he must be “killed”. Ignis asks his uncle if this is all true and the uncle admits he lied to Ignis telling him that he’s normal in order to keep him from going out of control again. As everyone tries to figure out how to control Ignis rage they realize that unlike the other Bestia beasts, Ignis is able to actually eat and digest food.

The other beasts there do not have stomachs and the other residents of Enchante just convert the food into magic energy. They then follow Kororo into some cave that has old drawings on the wall and he manages to speak some words in their language telling them about the past of Ignis’ race. They try to figure out and realize the original flame wolf in the Vinitor tribe was able to eat human food. They see yet another image of the wolf killing the Vinitor tribe and just as they talk about that being the reason their tribe lost a lot of people Doromi, Ignis’ “friend” comes out with the truth. The wolf in the past killed the Vinitor tribe so they locked him away in this ice cave. Doromi’s tiger tribe was then assigned for generations to guard him and make sure he never causes problems again. Doromi apparently one knew all about Ignis losing his senses and being a descendant of that wolf and had leaked info about him to the minotaurs. His goal was to kill Ignis too. He was the one responsible for Kororo’s parent’s death and for kidnapping Kotone. And now he set Ignis’ village on fire and sent the minotaurs to kill everyone. Ignis runs back to try and save them but doesn’t make it in time, and only finds corpses. He starts to lose all sense of himself out of rage and keeps telling himself to try to control it. Unfortunately the beast within awakens and he devours all the minotaurs left in the village. Just then because of the fire Il and Kotone accidentally fall into the village… And she witnesses him basically eating everyone first hand. Il tries to protect her but gets stabbed horribly by the hungry wolf man. When Kotone yells at him to stop and come back to his senses she basically meets the same fate. 😓 Just then the other 3 guys arrive and try to knock him to his senses and rescue Kotone and Il.

Miser manages to get Ignis back to his senses and Ignis has no idea what happened. As he looks around in horror of what happened Doromi comes out laughing at how awesome this all is and that he had basically set all of this up to make Ignis lose it. Doromi also then tells Ignis directly that he basically devoured everyone including part of Kotone’s arm. Apparently Doromi just wanted Ignis to be a wild killer Vanar reincarnation instead of the peaceful tsundere dork at Kotone’s cafe. Apparently the flame wolf was hibernating until a human arrived in Bestia and awakened him. And so any descendants from the wolf were constantly attacked and the tribe was always small in numbers. Many years passed and most residents of Bestia forgot about them until Ignis was born with the legendary powers. After this incident Kotone slowly recovers but has a huge scar on her arm. Il is in a coma and Miser seals Ignis away in the ice cave where the original wolf was. Doromi continues with his bullshit by getting more minotaurs to distract everyone while he kidnaps Kotone again to get Ignis to eat her. When he brings her there she bitchlaps him for being an asshole and he goes on a violent rant about how Vanare killing ppl is ok because he does it to eat, while the other beasts do it to prove their strength. Ignis meanwhile things the dude is wack while he tries to hold back his inner beast. After kicking Kotone like 20 times Doromi says if Ignis won’t eat her, then he will.

This enrages Ignis so much that he fully transforms into the Vanare and breaks through Miser’s barrier. Kotone passes out from all of the abuse from Doromi and wakes up with Rindo, Canus and Miser outside of the cave. And so everyone teams up with the smaller beast tribes to try to get Ignis back to his senses. It then turns into that Inuyashaesque scene where Kotone’s power of love takes the beast within. Also lol Doromi gets stopped by Il and Miser after Kotone pretty much tells him to fuck off and enjoy the power of love save the day. 💪😂 Also I have no idea how she touched a literal flaming hot wolf in the middle of a blizzard in her restaurant garb.🤔😂 And so Ignis comes back to his senses because he would rather bang his girl than eat her 😂. In the epilogue Kororo reunites with his family that apparently wasn’t killed after all. Meanwhile Ignis and Kotone continue their lovelove life back in Enchante and instead of eating he fills his hunger by satisfying his thirst for Kotone. 😘🤤Bestia changes too in a sense where the weaker beast tribes stop getting attacked, and it becomes more peaceful just like Ignis wanted. Doromi gets arrested by GPM and is in a daze at how all his crazy dreams got crushed by a human girl.

Rindo Kaoru – Rindo works at GPM that handles all the non-humans from outside this world and he’s one of the long time patrons of Enchante. She always sees him in a suit so she’s shocked to see him in casual clothes one weekend when she goes to shopping to get a gift for Mikado’s girlfriend. Mikado is another guy at GPM who works with Rindo. Turns out the small white fox he carries on his arm at all times is his lover…a former human turned monster and also Rindo’s younger sister. Apparently his sister Shizuki who, dated Mikado after working with him, was working on experiments with the monsters 7 years ago. Unfortunately it was very risky and she failed turning into a monster that was out of control ravaging after the blood of people working at GPM. Rindo then was assigned to immediately kill her because there was no way to save her. Before he could pull the trigger Mikado ran in front of him begging him to stop. He then used a special medicine he was experimenting on which basically turned her into a mostly immobile stuffed fox but she stopped attacking people. Mikado didn’t care and continued to love her and wanted her to be alive no matter what form. She still needs blood do she drinks from Mikado’s body but that is enough to satisfy her and keep her calm.

Sometimes he thinks to stop giving her the medicine so she isn’t like a vegetable but realizes she wouldn’t have wanted to go nuts and kill everyone again. He’s been working for 7 years to try to get her back to human form with no success. He finally gets sick of waiting and let’s Shizuku run wild sucking life energy out of random people at the GPM HQ. When Rindo goes to investigate she attacks and curses him giving him only 2 days to live. Mikado calls her out to the park in the judge of the night and gives her the drug to turn Rindo into a monster like Shizuku but save him from dying. Before she can ask him WTF is going on he runs off. Even though it goes against everything he stood for, Kotone shoves the medicine down his throat. When he wakes up half his body s like some Bleach reject 😩. Meanwhile Akira goes around with Shizuku letting her kill and suck the life out of people because as she does so, she starts to slowly regain some sense of herself. When Rindo has a private conversation with Canus he admits he didn’t want to become a monster because he would just make the rest of Kotone’s short life miserable. Unfortunately Kotone overhears this and starts crying feeling awful for what she’s done. She invites him to go on a date at the amusement park to add him his new form doesn’t bother her. Unfortunately he’s got a hood on the whole time and constantly looks sound to see if anyone notices how hideous he is. Kotone tells him that she loves him and that she wants him to date her.

He tells her she doesn’t have to feel responsible or sorry for him so she shuts him up with a kiss 😘. She tells him that since they had an age gap now they’ll have even more time to spend together 😂. When they come back from their date they’re hit with news that show images of the GPM building surrounded by overflowing red blob like it’s some Ghostbusters 2 shit 😱. It’s his sister Shizuku and it’s hard to get in since touching this blob just drains everyone’s power. Mikado then broadcasts his voice inviting only Rindo and Kotone in by clearing the way for them. Mikado then makes them walk like 80 flights of stairs to the roof to see him and in the meantime he tells them what really happened with Shizuku. He explains how he found out the GPM were working on  human experiments to try to make more powerful humans by combining them with monsters. This was totally illegal of course and they were basically taking prisoners or old people or those about to die and using them for these experiments. They then ask Mikado to become the lead on this department and Mikado agreed, desperate to try to bring Shizuku back to normal. One day he stumbles upon a secret file that basically reveals that Shizuku was blackmailed to become an experiment against her will and she didn’t “mess up her research”. So then the brother sister half monster battle begins because Kotone and Rindo refuse to join his psychotic genocide plan.

Rindo then basically ends up defeating Shizuku because the formula to turn him into a monster was made from her blood so he’s basically immune to her stands. After she’s defeated though she kills Mikado but he’s fine with it because he blames everything on himself and says he was gonna die from overwork sooner or later anyway. Before he dies he drinks the medicine to turn himself into a monster like her but it’s too late and he just dies next to her blobular mess. Rindo finishes her off in order to break the same curse that now fell upon Kotone. In the epilogue Il and Miser handle the cleanup and PR for GPM. Rindo and Miser also completely destroy so the research in the human experiments department and shut it down for good. Rindo takes leave from his gpm job to focus on working with Miser and Co to see if they can return him to human. In the meantime he hangs out and helps Kotone at the cafe even creating original coffee blends cause he’s actually good at cooking. He then confesses his feelings to Kotone to respond to get love confession from before and kisses her. I mean overall I thought the route was good particularly with Mikado’s sister but I didn’t see why they needed to make such a huge age gap (20+ years lol). It’s almost like they turned him into a monster just to be like well now the age gap is totes ok I mean all the other guys are hundreds of years old!😂

Il Fado de Rie – Il is otome game man and basically felt like a mirror image of myself when playing this whole game 😂😂😂. Loves going to otome game events and collaboration cafes and stays up late trying to finish a route. The best part is seeing all the otome game references from other Otomate games in a lot of his backgrounds. Unfortunately Il has a very poor understanding of how to act around humans and is often treated like the babby of the group. He accidentally puts a bunch of people to sleep at the park and everyone is shocked but he doesn’t understand why it’s bad. After doing much googling he has no luck figuring out why all the other guys are ok but he isn’t when it comes to interaction with humans. He then keeps trying to be useful by cleaning up after himself because he realizes he hasn’t done anything to help Kotone. Unfortunately it just ends up with him breaking dishes which is why nobody lets him do anything in the first place. He’s really bummed about this so to cheer him up Kotone decides to play the remake of his favorite and first otome game. So then a series of incidents begin happening around town where a bunch of angels begin kidnapping humans. When one of the victims is Kotone’s high school friend, Il interferes to try and save her. He beats them up but has his arm blown off and bleeds like crazy. Kotone freaks out and starts crying but Il acts like it’s no big deal and then mumbles some program language to fuse and repair his damaged arm like the Terminator 😂😱.

Suddenly the GPM guy who is known only as Mikado’s assistant says they need to arrest Il because he might be in cahoots with the other angels. Kotone and co refuse and the only way they reach an agreement that if Kotone and co help them catch the perpetrators they will let Il go. Kotone starts getting suspicious of him when every line he says to her is word for word from his favorite otome game. Just then the mystery dude shows up revealing himself as Solitus, another angel. He then reveals that Il is in fact not a fallen angel at all and that his name is the same as the otome game guy. In fact Il basically copied and acted out the otome game guy’s entire personality because all angels have no emotions and are just servants of God ordered to “punish sinners” aka actual fallen angels. Solitus tells Il to return to his duties as angel but before IL can refuse his system crashes and  does a factory reset. After Solitus leaves, Miser then admits that 15 years ago, he and Souan found an emotionless Il with no name just rambling “what is love?” over and over. Miser saw a game shop which advertised otome games so he bought one for Il hoping maybe it would help him. Well it worked too well and Il basically copied the name and personality of one of the guys in the game. 😂😱 Titania gives them hope that they can reawaken Il’s true soul so they all take the journey to heaven! 😇 They reach the world of Caelm immediately Il’s defense program is activated and he starts to attack everyone as intruders. They are saved by some black winged angel named Epilogi who is a fallen angel and is the leader of the fallen angel resistance group. They lie that they fell through one of those portals so they can get more information on how to save Il.

They find out that all angels are created basically as puppets of God and if they break free from this and get their own feelings and emotions, they are considered traitors and are labeled as fallen angels. Eventually they tell Epilogi the truth and he reveals that the only way to figure out how to get around Il’s security system is to go into the big tower in the middle of the world. Meanwhile it’s revealed that Il is a nameless weapon of God, and Solitus is not automated like the other angels, but rather God’s assistant that performs all his commands and controls Il. Additionally God is basically a giant computer system lol. They literally break into the tower and Miser faces off against Solitus. In the meantime everyone else finds Il and in order to try to overpower good program, Kotone tries to call out to him while touching his hands. He nearly strangles her to death but at the last minute lets go and starts saying her name over and over. Suddenly there’s a flashback showing that the reason Il awakened emotion is because the 2 fallen angels he was supposed to kill started talking about their feelings with him and were basically trying to find a way to explain their love for each other. Unfortunately Solitus found them, stabbed him with a forced program spear and Il instantly killed them. After God tells him their emotions were pointless suddenly Il raged and in protest ran away from God and Solitus wishing to know more about the feelings he had learned of. That’s when he ended up at the gate to Enchante to escape. When he came out he ran into loli Kotone holding a picture book called An Angel’s Love and that’s why he kept babbling what is love when Souan found him. So now back in the present Il is scared of knowing anymore emotion because well emotions can hurt and they’re not always happy and beautiful.

He tells her that he’s unworthy because he’s just a murder weapon and Kotone’s like bih IDGAF I will teach you about emotions 😂. This basically awakens all of his emotions and he starts crying in her arms. He gets a hold of himself saying that he has now once again fallen by acknowledging his own emotions and faces off against Solitus. After defeating him they go to the God, aka a self powered AI robot. (Tearblade flashbacks lol).😱 Turns out the reason they were kidnapping ppl on Earth was to use in experiments in creating new angels. Mr.AI God then explains how the world was filled with spirits until humans came and filled it with technology. In order to make the perfect beings they decided to try to create a hybrid human x spirit crossover and that’s how they created these angels with Il being the first successful one. After a while all the humans there went extinct only the AI was left and so he basically ordered everyone to be emotionless robots and destroyed anything that went against the norm. Unfortunately they ran out of recycling the Angels and needed more “fuel” which is why they started kidnapping humans from Earth. Anyway the AI tries to kill Il but Solitus distracts the AI saying that if they kill the strongest angel they will be in danger. With that Il and Kotone escape and when they get back to the cafe he’s in turbo clingy mode and hisses at anyone who comes near Kotone. 🤤😂 He also quits otome games cause he awakened his real emotions. 😭 They return to Caelm and visit an abandoned lab where one of the original scientists was trying to end his creations before he died. Unfortunately he messed up the code leaving things to turn out the way they did and also creating Il as a weapon of destruction, who also contained his genes.

So now Il knows he has to die in order to stop the AI from destroying Earth but at the same time he’s heartbroken that he finally is able to love Kotone and all that is coming to an end. The night before he talks to Kotone and kisses her telling her he wants to do many things with her after everything is over. When they get to Caelm, Il first has to defeat Solitus who is just yanhomo and just wants Il back at his command and doesn’t actually care about God’s orders 😂. Now that Solitus awakens his emotions fully not wanting Il to die his wings start turning black and he no longer hears orders from god. Il thanks him for being with him all this time as his “friend” even when Il was still an emotionless puppet. When they go to talk to the AI God, Il reveals that the main sever Mihael that holds the souls of all the previously killed angels and humans is the reason why angels “fall”. The emotions from the souls are always there no matter how many times they try to reset them and format the program. The souls of the dead angels including his old angel friends all help him out to defeat and destroy the AI God. Unfortunately by doing this Il has to temporarily become one with it and in doing so he loses all his soul and emotion and becomes a doll again. In the epilogue, a year goes by after this and Il became a lifeless doll and Caelm is in chaos because now everyone has emotions and no real leader. In the meantime Solitus and Epilogi join forces to try to get everything under control again. Fortunately Il gets a happy ending and his soul is reborn once again and he goes back to Kotone not knowing why. As Kotone tells him her feelings once more the miracle of love happens once again and he remembers his feelings for her. They once again confess their love and kiss. 😘 I do have to say I quite liked Ishikawa Kaito’s voice acting in this one because it was different from his usual “angry yelling guy” role lol.

Miser Rex – Miser is the extremely sawayaka dark lord who just wants to chill and drink coffee at Enchante. He’s also a cheat dark lord in a sense where he can pretty much destroy whatever he wishes but is constantly upset he has no cheat to save anyone (as he often regrets in other people’s routes.) Unlike the other 3 he doesn’t live at the cafe and he just visits from the underworld every day. Even when Kotone asks if he can live on Earth he refuses because he’s hiding a secret from her. So after a bunch of portals mysteriously start popping up on Earth, Kotone is kidnapped by another “dark lord” so Miser and co go to the underworld of Asmodia to save her. And so the other dark lord, Asmodeus forces Kotone to marry him because idiot fell in love at first sight lol. When Kotone asks him if there’s 2 dark Lords, he tells her that he’s the only one. When she asks him about Miser he says he’s never heard of him. When Miser finally shows up to save her he admits he’s the fake dark lord. After they fight suddenly mystery man shows up and Miser turns into his true demon form destroying Asmodeus’ castle.  He tells Kotone that anything he touches turns to ash and to stay the hell away. He always needs time to “calm down this power” which is why he has leave Kotone every night and refused her offer to live at Enchante. He returns to his world alone, a sad empty void filled with ash and full of mounds of the dead bodies of its former residents.

After this incident days go by and Miser no longer visits the cafe leaving Kotone to be sad and lonely. Many days pass them suddenly Solitus comes to kidnap Il back to Caelm and a once more human form Miser comes through the door and brings Kotone to his ash filled world. He seems really happy to see her but something feels off. Realizing it’s not the real one, Kotone runs for it but the general atmosphere of this world starts to take a toll on her body and she begins coughing blood. Mystery white haired dude shows his true form after catching her claiming he’s been trying to find her all this time. Finally the real Miser shows up to try to bring her had home but the other dude ain’t having this. The reason Miser was even able to turn back human is because he gave a bunch of his powers to that guy. Miser and Kotone both start to head toward death as they crawl towards the Enchante gate. As they make their way Miser reveals the truth about his past: that he was a human who wandered into this world but unlike the rest who died, he was the lone survivor. Apparently back in his day when humans decided to travel to other worlds they created these “arcs” – one of which was seen in Caelm. Unfortunately the ship that Miser was on, ended up in this ash world “the world of the end” and most people died. Everyone but him died turning into ash but for some reason his body mutated into a monster and it took him hundreds of years to stop the suffering and to be able to freely move again. 😭

He couldn’t die anymore and even though portals from other worlds opened up, anyone who fell through would instantly die. One day though a portal opened up inside Enchante and he saw smol Kotone. He was angry that she got to live a peaceful life and he was so miserable but then she brought him a cup of coffee that she poured herself 🥺😊 For some reason when he took the cup through the portal both she and the cup didn’t turn into ash and he started crying.😭 And so with coffee cup in hand he wandered around until he found the original gate he came from and trained his body painfully to turn himself human. Unfortunately by time he managed to get there, Kotone had already left her grandpa’s place. When they finally reach the gate cockblock-kun blocks their way. He reveals that his name is Noah and he turns Miser into a bloody pulp and throws him through the Enchante gate leaving only himself and Kotone in this world. Apparently Noah himself is the world and his human like form is just an image so you can communicate. Miser wakes up 2 days later inside Enchante horrified that he’s alive and Kotone isn’t there. He tries to head towards the gate to save her but now that he’s just a human he has no powers and Rindo stops him. Meanwhile back at the ranch in Caelm, the AI gives us the details on what Miser had forgotten. There was a great disaster which Miser’s original world called “Noah’s great disaster” and basically everyone wanted to escape it so they created a bunch of arcs to try to go to other worlds with. (So kinda like Noah’s arc story from the Bible I guess but without the animal part lol). All these arcs went to the worlds we saw in the other routes; the strong ones went to Ignis world, the wise ones went to the fairy world and planted that “seed” that grew the tree.

The technology advanced went to Caelm. And so turns out all the non humans who are in these worlds are actually former humans who evolved to adapt to said world to become what they are now. And the reason all the holes have been forming everywhere is because Caelm has been trying to find people to use for experiments in creating new angels. Since Miser is the only one who can withstand Noah they agree to let him return to try to save Kotone and give him some medicine to help him last longer. When Miser gets there Noah tells him that he and Kotone are gonna become one and live happily ever after (like some kind of 3rd impact Eva movie 😩). While Miser is looking for Kotone, Noah shows her his past memory. He used to be a human in the same world as Miser. Noah was apparently scouted to help with portal and other world research but in reality he was just an experiment subject that got pushed into the portal to see if a “human could survive it”. And so he was dumped into this empty world where it absorbed him and he basically became “the world itself’.  In fact that’s how all the other worlds got created but unfortunately unlike the fairy world, Noah ended up a miserable world of death. He tried to return back to Earth but instead he ended up destroying it (the Noah disaster) so he stopped before he completely destroyed everything. So when Miser showed up and survived Noah was happy that finally he wasn’t alone, even though Miser had no idea of his existence. So when Noah saw Kotone and Miser he got jealous and angry that Miser got a chance to be happy while he was forever alone. Miser starts searching for Kotone the medicine effect runs out putting him into extremely excruciating pain. Just when he’s about to die he finds the coffee cup that smol Kotone had given him years ago.

Remembering that he still hasn’t thanked Kotone or told her his feelings he manages to get up and just in time Canus, Ignis and Il show up to help. They all start battling Noah in their worlds too because he’s connected portals to all of them. Il even managed to trick his AI into giving him energy inside Noah to continue fighting. Il also uses his healing powers to get Miser back on track to save Kotone whose body has now melted and she’s just become one with Noah. Miser reaches a fake Enchante that Noah created, sits at his usual place and tells Kotone that he’s here to drink her coffee as her special guest. Kotone manages to awake her conscious and their souls connect. He finally tells her his feelings and how she saved him from despair when she gave him that coffee she made as a child. He concludes with telling her that he loves her more than anything in the world. Since Kotone has some of Noah’s powers she makes herself visible and tells Miser that she loves him too.🥺 Miser then turns around telling Noah that he just wanted to be friends with him so neither of them would be lonely. Kotone also rejects Noah’s love confession because well it was all one sided from the start and unlike Miser he never got to truly know her before abducting her into his uguu ash world cage. Noah then finally asks them to kill him because there’s no saving him and since they are inside his “heart” if they kill his visible form it will be the equivalent of destroying his core.

Miser instead kills him with kindness by having a final friends only tea time. As Noah’s core is destroyed, the world begins to collapse and the only ones left are Kotone and Miser. In the epilogue news is spread out to the humans in Earth about other worlds and non humans. Eventually everyone gets used to it and they start to become a normal part of society. Everyone’s other routes have a similar ending to the original routes (like Akira finding the truth about Shizuku or Ignis knowing about Doromi.) Asmodeus is in despair because all portals are gone and he can no longer come to Earth to see Kotone 😂. Kotone and Miser return to Enchante but Kotone’s become “the world” like Noah had been. But instead of a world filled with death and despair it’s a happy peaceful world. So Kotone can only project her “image” at Enchante by having a part of her world as part of the cafe. Miser becomes her co-manager to help her out with things. He tells her when his human life ends, whatever he’s reborn as he’ll always return to drink her coffee. To be honest I am SO SAD because the ending was so bittersweet. I truly wanted a happy end for Kotone and Miser to be together as humans but that would not come true cause the game wants it to be a human x non-human ending so since Miser was made human, they had to then turn Kotone non-human. I get it, I know that’s the point but still: SAD. 😭 Also Miser’s screams when he was turning into his monster form, when he was getting hurt by Noah were just gruesome and painful to listen to. I understand what they were going for but I can now see why some amazon reviewers complained about it being too “bloody and gory”. I thought I got used to this shit from some of old Rejet games but I think this one went the extra mile to be like “hey check out all this gory action!”

Well it was unexpectedly a pretty good game. I’m actually sad I ended up not pre-ordering it because by the time I decided I’d play it, all the physical copies had become sold out so I was forced to just buy some nintendo shop e-card through a 3rd party to get it off the Japan digital store. 😭 If there’s ever a fandisk though I will definitely pick up the limited edition for sure. I had no idea this game had a dude who loves playing otome games so that was definitely a pleasure. Still though, I don’t feel 100% satisfied because while we do get to see a “happy end for now” it’s all temporary because let’s face it humans and non-humans cannot live together forever since eventually the human would age and die leaving the non-human alone. And while certain routes I could feel romantic development, in routes like Canus it was really difficult to tell there was anything romantic going on (because well seeing the color of his head smoke just wasn’t enough to convey emotion to me.) Kotone was a good heroine and not just a personality-less narrarator and for me honestly the most painful part at the beginning was seeing her have to deal with an asshole harassing boss. I was worried that this was gonna be a big part of the game, but fortunately the focus then shifted on the cafe and she was freed from that misery. For play order I basically followed Otomate’s which was Canus → Ignis → Rindo → Il → Miser and I think that was honestly a great way to unravel the truth and the general story. My favorite guy ended up being Miser because of how much he had gone through, but I really enjoyed Ignis’ route as well. Il’s route was fun when he was a huge otome game otaku but once he dropped that hobby it wasn’t that interesting to me XD. Rindo was too tied in with his past + the age gap didn’t really make the route that romantic to me (just sad and sorry for him) and Canus like I said would have been better if he had SOME kind of a face. Overall though even if I’m not 100% satisfied I’d definitely recommend this game, especially since it was licensed to be released in English some time next year. Hoping the game gains some steam so that Otomate makes a fandisk in order to resolve this “モヤモヤ” I have :P.


8 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Fantasy Cafe Enchante

  1. So glad to see the general consensus for this game is a resounding, “It’s pretty good!” I’m still SHOOKETH to see Camus has no face and that he’s supposed to be your first peek into the game pfft. Miser and Il look the most intriguing to me and I’m so happy that Miser was your favorite. What would you say a good level of Japanese would be to play this? I was going to get it until I realized we were dealing with supernatural stuff and I immediately had PTSD to all those ayakashi and waafu games I tried and failed to read xD Have a wonderful Holiday, if this is to be your last post of the year, but if not, can’t wait to read more!

    1. The true end/Miser’s route as well as il’s route was like tearblade level complexity so honestly I would wait for the English release if I were you :s
      since my bustafellows is in limbo i’m not sure I’ll have anymore reviews until January but thanks you too!

  2. Tbh the concept of this game didn’t interest me much at first but seeing all the good reviews it’s getting I’m really tempted to get it now! I’ll probably just wait for the EN release though. Knowing me if I buy the JP now, I’ll still buy the EN later and really, what’s the point LOL I should slog through the other games I’m playing right now first anyways ^q^ hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year Hinano! \o/

    1. i’m busy fighting a rabid pot smoker in my building (my hallway literally fucking reeks of pot ALL DAY now) but otherwise I’m hoping my holidays are better lol

  3. thanks—!
    i do like the setting—! fantasy and the female lead taking over a cafe and dealing with her customers, haha! the guys though…hm, i only like 3 of the guys rofl! for the other two, the design/background stuff didn’t really appeal to me haha! and you’re right, i do feel bad for miser, they need to get an actual happy ending! not a bittersweet ending, naniii! but overall, it seems to be a more light-hearted(?) game, and i’m glad for that! were there quite a few fluffy moments for the couples?

    hunh, also, the setting reminds me of a japanese novel that i’ve partly read on syosetu, though it’s set in a fantasy world where all the different ‘races’ live together. i got pretty far into that novel before i dropped it, since i didn’t ship the main couple LOLOL.

    1. honestly I didn’t really know what to think of the guys until I did their routes and I didn’t particularly DISLIKE anyone but yea uh Rindo’s a bit….I just don’t see him romantically at all lol. Obviously it’s meant to appeal to those who like the old man type lol.

      wow that sounds similar, i mean the whole non-human isn’t a novel concept and I had massive flashbacks to Tearblade in Il’s route xD

      1. yeah, i think all the guys were ok! just personal preference, mostly, i think! i don’t mind the older guy bit…if it appeals to me! but rindo’s was just so-so for me, hahaha!

        haha, yeah, the non-human concept is not rare, but inclusive of the cafe part is a bit rarer, i think!

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