Elphintos Skills

Skills are up on the Elphintos Project page. It looks like she has mainly ice skills, kinda like Soma is mainly lightning skills. She has skills like “Ice Justice” and “Ice Judgement”. My favorite skill is “Shield Break” where she does that bum’s rush attack like the alligator and perious boss in Delio’s castle. Yes you know the one where he just keeps going, block every single attack and kills you instantly? Yea that one. Continue reading Elphintos Skills


Another drop event

Taro wants you to help him gather kabuto dolls dropped by monsters in mission & challenge mode. As usual you can go to Tautau in the hiroba and exchange for items. This time around the rewards are high level hp/sp/mp potions (like the candies) , wing portals, upgrade stones (including C stones!!) and some fish hats. Continue reading Another drop event

Poupee Zoo & Aquarium Event

Of course thanks to my POS internet, I missed the chance to buy the limited edition animal balloons =_=; Anyway I  am not sure how you get the different backgrounds but I got zoo. Someone on my poupee friend list had the aquarium though:

Elphintos Project

Elphintos page is up. She’s not an old hag guys she’s only 26, that’s younger than both Shubalman and Cromodo! 😯 Anyway unfortunately the stupid flash page won’t load for me so I can’t read her story but her seiyuu will be Koshizumi Ami. Anyway I like the seiyuu so I’m mildly interested in this character! I wonder if she will be upgradeable or if you gotta level her from level 1? (ew) Since I remember Ruko project was announced about a month before it was implemented I assume we’ll see Elphintos by the end of May.

In other news my modem at home fried so I have no internet until Saturday (?) when the stupid cable guy comes to fix it =/. So I won’t be playing Tartaros the rest of the week unfortunately. I’ll probably focus on finishing my otome game instead.