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Eternal Dungeon coming this week

I should be excited for this but I’m not. Stupid game guard errors crash my game at least once a day to the point that I’ve completely given up playing other than logging in & out once per day and selling some items. I don’t think this is a challenge since it didn’t say it was. I think it’s just like a sort of grinding map I guess?

The other thing I noticed in the screenshots, the characters are wearing totally new avatars. Whether these will be rentals or permanent gacha I don’t know but I’m leaning towards gacha since MK loves those =_=; Ruko looks like she has some kind of chinese dress and Nagi has some red & white dress? Hmm I guess we’ll find out by Wednesday & Thursday. I’m busy working on my first vocaloid PV that I want to get done by Thursday night so I won’t be doing much playing. I still have 60% left until 54 so I guess I’ll be behind everyone for a bit.


New Challenge: Treasure Island

So along with the level 53 skills, the next update will include the level 54 challenge. It will require 1400 content points and unfortunately you will need to grind up to level 54 to do it. The weird part is they show this pirate boss man but I thought we had to fight a giant octopus!! 😆 Continue reading New Challenge: Treasure Island

Tartaros is getting lottery happy e_e;

Uh yea so the latest lottery features basically the currently available outfits but in permanent form. Additionally unlike the crappy NPC outfits, these give additional bonuses such as magic defense +100 (for the armor) and con +8 (for the weapon). When you win the avatar the stats on it will be completely random. Even if you only win one or the other it still beats nothing, and it also beats the tesbell weapon avatars as well. Unfortunately they only come in certain colors so I’m upset that its the fugly blue for Ruko and the fugly black/pink for Pinko. On the other hand, I absolutely love Cromodos so maybe I’ll try to win something for him…oh who am I kidding goodbye 2500 yen! ヾ(;´Д`●)ノぁゎゎ

This lottery will be released on Thursday. One box will be 250 yen and you can save some money (buy 10 get 1 free…) and buy 11 for 2500 yen. The lottery part stinks but other items you can win from this lottery are level 6 con/critical/etc stones so I guess the consolation prizes aren’t that awful (except for the high chance you have of winning wing portals =_=;)

New level 48 challenge + double campaign

As I had predicted in my season 4 post, the next challenge will indeed be the joukyuu challenge of the level 23 one. I guess this probably means some sort of sheep protecting is gonna be involved. The dropped items are pretty nice though – if you make a set you can get bonuses such as critical +5 and con +7 which is a pretty nice combo at this time. This weekend there will be a double riru and double cp event. While playing the amount of CP and money you receive will be doubled. That’s about it. The new challenge will most likely be released next week along with a new lottery item and new cash accessories (probably the ones I listed in my previous post.)

Don’t forget to check your serial code page, because a bunch of them just came in!

P.S. Apparently I won 2nd place in the screenshot contest, but my prize is a hairstyle/hair color of choice T_T Sadly I’ve already spent money to buy the hairs for all my characters so I woulda honestly have settled for the 3rd place set of stones instead or something at this point. ^^; I guess I’ll give my husband a present or something >_> lol.