Elphintos Project

Elphintos page is up. She’s not an old hag guys she’s only 26, that’s younger than both Shubalman and Cromodo! 😯 Anyway unfortunately the stupid flash page won’t load for me so I can’t read her story but her seiyuu will be Koshizumi Ami. Anyway I like the seiyuu so I’m mildly interested in this character! I wonder if she will be upgradeable or if you gotta level her from level 1? (ew) Since I remember Ruko project was announced about a month before it was implemented I assume we’ll see Elphintos by the end of May.

In other news my modem at home fried so I have no internet until Saturday (?) when the stupid cable guy comes to fix it =/. So I won’t be playing Tartaros the rest of the week unfortunately. I’ll probably focus on finishing my otome game instead.

7 thoughts on “Elphintos Project

  1. WTF AGES.
    I thought Shubalman was like… 22 ? And Cromodo 25.
    And Elphintos was like… 35-40 to me ? XDDD;

    I suck xD;

  2. omg @@; Poor Elphintos lol.
    Cromodo is the oldest I believe (28) then Shubalman 27, Elphintos 26, Aelrot 23, Nagi 19, Ruko 17, Pinko 11 and Soma/Ilishia are unknown. I’m assuming Ilishia is in her 20s and Soma in his teens age wise.

  3. She looks cool, but I think she has the stupidest name ever. @__@ I wish they would have changed it, lol.

  4. 26 is past the expiry date. Old Christmas cake. etc2 etc2. At least the designers chose expired cake over loli-fetish… I think…

    Elphintos sounds like Elephant-OS. Stampeding badass mutha-fucka!

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