Another drop event

Taro wants you to help him gather kabuto dolls dropped by monsters in mission & challenge mode. As usual you can go to Tautau in the hiroba and exchange for items. This time around the rewards are high level hp/sp/mp potions (like the candies) , wing portals, upgrade stones (including C stones!!) and some fish hats.

The yellow fish will give you concentration +3 and the blue one will give you hp +150. It’s a set with a cash item that will give you additional bonuses but unlike the head fish, the back item will expire in a certain amount of time. I’m thinking about the yellow fish for one of my sub characters xD We’ll see~(I want to stock up on C stones and HP potions more than anything at this point.)

The scenario bug SHOULD have been fixed in last night’s maintenance. Anyway that’s about it. I’ve not yet tried Gama Mura because the stupid message in a bottle refuses to drop :/. What a bummer. Guess I’ll try to get it again today…