Poupee Zoo & Aquarium Event

Of course thanks to my POS internet, I missed the chance to buy the limited edition animal balloons =_=; Anyway I  am not sure how you get the different backgrounds but I got zoo. Someone on my poupee friend list had the aquarium though:


Elphintos Project

Elphintos page is up. She’s not an old hag guys she’s only 26, that’s younger than both Shubalman and Cromodo! 😯 Anyway unfortunately the stupid flash page won’t load for me so I can’t read her story but her seiyuu will be Koshizumi Ami. Anyway I like the seiyuu so I’m mildly interested in this character! I wonder if she will be upgradeable or if you gotta level her from level 1? (ew) Since I remember Ruko project was announced about a month before it was implemented I assume we’ll see Elphintos by the end of May.

In other news my modem at home fried so I have no internet until Saturday (?) when the stupid cable guy comes to fix it =/. So I won’t be playing Tartaros the rest of the week unfortunately. I’ll probably focus on finishing my otome game instead.