Poupee Zoo & Aquarium Event

Of course thanks to my POS internet, I missed the chance to buy the limited edition animal balloons =_=; Anyway I  am not sure how you get the different backgrounds but I got zoo. Someone on my poupee friend list had the aquarium though:


5 thoughts on “Poupee Zoo & Aquarium Event”

  1. Iam in love with the event and you only get the aquarium background holding a penguin or a dolfin.

  2. Don’t worry about the limiteds, they’ll be coming out with two more batches again tomorrow like they did with those weird fish from the anni

    orz I also missed out on it too though, but it was really late in West Coast time for it.

  3. they sold out in 40 minutes. I was playing tartaros. Forget this crap, I’m glad I was playing tartaros cause it’s a hell lot more fun than spamming traffing on poupee girl for some fucking pixel balloon. 😡

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