Gama Mura video

Took this yesterday. This map is honestly pretty pointless. The stuff you have to fight has a lot of defense/HP and the rewards are crappy level 44 items ^^;; I guess it’s something to do if you have the item sitting around your inventory, otherwise it’s a pretty pointless zone.


Tartaros Season 4!

The gang is out to go catch some fish over at Port City Alberta Berto.  I’m gonna guess we’ll start seeing this update being implemented sometime in late June, early July. I dug around the Korean site and found a couple more things. Continue reading Tartaros Season 4!

Poupee Rainy Day 2010

I dunno I’m kinda disappointed :S I feel like last year’s selection of stuff was so much better and I was raging because I couldn’t afford any of it. This year I just bought 2 umbrellas to match some of my outfits (black & White) and a flower in my hand. Otherwise everything else is from last year 😕 Also I thought last year’s background was nicer. This feels kinda plain….and the big fat red car that you get if you buy this year’s crap isn’t really that great.

Tartaros Updates & Events

Well most are cash updates (time to upgrade like a fiend!!) but there are massive login events going on so I’m going to translate those for you guys ^_^ Continue reading Tartaros Updates & Events