Tartaros Season 4.5 Updates

The new update brings that “special zone” in Delio’s castle called Gama Village. You will need a “message in a bottle” item (which you obtain from doing missions in the other maps) to be able to do this one.

The rewards are as follows:

Level 44 weapons & armor. The only thing is…these pale in comparison to what drops from the regular delio maps! I don’t understand. Am I missing something here? Or are they only listing the “normal” armor meaning there’s a saijoukyuu version which will have better stats? If not then doing this map is completely meaningless especially considering it’s for level 44 and since 44 is the cap not like you get any exp doing it. I’ll try to give it a shot tonight maybe and see what we can do!

There’s also some new cash shop items (obviously ones that expire) however they do give pretty nice stats. Similar to the Cafe Elteil stuff you can choose which bonuses the outfits give like Magic attack +70 or Critical +5. The critical +5 umbrella is so temping (even though it’s dorky as hell rofl) but I already have a weapon avatar for Cromodo so I’m not sure if I wanna spend the money. Also while Nagi’s outfit is cute, Cromod just looks like a dork 😆

There’s also a new lottery box (which by the way is on sale this week too) where you can win a hat/wing set. Obviously each one is a separate item. The white wings give MP recovery and the white hat gives critical +3. Combined they give all attacks +100. The black wing/hat set when combined is the same except the hat gives meichuu +5 and the wings give SP recovery. While I’d like critical +3, I’ll stick to my meichuu +3 crown for now. The other stuff in the box is pretty decent like Critical/Meichuu level 5 stones so since it’s on sale for 200 points (200 yen) at least 1 box might be worth buying.

And last but not least is the new Colloseum system or as I like to call it Guild Wars. If you’ve played Ragnarok Online and are familiar with War of Emperium, this is basically the same thing. I believe the maximum members at a time is 8  and you will go into the guild area (like with regular vs) and request battle with another guild leader. When that person accepts everyone is transported into the colloseum where I guess last man/team standing is the winner. Every week/month there will be rankings.

The number one guild will receive accessories such as special wings or headgears as shown above.  At the end of each battle, every team member of the winning team will also receive 100 guild badges (so 8 members = 800 badges = 1600 guild points). Winning is determined by “Kill points.” When you kill a member of the opposing guild, you will receive points (obviously they can have backup characters if their first one dies). Team with the most kill points at the end of the timer is the winner. Simiarly if you die, you will receive “death points” on your rank. Guild battle hours are Japan time Fridays from 9-11PM and Saturdays from 8-11PM. (That’s 8-10AM EST and 7-10AM Est.)

My thoughts? Pass. We hardly ever even have 6 people on at the same time let alone 8. Only 6 people in the guild are above level 44, 2 above 30, and one below 20 ^^;  The time difference will probably be an issue for some (for me definitely on Fridays, but Saturdays I could probably make it.) Anyway we could always try doing it once for the hell of it and see how badly we get our butts beaten by some guild whose every member is sporting level 15 weapons 😆 There’s some GM colloseum events going on where you can join a random GM’s team but they’re like in the middle of the night for me so I’m skipping it. Also to celebrate colloseum they basically plan to have guild wars daily from 8-10pm  and 2-4pm now until may 5th because of Japan’s big Golden Week holiday.

Anyway that’s about it for the updates. There’s also a game survey on the site if you want to participate. *goes to fill it out*


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  1. yea they’re just not practical stat wise. There are similar/much better non cash items from challenge missions already in the auction so it’s not really worth it I think xD I’m on the edge but I’m probably going to pass.

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