Cromodo & the Giant Bean Stalk

Mean to upload this a while ago. What a goofy map. Nothing special here considering I was 41 when we were doing this. Just a fun map to do I guess :). Also trying out mp4 encoding using Handbreak. I’ll get better at it with more practice!


Another login campaign

If you login AND logout on the 17th, 18th and 19th you will receive 5 revival scrolls, 20 D upgrade stones, and 10 500pt CP books. I think they finally realized that having “hourly” login campaigns only causes people to login and idle/lag the freaking servers.

The catch? You need to login/logout between 7-9PM Japan time. This is 6-8AM my time so it’s doable before I go to work (or if I wake up early on the weekend.) Make sure you do this during the correct time or it won’t count.

Edit: Forgot to mention recent bug fixes-

  • Lv. 40 Despell Challenge should now be dropping lv. 40 character outfits not just weapons.
  • The new high level potions are back to only being in Delio castle and they are back to being the ripoff price. Apparently the “reasonable” price was a bug. What? 😕
  • Supposedly the error with crashing while making Tioses has been fixed (confirmation?)

Anyway those are the only noticeable bugs that have been fixed (or broken in my opinion). I need some pink stones so I’d like to do some challenges this weekend. I also got Handbrake to play around with for converting files into H264 format for youtube & nico. We’ll see how that works out.