Elphintos Skills

Skills are up on the Elphintos Project page. It looks like she has mainly ice skills, kinda like Soma is mainly lightning skills. She has skills like “Ice Justice” and “Ice Judgement”. My favorite skill is “Shield Break” where she does that bum’s rush attack like the alligator and perious boss in Delio’s castle. Yes you know the one where he just keeps going, block every single attack and kills you instantly? Yea that one.

Anyway all in all looks like an awesome tank character. She also has some area attacks that do damage and buff party members kinda like Nagi’s JK. You get her after completing the level 47 scenario. Whether you can upgrade her or not I am not sure.

In other news, last night we did Gama Mura because the stupid message in a bottle finally dropped. What a waste of time that was honestly. I only died once during the last room (as I am destined to) but the rewards were pathetic 😕 I got better stuff from doing tesbell which is also much easier! Our guild is 10k points away from level 3. Once it hits level 3 we will be able to use guild currency to purchase CP books since it seems some of you guys are always short on CP. Let’s aim to try to get it to level 3 by next weekend (May 9th!) Thanks everyone for the contribution. We also have a new guild member who I grinded up to level 13 yesterday so if you see him say hello 🙂