How to master level 40 challenge in 8 minutes.

Start by having level 10 & 12 upgraded weapons!

Click the image to view their video. Cromodo and Nagi basically pwn the entire mission in 8 minutes. I was paying attention to the damage and basically the Cromodo was doing at least 20% more damage than me which I guess is explained by the fact that my weapon is only upgraded to +6 ._.; The Nagi has a +12 upgraded weapon and both characters have multiple tioses in their accessories (which I’m thinking of putting my level 5’s into…==;)

I was also thinking to try this out with 3 people. Yea I know it seems crazy but with that 4th person the amount of enemies just goes out of wack so maybe it’s easier with 3 people. Will have to give it a shot this weekend or something. (´Д`;A) I also downloaded Bandicam – the same one the guy who made this video used because my fraps completely died on me (and gave me a worm.)


I stress it again, GET A SECURITY CARD.

You think the hacking issue in Tartaros isn’t real? You have another thought coming.

I got my security card last week and been using it since. Also if you are going to idle in game, idling in the hiroba is asking for your account to get hacked.  I like my weapons, I like the stuff I spent money on. The last thing I want is some asshole coming around and taking it because of poor security.  You can get a security card at the login page of tartaros. All it does is basically add like a 2nd layer of password for your account. It may not be the best prevention but it’s a start.