Tartaros macros usage.

Just a brief translation of what each macro stands for. Basically each macro corresponds to a certain command the character says but of course each character’s unique phrase will be different but at least you’ll know what the general idea is used for.

(The numbers correspond to your keyboard keys)

1. lets go to next zone
2. everyone gather
3. attack!/charge!
4. help me!/I’m dying save me!
5. thanks for helping me/thanks – depending on character you can use this for any thanking.
6. watch out the enemy’s approaching
7. disagree/impossible!
8. agrees/sure let’s do it!
9. very impressive/good job
0. congratulations

Unfortunately some of Cromodo’s commands are so obnoxious its sometimes hard to tell what he’s asking. For example one of his help me commands is “This is what it must feel like to lose your life!” Uh that’s not exactly asking for help in my mind. xD Also each character has 2 phrases for each number so in one of his other ones Cromodo yells “will SOMEBODY save me!?” 😆 What a snob, but that’s why I love him so whatever.. xD Anyway I hope this helps in making use of the macros cause sometimes in a challenge mission its easier to yell help than to type it out 🙂


Taratros Guild Event & Other news

The other night I was thinking “man I wish we’d have some kind of guild badge event or something..” Well I think MK-Style read my mind:

The event is to encourage people to join a guild but since we already have a guild we’re already halfway there xD. Continue reading Taratros Guild Event & Other news