Otome Game Review: Bloody Call

What do you get when you mix Jingi Naki Otome with Full Metal Alchemist? You get this otome game 😆 I was honestly surprised at the similarities but it turned out to be an excellent story and being an all ages game, there was no unnecessary rape (*ノ゚Д゚)八(*゚Д゚*)八(゚Д゚*)ノィェーィ! The story is about a gang called “Fly Call” whose boss suddenly dies and he tells his fellow members to get his wife and daughter out of the ghetto town of Glast Heim safely. Unfortunately one day his wife gets abducted by the rival gang “Nede” and his daughter, Futaba (who is the heroine) almost gets abducted as well by some random guys who want to earn money for her capture. Luckily for her she gets saved by two sexy twin bishies Shiro & Reimei, who happen to be from Fly Call and were asked by the boss to protect her before he passed away. They immediately take her to their huge mansion and tell her that while they want to honor their boss’s dying wish, they kinda need a boss and well she’s the closest thing being his daughter and all so they tell her she’s gonna have to suck it up and deal with it. XD (plot sound familiar yet?) Futaba’s only wish is to get her mother back safely and she causes Fly Call a lot of trouble trying to do so. As always spoilers ahead, so skip to my final impressions if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The town of Glast Heim contains humans as well as half humans – the hanki. The hanki are humans who were basically born in a lab and have weapons embedded into their bodies which basically act like their soul. If the weapon is destroyed for example, it’s like cutting off their arm or removing an organ. It becomes part of them. Futaba is supposed to be a normal human and not a hanki like her father because hanki is not necessarily passed down by blood.  Anyway most of the game Futaba spends trying to go to Nede and save her mom, but of course she can’t do anything and being a huge ghetto, when she so much as pushes into some guy he like demands she pay him tons of money to make up for medical costs or some b/s. Due to this Shiro and Reimei always have to save her stupid ass. 🙄 She’s pretty much a damsel in distress most of the game and frankly I just wanted to slap her silly the whole time xDD Lucky bitch got 2 sexy mans at her fingertips and all she can think about is wandering in the ghetto after school every day (屮゚Д゚)屮

Shiro – Shiro, 18 yrs old is the “older” twin. Shiro was voiced by Hino Satoshi so I was having major Pretty Witch Academy flashbacks having finished that game not too long ago. It took me a while to associate his voiced with Shiro without constantly thinking of Akito xDD. He’s very much the playboy type so the first time he meets Futaba he tries to kiss her but is completely shocked that his smooth moves don’t work on her and that she instantly pushes him away.  It’s probably the first time a girl has ever rejected rico suave over here. She demands that she be allowed to go to school so in order to protect her Shiro and Reimei both enroll together with her. Being a twin with the same face of course, Shiro has a major brother complex in a sense that he wants to be different from his brother which is why he keeps up the playboy persona. Remei is very composed and serious so Shiro of course attempts his hardest to be the polar opposite of that.  After Nede attacks Fly Call when both Shiro and Reimei are injured from a previous battle, they take safety in the house of Rin, who is the daughter of a policeman and while she’s not on Fly Call’s side, she can tell a good gang from a bad one 😛 Also Futaba has to quit school because now everyone knows she’s associated with a gang lol.

Shiro is really upset about losing to Nede so he runs off to Master (the guy who runs the bar in town) and asks him to implant a 2nd weapon into his body. In the meantime Futaba keeps having all these dreams from Shiro’s perspective about his past at Nede. Originally Nede was 1 organization who would sacrifice humans to create these hanki to be superior in every way. The first one that was created was of course Shiro, but once they created Reimei who looked identical to Shiro but was more superior in powers, Shiro knew that they would kill him. He was so scared he even attempted to kill Reimei at some point. Futaba’s dad then told Shiro and Reimei (who were originally named something like yggdrasil for Reimei and Nidhoggr for Shiro) that he will take them away from that place and so he created Fly Call, as well as giving those 2 their new names. Of course Nede was unhappy with this and they wanted to get rid of Fly Call in order to get their little experiment back lol. Anyway they go to try to rescue Futaba’s mom one more time and Shiro kicks everyone’s asses, including the leader Jin, who actually isn’t Jin anymore. His body was taken over by En Sof, the shota who seems weak but is actually the true villain!! Σ(┘□゚└)

Unfortunately after kicking everyone’s asses, Shiro tells Futaba to leave him forever. He doesn’t tell her why and he kisses her goodbye. The reason turns out is that installing the 2nd weapon has a side effect, it pretty much turns Shiro into a blood thirsty killer who then starts killing every hanki in town. Futaba wants to save him and stop him from causing further damage so she runs to Master and asks him to install a weapon in her body. He refuses at first, but then it turns out Futaba is a hanki too! Who saw that coming!! 😆 She finally finds Shiro who’s so evil his eyes are now red! She pulls out her weapon but well its her first time and it doesn’t go too well so he ends up shooting her and she falls to the ground bleeding severely. He says that since she’s gonna die anyway he’ll give her some memories and so he pushes her to the ground and kisses her. (if this was 18+ there is sure to be rape but thank god it’s not LOL) He tells her that she’s only resisting because she never loved him anyway and that she only saw him as a mirror of Reimei. The only way to bring Shiro back to normal is for her to kill herself to get the “shock” emotion out of him. She takes his gun and shoots herself and lo and behold it works – unfortunately Shiro is like “HOLY SHIT SHE’S DEAD WHAT HAVE I DONE ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!!” So he immediately runs to Master and begs him to save her life – and the only way to do this is to implant a 2nd weapon into her as well. I guess this worked out because in the epilogue, a few years later Shiro and Futaba and cuddling on a hammock in Hawaii or something
( *´艸`)フフフ

Wataru – Wataru is Rin’s cleaning slave, er I mean assistant for keeping the peace of Glast Heim. He and Rin enroll together in Futaba’s school to keep an eye out on her since she’s the new boss of Fly Call. He’s very tsundere and often has these sexist tendencies of “women don’t belong here” and “A man lives his life on his own”. This often gets him punched in the face multiple times by Rin. When he’s around Futaba he blushes like crazy and stutters like a blundering idiot. Especially with things like when she pulls a piece of rice off his face and eats it he turns into a tomato and almost explodes with embarrassment. Even Reimei gets jealous of him a little bit because it’s obvious that by then Futaba starts to have feelings for this dork too. XD Wataru’s sob story is he’s actually a hanki reject. At NEDE he was weak and useless but they kept him around in case they’d ever need him. He requested a weapon to be implanted into him but it failed and he got so sick he almost died. After that he ran away from NEDE and was picked up by Rin. Rin suggests that Wataru protect Futaba after the school invasion and Futaba agrees much to Reimei’s dismay.

One night when NEDE attacks Fly Call’s HQ, Wataru’s unable to protect Futaba and gets badly injured. This gets him a beating from Reimei who’s enraged that he couldn’t even “run away” as he was told. After Wataru heals Futaba agrees that he should just stay at Rin’s house. Wataru gets so heart broken he runs away in this dramatic rain scene (I really should do some kind of post on these things lol) and then asks Master to implant a weapon into him again. He says there’s a woman he loves that he wants to protect. So he gets the weapon implanted but this gives him a high fever again and he ends up being unconscious for a few days. In the meantime Futaba ends up taking care of him and nursing him back to health. When he awakens he realizes this and gets all tsundere again. Futaba also found out from Rin that she was already engaged so even if Wataru liked her, she’d never return his feelings. Rin told Futaba to be honest with her own feelings instead. Wataru then tells Futaba (after being beaten by Rin for being an ass) that she’s the first girl he’s ever liked this much and was willing to protect with his life. He tells her he’s really fallen for her and he wants to be the one to protect her. Futaba of course tells him the feeling is mutual and he kisses her. Aww puppy love. 😆 (Futaba even mentions that his kiss was like that of a middle schooler rofl.)

So yea then the final battle happens and they go to NEDE. Wataru ends up fighting the guy who hurt him badly last time (Kaburakan) and he defeats him. Then the game ends. It’s like basically Shiro and Reimei took care of everything in NEDE but like Wataru wasn’t involved in that. He just had to like fight “his own battle”. Erm how disappointing lol. Soo after the credits, 3 months pass and Futaba is now working with Wataru and Rin to help keep the peace of Glast Heim. Wataru’s still being a sexist idiot until Futaba’s like “ok fine don’t go on a date with me” and then he’s like “oohh shit I’m sorry I’ll go I’ll go ;_;” Meh kinda disappointing that Wataru wasn’t really that involved in the story, although I guess I’m not surprised. His CG selection was kinda crappy too. He had solitary CGs of like a zoom in of his hands, or one of like a zoom in of his upper body sleeping – as opposed to how Futaba and Shiro had a lot of cute romantic CGs. ^^; I’m more disappointed because his seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi did such a great job with Tsubasa in Starry Sky that I was expecting a great character in here as well. I guess it was my fault for having such expectations lol.

Cain – At first Cain seems like this baka American gaijin who loves the “pretty Japanese girl” Futaba but “doesn’t understand Japanese” when she tells he she doesn’t want him kissing her. But turns out Cain is actually one of NEDE’s subordinates but there’s more to that than meets the eye. NEDE has provided care for his sick brother Abel (hurrr yes Cain & Abel) on the condition that Cain would do anything they said and kill anyone they told him to. Unfortunately they only used Abel for their experiments and they implanted 2 weapons into him. One of the weapons them implanted into him made him so ill that he passed out and Cain thought that his brother was dead. When he thought that NEDE betrayed him he then began to give out information and even access to NEDE to Futaba because he knew that they were planning on doing an experiment on Futaba’s mom. When they go to NEDE together to save her they run into Abel who’s actually alive but now has a 2nd weapon that eats other weapons called the “Armor Eater” and not only that, but because they implanted a 2nd weapon into him, he’s forgotten all of his feelings, memories and emotions – including the fact that he has a loving oniichan who will do anything for him.

The fight doesn’t end well when the Armor Eater pretty much eats Cain’s whip. When they go downstairs to save Futaba’s mom, Ensof starts a fire around where she is. Turns out that his experiment with her mom failed because in fact the mom was actually an original test subject from NEDE and they abducted her to continue their studies. (So in actuality the plot of this game is a bunch of mad scientists crazy shota & co. had their lab rats escape and now they have nothing to test stuff on so they want them back lolol anyway..) Anyway Ensof’s like “oh you’re her daughter! That means she passed on that trait to you, I must experiment on you ehehehehehe *insert evil shota face laugh*” And then Kain’s like oh shit, we gotta run before you become the next victim, and so basically Futaba’s mom is left to die in a fire. Futaba gets pretty depressed afterwards and thanks to Shiro at least, he lets Cain stay at their house to regenerate his eaten weapon. The two of them get pretty close and Abel tells her that he thinks he might be falling in love with her because she’s the first person other than Abel that he’s wanted to protect. He says that he wanted to say his goodbyes to her and go save Abel on his own but she begs him to take her with him because she thinks she’s falling for him as well.

He finally agrees and then the two of them go to see Master and she requests he implant a weapon into her. This time he implants a bow/arrow type weapon and during the procedure Cain holds her hand. 3 days pass and Cain trains with her to help her learn how to use her weapon properly. Eventually she does and they go to NEDE. Shiro and Reimei show up to fight evil shota while Cain and Futaba fight against Armor Eater and Abel. Thanks to Futaba’s weapon she kills Armor eater and Abel’s able to return to his senses before he passes out. In the epilogue they nurse Abel at the Fly Call residence and finally he wakes up. Cain is so happy he tells Futaba that he doesn’t “think” he’s falling for her, but at this point he’s so in love with her he can’t be without her and he kisses her in the garden. Overall I enjoyed the route but I never understood the deal with him changing from blonde gaijin to silver haired whip man. I mean he was only the blonde gaijin like maybe a quarter of the game? The rest of the game he stayed in his blue haired form and since his brother had the same color hair I don’t understand the whole blonde gaijin thing at all or what the point of it was. Also when he went back to his blue hair he stopped randomly throwing Engrish into his sentences and that just ruined all the fun xDD blah! Also in this route Reimei was like a psychopath locking Futaba in her room and following her to like even the bathroom @@;; Shiro was the only voice of reason, the darling. (*´ε`*)ミュミュ

Kuugami Kyou/Halfas – So like what’s with Ishida Akira voicing male school nurses these days? 😆 Anyway Kuuga sensei is a school nurse and well it really took a while in the game before you actually got any scenes with him. I felt he really had very little to contribute to the story other than being a NEDE bad guy and even in his own story I felt there was very little interaction. He first tries to get close to her by using the teacher persona and invites her out to the cafe a lot. Eventually he wants to earn the trust of the twins as well since Reimei gets annoyed at her always being with him, so he comes over for some coffee. Reimei purposely spills coffee on him to make him take his shirt (hell yea naked mans ☆-(ノ。・ω・)八(。・ω・。)八(・ω・。)ノ イエーイ) to see if he has a weapon tattoo but it appears he doesn’t. Everytime he invites her out afterwards though Shiro comes along. Actually I felt Shiro played like a HUGE part in this story, I mean he was always the “I’m there for you girl~” person or whatever, god I love Shiro. (*´ε`*)ミュミュ :lol: Anyway NEDE calls them out tells them to come immediately if they want her mom back, and so she thinks this will never see him again and she goes to see him. He tells her he wont come but he shows up anyway and hugs her in the rain (lol srs rain scene – I gotta do a post on this for real.)

Anyway afterwards they obviously meet at NEDE where she finds out that he was Halfas and that he fooled her all along. He almost defeats them but Cain shows up to fight him because he’s already against NEDE at this point. They save Futaba’s mom but take her to a hospital incase NEDE attacks fly call again. The next night NEDE attacks Fly Call (as expected) and their goal is to just take Yggdrasil (Reimei) back to do more crazy experiments on him. Later on she runs into Kuuga sensei again and he gives her the card access to NEDE. Unfortunately Ensof finds him and for betraying NEDE stabs him and then runs off. Futaba has one of her usual dreams where she sees the past of the guy you’re aiming for (lol) and it turns out that Halfas holds a strong power within him – his weapon – where it turns him into a form where it’s very powerful but he cannot control his sences (kinda like when Naruto goes 4+ tails 😆 )Because of this weapon he ended up accidentally killing his parents and he had attempted to suicide but was stopped by the leader of NEDE, Jin. Once he recovers from his wounds he tries to run back to NEDE to stop Ensof from causing world destruction but Futaba says she wants to go with him. He finally agrees and when Shiro finds out he asks if Kuuga is in love with Futaba and he says yes. You know she never did say she likes him – she just said she “believes in him” and she wants to be with him. Assumptions~

Anyway the 3 of them go to NEDE to stop Ensof and save Reimei. They find Jin dying and before he passes he gives Futaba his sword to use in in case of emergency. They end up fighting against Kaburakan and Abel, and thanks to the sword they manage to basically defeat both of them together. Like damn even Halfas’ hardcore weapon didn’t do anything, but “human” Futaba and him together did something with the sword ?_? (also lol @ “DO NOT INTERRUPT A MAN’S FIGHT YOU LITTLE BITCH!” 😆 ) Anyway they destroy the giant glass ball thing and save Reimei and then the building begins to collapse. They run for the exit, try to save Ensof too (Why??) but he tells them that he doesn’t want to live in world full of “monkeys” uhm okay. Stupid line of the moment was “you must live, and continue causing havoc and committing crimes!” What. Reimei. Lulz. Anyway on the way out Halfas runs into Jin’s dead body and says he wants to carry him out of there and tells Futaba & the twins to go ahead. Futaba “believes in him” and then the credits roll. I feel kinda jipped that there was no details of what happened or how he got out but here we are in the epilogue and the two of them are sitting together in the nurse’s office. Futaba went back to school and quit being the Fly Call boss and is now living with her mom again. While in the nurse’s office she always bugs Kuuga sensei to eat bentos with her but he randomly kisses her saying there was something more delicious next to him. 😈 It was cute, but meh. I dunno I felt kinda jipped with his whole route. When you play the other routes most characters played a pretty significant role but they coulda taken him out completely and I wouldn’t have noticed. Also in all the other routes, he’s the one that they find “dying” when they invade NEDE so that should tell you how much the game makers cared about him. It’s a shame too, he’s one sexy beast (and I’m prolly just saying that cause he’s like my age 😆 )

Jin/Chrome – To get Jin’s end you first need to get a good of end of at least one character. However Jin’s route is full of spoilers regarding Futaba so I recommend playing it second to last (since to play Reimei you need to complete Jin’s first.) Anyway the first time Futaba ran into Jin she was a 7 year old loli and he was 18, he also called himself Chrome at the time. Somehow she ended up having a crush on him and therefore he turned out to be her first love. Jin is actually the only human in the game, rather than a hanki. He was wanted for some crimes or something and so a bunch of guys were gonna kill him but Futaba stood in front of him and cried for them not to. They killed her anyway and after that Jin became a super evil avenger who despite being human himself, wanted to wipe out the human race. He joined forces with psycho Ensof and they formed NEDE to be able to start an army to do this. Little did Jin know that while he was the “boss” of NEDE, the actual man behind the wheel was Ensof who was pulling strings from behind – but no one would suspect an innocent looking shota! 😆 One day when NEDE attacks Fly Call’s HQ, Ensof breaks into Futaba’s room and tells her that if she comes to NEDE they will leave the twins alone and free her mother. Futaba agrees and she is immediately taken to NEDE and thrown into the experimentation room. She’s treated like shit by the NEDE workers there and one of them particularly hates her because she just happens to be the new Fly Call boss, and Fly Call had killed his brother or something.

When Jin finds out the cruel things that guy did to her (like spill water on her head or force her to lick his shoes) he goes and kills him. Jin then takes her to his private room and tells her to live there from now on so that other NEDE workers don’t come after her. She’s shy at first but he grabs her and throws her on the bed haha. After that she ends up seeing dreams about him every night. Ensof tells her that she has a special power that allows her to see dreams of the hanki she is close too, but Jin tells her he never sees those dreams she does because he is a human. Later on Ensof tells her that they will implant a weapon into her. She thinks she will die but he says not to worry and that she will survive. Anyway the thick of the plot is Ensof is this super hanki the “original” who has not been “dirtied” by human blood and he’s been jumping body to body for centuries in order to recreate the perfect hanki. Futaba’s mom was one of the few experiments and once she had Futaba, the power transferred into Futaba. Ensof planned to use Futaba as his next body because his current shota body was reaching its limit. Turns out the dreams Futaba saw were Ensof’s not Jin’s. When all shit hits the fan, Ensof kills Halfas and forces his worker to finish implanting the weapon into Futaba. During the process she blacks out and has a dream where she realizes that when that time she had “died” she didn’t actually die. Since she is a hanki, human weapons don’t work on her so she actually survived and dug herself out of the grave Jin made for her.

Anyway Jin thinks something’s screwy it St. Loui so he goes downstairs only to find Halfas dying and telling him to stop Ensof. When Jin goes to Ensof he fights him and he’s only able to defeat him using the power to stop hankis from using their weapons that Halfas had. He also finds out that Futaba was the loli that he thought died so he basically realizes that everything he’s doing up to now was wrong lol. Ensof kills the girl who was implanting the weapon into Futaba even though he promised to “take him with her into the new world” – apparently her blood was too “dirty” lol. Anyway when Jin’s really injured the twins show up and kick everyone’s asses and then Futaba uses her powers to stop the machine thing from like destroying the world or something. Anyway as usual NEDE HQ crumbles and then Shiro tells Reimei to stop cockblocking and give Jin and Futaba their alone time. In the epilogue Jin and Futaba left Glast Heim together and are living elsewhere. She still writes letter to her mom and Jin says he wants to be with her together forever. (I mean he might as well have asked her to marry him, the wording was the same xDDD) Umm well I didn’t really like Jin that much, but I thought his route was really interesting. I hated his speech though and he was just too..dry as a character for me I guess but it was a necessary route for the story.

Reimei – I’m gonna be blatantly honest, I’m damn disappointed with this route. The way the game seems to work is you need to play Jin’s route first before playing Reimei’s but honestly Reimei’s route was so blah and since half of it was identical to Jin’s I woulda have rather played Reimei’s first and Jin’s last. Playing Reimei’s last after Jin’s just doesn’t make any sense to me and because of this I was disappointed. Anyway let’s move on. Reimei’s the “younger” twin who is one big stiff and tries to always hide his emotions. Ironically enough though he wants to be Mr. Perfect especially when it comes to cooking. He always tries to cook bentos for Futaba and when she once said he didn’t really like it he freaked out and harassed her with 20 questions on which exact part she didn’t like so he could perfect it for next time lol. Reimei also has a weakness to alcohol and I don’t mean drinking it. The smell alone makes him pass out so he cannot use it in his cooking either. When Kaburakan attacks her during the school invasion Reimei saves her by taking the stab wound in the back himself.

Later on when NEDE comes to attack Fly Call’s house, Futaba tries to help Reimei, although it’s ultimately Shiro who saves them. Reimei then tells her not to risk his life for him. When they invaide NEDE Futaba wants to come along but Reimei says no. Shiro then says “fine I’ll protect her so she can come right?” Reimei fights Jin and gets his weapon eaten by the Armor Eater and thanks to Ensof they escape. Unfortunately Futaba had taken a slice to the chest to save Reimei as well. Ensof plays the poor innocent shota card and they all believe him (this is exactly why playing Jin’s route before hand made this absolutely ridiculous.) Anyway they save Futaba’s mom and send her to the hospital to recover. She then has a dream where Reimei was young and he was told by Futaba’s dad that if they don’t run away from NEDE, Shiro will be killed. The next day Reimei tells Futaba to pack her bags and leave as she will no longer be the boss of Fly Call. She gets depressed and wanders around in the rain (I mean where is she gonna go her mom’s like in the hospital lol). She runs into Rin who takes her to her place. Futaba realizes she likes Reimei and asks Master to implant a weapon into her. Just like in Shiro’s story, he notices she’s a hanki and does so. Futaba then goes to Fly Call and shoes Reimei her weapon.

He’s shocked at why she would do this but she tells him it’s because she loves him and wants to be by his side. He then calms down and tells her all about DEHAB and about his past with NEDE. He tells her that she is so special to him that he didn’t want her to die, just as her father did and it was just selfish of him (because he didn’t want to be sad over someone’s death.) This is followed by a HORRIBLY DRAWN KISS CG. This is another reason why he completely FAILS as the “main guy”. I don’t even consider him the main guy; why would the main guy have the ugliest kiss CG in the game geezus!! (屮゚Д゚)屮 So anyway they go to NEDE, fight Jin, Jin’s like “wtf are you guys stupid falling for Ensof’s shota acting?” So then he destroys Ensof’s time machine and everyone dies in a fire except Futaba, Reimei and Shiro who escape. In the epilogue Shiro is just telling Futaba that he’ll always be by her side as she is the boss of Fly Call. She doesn’t have to be the boss anymore since NEDE’s gone but she wants to be by his side. BLAH BLAH BLAH. This was so lame. But thanks Reimei, because you suck so much, I’m now convinced that your aniki is the better twin 😆

Bad Ends – Well I had to go back and replay the bad ends because I was missing some CGs so here’s a brief breakdown. In the general end, Shiro and Reimei go back to NEDE in exchange for Futaba’s safety. In Reimei’s bad end she tells him she came back because she’s the “boss of Fly Call” rather than telling him she liked him…so then he puts a sleeping medicine in her cup and that night he and Shiro leave her and go to NEDE alone. Before he goes he puts a sheet over her lips and kisses it. Sigh, this kiss scene was better than the good end one. 😐 In Ayumu’s bad end as you guessed it, he dies…right in front of Futaba. In Jin’s bad end I think Ensof takes over Futaba’s body and destroys everything except Jin so only they are left like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. In Cain’s bad end Futaba kills Abel and he gains his memories before dying in Cain’s arms. Cain gets so depressed he prolly goes to suicide somewhere when Futaba & the twins return to their house. I wouldn’t normally play bad ends honestly and these were rather sad than anything else. I expected like horribly gory blood ends but it was more like bittersweet so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

final thoughts

The most hilarious part of the game was the combination of seiyuus in relation to the recent otome games that I’ve played. Let’s see we got 2 from Starry Sky in Winter, one from Pretty Witch, one from Starry Sky in Autumn and 2 from Hanasakeru Seishounen anime that I’ve been watching the past year. Yeaa “I know that voice!” was starting to become a regular thing out of my mouth everytime I heard a character speak lol. The weapon animations were amazing, I didn’t even know you could do that in an otome game! Considering this is Icing Candy’s first game they did an awesome job. On the topic of awesome, EVERY GUY IS SO FUCKING HOT @@!!!!! Can’t say much for the slightly masculine girls, but all the guys were SOOO hot and everything was perfectly proportional and nothing was weird or out of place. I haven’t seen a game like that in a long time, I should use the game CGs as reference material to improve my own horrible art anatomy. Music though? Meh lol. The rock intro at the main screen was pretty cool but nothing that was amazing like Asaki Yumemishi.

As far as the order of play goes, the way I listed here would be good but I would save Shiro for last and play him after Reimei. In my opinion he had the sweetest story in the game and the most romantic one. Even in other guys’ routes, Shiro was always the sweetheart and hell even in Reimei’s route I just wanted to slap Reimei in the head and then instead go with Shiro 😐 Yeaaaa kinda disappointed since I was thinking the char voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi would be the better one lol. So much for that! I also liked Rin as a side character and a friend/big sister type to Futaba. It’s much better than some man stealing bitch 😆  Overall it was a great game. It had its light hearted moments (like when Reimei walked into her room and she threw pillows & stuffed animals at him) and of course its serious moments as well. Story was very nice as well. Anyway I’d definitely recommend this game to you gals and looking forward to any new games Icing Candy comes out with!


10 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Bloody Call”

  1. Yeaaa Namikawa is so smexy (thats why I’m grinding daily to get his voiced char in Tartaros 😈 )
    Cain’s end was so sad you’re right though, I felt bad for the ototou kun T_T

    I think I disliked Reimei too much in his route to care about that scene. In the beginning (when I played Jin’s route) Reimei’s smile would make me melt but then in his route he was such a stiff god lol. Shiro ftw x3

  2. I agree with you about Reimei. LOL His route was a let down as the “prince” and I loved Shirou a lot since he’s like you said…the voice of reason in most of the other routes and his own route was great. I was really surprised that Futaba went that far for Shirou in his route and I loved Hino-chan’s performance in that scene.
    Even though I was disappointed with Reimei’s route…I really liked Nakamura Yuuichi’s performance. I cried when I heard Reimei say “You’re not needed anymore.” in his own route.
    I also liked Cain and his English. Namikawa Daisuke really tried hard. LOL I loved his endings…I also cried at his bad ending…because his last talk with Futaba was so sad and he was being so nice to her (is there any girl who wouldn’t feel bad?)!

  3. I dunno I mean I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea either to be honest, but when I played it I guess I got really engrossed in it. At least it was a lot more interesting than “OL meets guy at her job” story that I’ve run into the last few games lol

  4. “She finally finds Shiro who’s so evil his eyes are now red!”

    XD That made me giggle. It’s like every time someone goes Super Saiyan in Dragonball Z: “You’re making my hair angry. You won’t like it when it’s angry.”

    Anyway, great review as always =D It doesn’t exactly sound like my cup of tea as a story, but some of the CGs are really nice, and bionic weapons make a good detour from the more usual, overused, cliche plots that usually come out. Kind of XD

  5. if this was 18+ would they have had shota rape? 😆
    yea I was comparing this to under the moon a lot. I wanted Seizh to die in a fire but I loooved Shiro to pieces :3 Reimei was such a drag. At least when Leni softened up he was a darling but Reimei was just a boke lol. Yea it coulda been the kiss my monitor one but I USUALLY like the main guy ya know? So yea for me it was a huge disappointment lol

  6. I just loved this game, in fact I’m going to buy it to give my support to Icing Candy. I really liked Shiro and Cain, glad to know I’m not the only one who thought Reimei sucked (then again I almost never like the main guy, so no surprise there). His kiss CG wasn’t that bad…..just think, they could’ve gone with one of those “kiss my monitor” CGs. A few CGs aside, I really dug the art on this one.

    Did you notice that these twins are the opposite of the ones in UTM? I mean in UTM, the serious and colder twin was the good one and the playboyish one was the insufferable one. Of course both the serious twins were the main guy, but Reimei sucks so much that I’m just going to pretend Shiro was the main one. And as far as villains go, Jin wasn’t so bad. Of course if it was an 18+ game, Futaba would have been raped by that mean guy in Jin’s route.

  7. ah sorry I didn’t make it seem as exciting but it was really a good story. I skipped a lot of stuff like cute/romantic moments since they were just character development rather than story development. I thought the story was actually one of the better ones. I guess my review didn’t seem as interesting because the game was so good I didn’t have too much rage/flaming about it 😆 Vs like some R-18 game where I’d be raging about how terrible and bizarre the story is (and about all the rape lol)

    I’m pretty much flying through Poupee Girl so hopefully I can start a new game at the end of February or early March.

  8. Omg yesssss that was amazing and funny!

    It was a nice change from all the R-18 otome games you’ve played lol. For those their only saving grace is that you have even crazier shiz to make fun of in your reviews. xD

    I think appearances-wise I like… the nurse guy and then Reimei. Idk maybe it was the example pics you had, but I didn’t really like the hair of the rest of the chars. (And yeah I know they happen to be the shirtless guys in your pics but psshh that’s not the reason. 😛 )

    Story wise it all seemed kinda random and not as good as other otome games. :/ I was disappointed that none were really amazing or stood out from the rest.

    Anyways loved the review! Can’t wait for you to finish your break and get back on another. ;D

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