How to do that level 23 challenge mission

Oh you.

So anyway one of my twitter friends suggested I look for videos on how to successfully do the challenge missions. Gee why didn’t I think of that?? So anyway I found 2 for the level 23 one.

Part 1 – So basically regarding the sheep it seems it works this way. Someone who has a big range attack (an Ilishia or a Pinko) stays at the entrance with a Nagi who needs to keep healing every sheep. Someone goes to the top left (a Soma?) and then the other Pinko goes to the top right. After a while the sheep WILL stop spawning and they will only be walking to the exit. Eventually the Delio boss guy will spawn (the one you had to kill in the level 27 scenario) and if you look in the video you can lure him to get stuck between a tree and he can’t hurt the sheep lol.  I think this can work!

In Part 2 the hardest part is protecting the totems. The tip here is in the last 10 seconds of the timer, have at least 2 people run to the exit and be ready because a bunch of stuff will spawn and in 10 seconds if at least a nagi and someone who can do damage are left behind they can prolly kill enough stuff to keep the totems alive and soon as the exit opens the other 2 run in. Everything else is just “kill the following bosses” so it’s pretty simple. With that in mind, let’s try this again next weekend, I really wanna do this because all the best level 27 weapons drop in this scenario!