Ruko Project

Looks like on February 4th they will unveil the next Tartaros character – Ruko. She’s 17 and apparently a ninja. I kept thinking she’s a gunner but now that I look at her outfit…I understand dattebayo. 😆 She also has a ninja cat which I think she uses as a weapon lol. All her stats and storyline will be revealed Feb 4th (next Thursday) so look forward to that ^^

I should hopefully hit level 26 tonight and move on to the next scenario quest.


Tartaros sample cash shop items

So the 30 day outfit will cost 550 yen ($6.15) and the 7 day will cost 150 yen. Wow lame. Almost 6 bucks for an outfit that expires in 30 days?? What the hell 😕 Do people actually spend money on stuff like that? I’d rather pay $10 for an outfit that’s permanent than $6 for  a 30 day one. The will also be selling tiger hats for everyone to celebrate the new year but of course those will be limited time as well. Continue reading “Tartaros sample cash shop items”

Tartaros official service start

As of 1/27 (this Wednesday), 3PM Japan time Tartaros will end its open beta and roll out the official service. A few notes:

  • Both Gaia & Zeus servers will get a 6th channel added to them for more space
  • A new “security card” system will be implemented which I guess will store your login info so you don’t have to type in your login/pw everytime.
  • Those who participated in the open beta test will receive 150 MK Cash (What about those of us who participated in CB, where’s my 500 cash??? 😡 )
  • Item shop will officially open but it will contain expiring items – so like an outfit that lasts only 30 days. Meh :T I hate stuff you pay for with real money that expires. Not worth it in my opinion. As far as I know the only cash items that are permanent are hair styles and hair colors.

Tartaros has been a lot of fun. I hit level 24 yesterday, I’m enjoying the game so much I’ve almost completely lost interest in Pangya. Anyway looking forward to official service, I really hope the addition of the 6th channel allows for less lag and actually being able to get into the game at peak hours.

Ken Hakken!

If you buy the popcorn item from the Poupee amusement park event and zoom in all the way to the back where the merrygo round is…

Omg Ken! LOL Katherine has an obsession with her ex-boyfriend apparently 😆

PangyaUS to rip people off with (UN)lucky bags!

Either Pangya USA loves to copy Pangya JP or Gamepot has taken full operation of all Pangya servers.  That’s right this week Pangya US is release the infamous UNlucky bags. Before all you crazy money spenders think you’ll get lucky let me give you some stats from Japan.

This year I bought 10 bags, won 2 rares. My friend bought 9 and won 1. Another friend bought 4 and won 0. Some fellow Japanese friends bought 10 and won 0, some bought 30 and won 0. Basically the rates are shit, but since this is PangyaUS we’re talking about, that means the rates are gonna be like 1 in 100. Let’s compare to bunny outfits. In Japan I got my bunny outfit on the 3rd try out of 11. On US it seems you need at least 24 tickets average to get 1 outfit. Needless to say this is gonna be a huge money sink and if you value your money, I wouldn’t waste it on this.

I’m pretty amused to be honest. First they rip off Japan’s gacha, then they get Bunny outfits before Korea and now this. Something’s cooking in the background and this is further proof that no, Korea does not “control everything”.

I’m looking at the misc items though it says stuff like “xxx comet” does that mean you get like 1 ball? in Japan at least you get 100 of them lol. Oh well for those who wish to try, enjoy your duo-star nerve stabilizers! 😆

P.S. In Japan they call these the “melancholy pouches”