Level 29 Challenge Mission video


The guy’s Shubalman was doing like 800-1k damage a hit. I don’t know how much the pinko was doing but the Pinko pretty much soloed the bug queen wut. I think they were both around level 40. Damn. Alright I guess let’s level up Cromodo some more then we’ll try this again! xD;; But at least this video gives you an idea of what comes next. I think the hardest part is the Toryumon room where you have to somehow get the Toryumon into the portal before the timer runs out but you can’t kill them. The only way to do this is to bitch slap them so that they run in lol. Also the guy makes a note that magic works well (or doesn’t work?) on the angel. I think if I just get Cromodo to at least 35 things will be different xD