Otome Game Review: unENDing Bloody Call

So as a last minute impulse buy I ended up getting the Bloody Call limited edition PSP port. I enjoyed the PC game a lot so I figured with the after stories & new CGs, it was like buying the game + fandisk in one! Since my PC game review pretty much covers the plot, I plan to only focus on the new stuff/omakes in this post.

The LE came with drama CD, LE box, small art book, 6 naked mans post cards and a back-only PSP sticker. I promptly threw my Tokiya into the garbage and replaced the back ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! (been waiting to switch my PSP sticker but now I just saved $20 for no reason? XD.) Anyway the original story is the same and all the new stuff is in the omake so I guess I’ll be focusing on reviewing the omake.

Wataru – Rin gives Wataru & Futaba movie tickets so they can take a break from all their work and go on a date. After the movie Wataru complains that it was too mushy and too embarrassing and this continues even when Futaba looks at some wedding dresses in  a store window. When they get home Rin tells him that he’s a freaking idiot and beats him up for upsetting Futaba. A few days later he comes home all beat up & tired and topples on Futaba. She doesn’t mind but Rin beats him up and then a few weeks later, Rin takes Futaba to try on the wedding dresses she was looking at. (*´ω`*) Wataru wanted to pay for it himself but he’s poor as crap so he ended up borrowing money from Rin as usual so that Futaba could try it on. So then Wataru comes to try on his tux and Rin leaves them alone so he can propose properly to her.  Before they can kiss Rin interrupts them and suddenly they’re getting married at their ceremony! Lol I am so confused I thought this was gonna be a practice run but “surprise wedding!” end!? ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Kugami Kyo – Futaba’s been dating Kyo for about 2.5 years now and is living with him after graduating. He notices that she’s got a fever, getting dizzy and suddenly wants to eat strange foods. This could of course only mean one thing: Someone’s knocked up! When they return home, he tells Futaba to rest while he does all the household chores but apparently he can’t cook or clean and he just makes a mess instead. \( ^o^)/ Eventually she tells him that she’s preggo and he’s like WHY U NOT TELL ME SOONER WOMAN. After hearing it of course he’s happy and they cuddle in bed together while he says that she has to be more careful with her body from now on. (*´ω`*) Kyo’s dorky personality when he failed in the kitchen was cute but almost a shocker…I mean is this really that hard boiled serious sensei from the first game!? XD;; It was cute though so I guess I’ll let it go!

Cain – Cain gets all wahh wahh upset because Abel’s been avoiding him and not talking to him. He goes to take comfort in Futaba and they kiss in the garden. Futaba checks on Abel to see how he’s doing and he doesn’t want to eat anything. The next day Cain goes shopping with Futaba to help get his mind off his wangst and to buy some clothes for Abel. When they finish shopping he puts his arm around Futaba and kisses her head as they walk back home. At night she finds Abel has taken the clothes that they bought for him and put them on xD. When Futaba tells him that it looks good on him he blushes and then finally tells Futaba why he’s been avoiding Cain. Apparently he’s remembered all this stuff about the past and how he’s tried to kill his bro so he feels guilty and stuff. So then Cain comes into the garden and finally he and Abel make up and talk again. That night before Futaba goes to bed, Cain grabs her and pins her against the wall doing some hot making out. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ Futaba of course doesn’t resist but complains that she’s always getting the run around from him. ^q^ The next day, Cain, Abel & Futaba all go on a picnic together and Cain says that when he and Futaba get married, she will be Abel’s sister xD. I’m glad Cain and Abel got to have a nice happy after story together instead of just us hearing “news of him getting better” in the original game.

Reimei – Reimei is busy being naggy to Futaba and helping her with her boss duties. Futaba’s extremely upset that despite them being lovers, they haven’t really done anything that lovers would do. When she gets sleepy on their ride home, first he offers for her to sleep on his shoulder but when she does he wakes her up going WAIT NEVERMIND DON’T SLEEP while blushing like a tomato. Futaba’s like wtf’s your problem dude and goes to poor Shiro for advice ヽ(。_゜)ノ. He tells her to wear a sexy outfit and “invite Reimei” so that he gets the picture lol.  If you decide to go into Reimei’s room at night, he bitches that she shouldn’t be in a guys room at this hour but she’s like “DUDE ARE WE LOVERS OR WHAT?!” And so Reimei decides to stop being a douche and he grabs Futaba and kisses her. He promptly tells her he was gonna wait till she “matured a bit more” but decided screw dat sheit and so they end up screwing ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! After that Futaba asks Reimei if they can start attending school once more since NEDE is gone and it’s safe again. When they finally get to school Futaba is able to make friends again but Reimei’s too busy being raburabu with her for her to hang out with them. In fact he grabs her princess style after class and hops home \( ^o^)/ . If you wait till morning before talking to Reimei (at the choice point) the next morning Futaba kisses him on the cheek and is like WE’RE LOVERS DUDE DEAL WITH IT. B) And so the next day they go out shopping while holding hands so that they can be more lovey dovey I guess. Clearly the first ending was better bwahahaha (◉◞౪◟◉ ). Omg this omake made Reimeis’ route like a million times better since for the most part his route was SOOO irritating. Clearly all he needed to do was get laid.

Shiro – Shiro’s omake starts with him about to kiss Futaba but then she gets NTRed by Reimei orz. He gets so sickened by this he starts churning until Futaba hears him and wakes up him. Later that day they go on a date together while Shiro’s pretty clingy and protective of Futaba. They shoot some darts at the bar but Shiro keeps babbling and comparing himself to Reimei. (ಠ_ಠ)Sooo Futaba decides something needs to be done about this and so she goes into his room at night to talk. She tells him that no matter she would always choose him and he goes ORLY and pushes her down on the bed. Futaba’s like megusta and tells him it’s okay if it’s him and so they do the mattress mambo (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟). The next morning Reimei bursts into Shiro’s room going I CAN’T FIND FUTABA ヽ(。_゜)ノ and then he sees her in bed with Shiro lmaooo xDD. Reimei starts bitching saying Shiro’s a  dirty manwhore and Futaba’s like “wait he’s not a manwhore wtf”… but Shiro tells his bro that she’s his woman and its awwright yo. Reimei is so butthurt he punches Shiro and then tells him to be happy with Futaba lmao. If you don’t go into Shiro’s room, he wakes Futaba up the next morning jokingly saying he’ll kiss her. When she wakes up he says he’s just kidding and that he’ll kiss her later but…FUTABA AIN’T GONNA WAIT AND SHE GRABS HER MAN AND KISSES HIM HERSELF キタ━─━─━(*・∀・*)v━─━─━!!! Shiro’s so shocked that she’s being so proactive he starts blushign & stuttering 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 Lmao it was so short but so cute nuoooo I wanted more lol. I almost wish there was more of these omakes cause they were so cute ;_;. Also doing Shiro’s route a 2nd time really made me more sympathetic towards show he always felt like an “impersonation” of Reimei.

Jin – Futaba is now living together alone with Jin but Reimei acts like daddy and calls asking how she’s doing. Shiro tells Reimei to stop being a nag and thanks Futaba for the scarves she sent to them xD. Both Jin & Futaba realize they’re ronery being far away from everyone and that they wanna go visit everyone in Glast Heim. If you choose to want to see Shiro & Reimei, Jin agrees and so 2 weeks later, Shiro, Reimei & Futaba’s mom come to visit. The first thing Reimei says to Futaba is “its been a while, did you get fat?” LOOOOLLLL dsgsgsdg (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. They all eat together and talk about what’s happening with Glas Heim and then Reimei bitches that Jin doesn’t do any housework. They go home in the evening, and then Futaba  & Jin cuddle in bed thinking about the future babies they’re gonna make :lol:. If you chose that you only wanted to spend time with Jin then basically they continue their time together and in the end are grocery shopping. The grocery shopping CG reminded me of the one in Kent’s route in Amnesia later XD. I guess it was a cute addition to the original ending but I think I’ve grown some kind of inner hatred to Morikawa voiced characters so it didn’t seem as great to me lol. Only time it was cute was when Jin blushed at the thought of having babies with Futaba…if only they had more of that in the omake sigh. (´・ω・`)

Parallel Story – In the parallel story Futaba is the NEDE boss and her 2nd in command is a grown up En Sof (who looks extremely hot lmao xDDD). Reimei & Shiro come to wake her up and she’s really confused as to why she’s the NEDE boss (along with all of NEDE being covered in pink XDDD). They have their regular meeting where everyone makes fun of Kaburakan who keeps bitching that he doesn’t want Futaba as boss. Futaba suggests that they should come up with some new ideas for Nede uniforms. And so everyone decides to come up with ideas and let Futaba decide on which one she likes the best. Wataru dresses up as a cafe waiter, and if you accept it they end up opening a NEDE cafe. Up next, Shiro comes dresses as a host and then he and Cain do a champagne call for Futaba xDDDDD. Omg all the last escort flashbacks!!  And so if you accept it, NEDE turns into Host Club NEDE with all the guys pics shining on the billboards in the background xDDD. Reimei comes out in the regular NEDE uniform but with the sleeves cut off. Everyone says he’s being a cheapass so he’s like “uh no wait I got a better idea” and he comes back wearing metal medevil armor プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Everyone tells him he’s an idiot so he’s like “no wait I got a better one” and he comes back in a kimono saying that a kimono can be easily re-used if its ruined. Everyone gets the picture that Reimei’s a cheapass who wants to just save money on their clothes. Futaba pities the poor guy so she agrees to let that be the new NEDE uniform and NEDE HQ begins to look like some old timey Japanese temple xD. Kaburakan shows off his weapon crazy outfit but it instantly gets rejected by Jin. Cain shows off his mankini and everyone rages saying they’d never wear this kind of outfit but in the end NEDE HQ becomes a beach xD. Jin dresses up as some gothic dude and Futaba thinks its the hottest thing ever so NEDE forms a rock band while Fly Call (+ Wataru) form a pop band プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Kyo puts on a yakuza outfit and says this is a REBORN NEDE and so NEDE becomes a massive yakuza organization. Abel dresses up as a man-cheer squad leader and En Sof comes out in a bunny trap shota outfit XD. If you pick Abel, NEDE becomes Glast Heim’s cheerleading team. If you pick En Sof’s trap shota bunny outfit, NEDE becomes a giant bunny patch. And so later Ensof changes into his adult form and comes to Futaba’s room and kisses her on the cheek thanking her. She has no idea who he is but after she wakes up from her dream, she asks if Reimei has any other siblings.  At the end of this whole thing Futaba wakes up back at Fly Call HQ and realizes it was all a dream /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. That was so hilarious my face hurt from laughing afterwards.Let’s face it, this game is a fun game. It wasn’t as fun the 2nd time around because I kinda knew what was gonna happen so the mystery aspect was killed for me. Maybe this game will have replay value in say..5 years but I guess not 2 years. However, all the NEW stuff was great! It really reminded me of why I loved the original game in the first place and  I almost wish they had instead just made a fandisk with more content rather than selling it as 1 game. Then again, basing on Otomate’s recent kuso fandisks, at least we get a full game with the “fan” portion rather than paying $70 for only the omake parts :lol:.

Fun aside though the system had some MAJOR pitfalls to the point of just epic fail. First of all there was no “install game” option so the game lagged like hell. It lagged so bad that at times it would freeze during the “now loading” screen and you had to turn your PSP screen on & off to get it to wake up again. The “jump to next chapter” feature was cool but i would have preferred “jump to next choice.” Each chapter would start & stop at random places too so I had to jump chapter -> press O a few times -> jump again. Sometimes skipping straight through would be easier but it would take more time. I like how the game gave you the option to zoom in on CGs & Sprites BUT the sprites were exactly the same as they were in the PC game. They didn’t modify them for the PSP screen and so basically everyone looked tiny and if you zoomed in, tall people (like Kyo & Kaburakan) would have their heads cut off. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) I thought for the longest time that you couldn’t scroll in the CG gallery and only see cut off CGs until as a last resort I tried the joy stick and LO AND BEHOLD! This was totally NOT written in the instructions booklet. Thanks. Additionally because apparently I didn’t hit “SAVE” before getting one of Shiro’s alt CGs I ended up scratching my head and wasting my time trying to figure out why I’m missing the final completion CG. Thankfully I had like 20 different saves and I managed to go back & grab it real fast without having to skip through the entire game (at snail speeds.) Blah anyway crappy programming is crappy. If only they had the programming done right, this game would have been so much better than it was. Bad programming can really ruin a game but since the omake and the characters were so enjoyable I ended up giving this game a 4 star on Amazon Japan. If you’ve never played Bloody Call, then despite the shitty system I really would recommend playing the PSP port. The omake really helps to add on to the characters and the Parallel Routes had me laughing my ass off. I guess my only tip this time around is be sure to save in many places and save often! If you plan to buy the game then I would recommend the limited edition because the post cards & illustration book have really cute stuff in them. (*´ω`*) So all in all yes I’d say it was a good purchase and maybe one day when the plot flies out of my head once more I’ll definitely be going back for a second replay.

unENDing Bloody Call Regular Edition / Game

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  1. This game is on my to-buy list! That sucks about the system issues though, but since I haven’t played the PC version, I’m still looking forward to playing this port. The LE looks good… I usually buy the regular edition but might have to go with the limited edition this time. 🙂

    1. Better hurry since it seems like it’s already out of print in several places! Just as long as you save often and do the screen on/off trick then you shouldn’t have too much system issues!

      1. Yeah, I noticed that CD Japan was already out of stock… does that mean they won’t get any more limited editions? Have never ordered from them yet. I usually order from YesAsia because of the free shipping but the LE is $129 there. Uh, no thanks.

  2. Okay, thanks! It does say “out of print”, not “out of stock” like I first thought. Hmm, I guess they only get a limited number of LE and that’s it. Bummer. You’re lucky that you got your game through CD Japan! 🙂 They seem to have the best options for shipping. I’m going to check out play-asia now…

  3. A shame I’m out of money and can’t understand Japanese T____T (played the first game with AGTH+atlas)
    It is my favorite PC otome game so I’m happy you reviewed this PSP version!

    Couldn’t stop smiling or laughing when reading this, the omakes were so fun! Why the best things are for PSP? DDD: A shame about the shitty system
    Adult Ensof looks like a white-haired Shiro!! (boy you’re hot but Shiro is the man). And WTF did they smoke when writing the parallel story? 😆

    Are there new CGs on the main story? On the website I saw one of sexy Shiro in the shower.

    Thanks again for your review (missed the broadcast)^_^

  4. Thank you for the omake review ^-^ I played the PC version and kinda lazy to play the PSP one. But all the omake are adorable. Though I wish it is longer ^-^

    1. yea I can understand, all those PSP remakes of PS2 games I never bothered to replay
      This was pretty fun though I enjoyed it a lot XD

  5. i do know that there are bad endings in this game, does anyone know where i can find a guide for this game? i do plan to buy this game it looks really good! =D

  6. did they keep the cool 3-5 second animations for when the characters summon their weapons from the pc version? or did they not include them?

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