Ruko Project

Looks like on February 4th they will unveil the next Tartaros character – Ruko. She’s 17 and apparently a ninja. I kept thinking she’s a gunner but now that I look at her outfit…I understand dattebayo. 😆 She also has a ninja cat which I think she uses as a weapon lol. All her stats and storyline will be revealed Feb 4th (next Thursday) so look forward to that ^^

I should hopefully hit level 26 tonight and move on to the next scenario quest.


8 thoughts on “Ruko Project”

  1. Uwah! My favorite character has been released *w*
    I might go back to playing now, I loved using her ❤

  2. more than likely considering their current cash shop items are basically the ones Korea now released (i.e. tiger masks, skii wear). the only thing korea has that Japan doesn’t at the moment is the new map area and the last character (the sword girl)

  3. Nyachan> Haha well she is the ranged character (aside from Cromodo) so I figured you’d be using her anyway xD I may use her if we can upgrade her like I upgraded Nagi (by paying some money and boom insta level 23) Leveling up chars like Aerlot and Shubalman from 11-20 is a pain in the butt.

    Main> yea I can’t wait to hear her voice ^^

  4. wow, it’ll feel like back to maplestory, the range class I played there was assassin and I used ninja stars… Can’t wait to get Ruko though. x3 Can’t wait to hear her voice too~ ❤ I'm already pretty sure I'll main her when I get to her. xD

  5. あれナギをメインするじゃなかったっけww

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