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Otome Game Review: OZMAFIA!!

Our heroine has amnesia and finds herself in a familiar town full of mafia families. She gets picked by one of them, the Oz family. They’re not just any family though, they are the Wizard of OZ characters, with the leader being the Lion Caramia, and his two right hand men the Scarecrow Kyrie and the Tin Man Axel. They give her the name Fuka and from that day on she spends her days being a freeloader and interacting with other mafia families in town. Spoilers immediately following the jump so skip to my final thoughts if you’re still playing/planning to play!

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Otome Game Review: unENDing Bloody Call

So as a last minute impulse buy I ended up getting the Bloody Call limited edition PSP port. I enjoyed the PC game a lot so I figured with the after stories & new CGs, it was like buying the game + fandisk in one! Since my PC game review pretty much covers the plot, I plan to only focus on the new stuff/omakes in this post.

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Otome Game Review: Bloody Call

What do you get when you mix Jingi Naki Otome with Full Metal Alchemist? You get this otome game 😆 I was honestly surprised at the similarities but it turned out to be an excellent story and being an all ages game, there was no unnecessary rape (*ノ゚Д゚)八(*゚Д゚*)八(゚Д゚*)ノィェーィ! The story is about a gang called “Fly Call” whose boss suddenly dies and he tells his fellow members to get his wife and daughter out of the ghetto town of Glast Heim safely. Unfortunately one day his wife gets abducted by the rival gang “Nede” and his daughter, Futaba (who is the heroine) almost gets abducted as well by some random guys who want to earn money for her capture. Luckily for her she gets saved by two sexy twin bishies Shiro & Reimei, who happen to be from Fly Call and were asked by the boss to protect her before he passed away. They immediately take her to their huge mansion and tell her that while they want to honor their boss’s dying wish, they kinda need a boss and well she’s the closest thing being his daughter and all so they tell her she’s gonna have to suck it up and deal with it. XD (plot sound familiar yet?) Futaba’s only wish is to get her mother back safely and she causes Fly Call a lot of trouble trying to do so. As always spoilers ahead, so skip to my final impressions if you don’t want to be spoiled. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Bloody Call