Major scenario bug.

Just wanted to point out the major scenario bug that seems everyone’s encountered. Yes it’s the bug where you’re playing your scenario battle with your 2 AI and you have to press your keyboard like 5 times just to do the damn attack. It’s like some kind of response lag bug and it’s gotten me killed on multiple ocasions unless I smashed my keyboard. I first thought it was my keyboard, but after asking about 4 people who had the same issue I’ve come to the conclusion this is a stupid bug. I know MK Style released a bug list and I read through it and didn’t see it listed (but they had weird bugs like “when your guild reaches level 3 the guild mark will disappear” wut.)

Since this is an obvious mainstream bug I’m hoping enough people reported it that it will be fixed. They actually responded to my support ticket the other day and “deeply apologized” for the crowded servers and said they were working on it. I think the biggest problem is that your characters are tied to a server. Most MMOs I’ve played (except old crap like Ragnarok Online) you can usually hop any server because all the characters are all in 1 database. Here it looks like once you’re in a server, you’re stuck there so even if another server is opened, it’s very unlikely people are going to move to it and abandon all their hard work from the previous server. If they could find a work around for this I think it would make for a better gaming experience…but I somehow don’t forsee that in the near future.

Sucks for those who live in Japan I guess, but the only time this is an issue for me is on Saturday & Sunday mornings 😆


Recommend me a keyboard!

Can someone please recommend me a gaming keyboard? I’ve asked friends on twitter and I’ve googled up reviews on newegg and amazon and I’m pretty much getting a mixed bag. While some people are raving about one, others are raging about it. I’d like to get a broader opinion on this before I make my final decision. I’m really looking for something that especially allows me to jam multiple keys at once and something with programmable macros would be nice. My budget is at $100 so I don’t wanna spend above that. Any help is appreciated thanks!