Recommend me a keyboard!

Can someone please recommend me a gaming keyboard? I’ve asked friends on twitter and I’ve googled up reviews on newegg and amazon and I’m pretty much getting a mixed bag. While some people are raving about one, others are raging about it. I’d like to get a broader opinion on this before I make my final decision. I’m really looking for something that especially allows me to jam multiple keys at once and something with programmable macros would be nice. My budget is at $100 so I don’t wanna spend above that. Any help is appreciated thanks!

13 thoughts on “Recommend me a keyboard!

  1. At $100 the G15 or G16 are good calls for mainstream keyboards.

    But, do you like clicky keys? Do you like tactile feedback? Is roll over important to you? Macros? Lots of things to consider.

    For me I’ll use just about anything. Large rolloever numbers aren’t all that important to me. I just need something responsive when I type. I hate those soft-touch mushy keys.

  2. i dont care about tactile keys or clicky keyboards, I just want something where I can press like 6 keys at once and it wont jam on me (this is important for tartaros, rather than pangya where basically any keyboard works for me). Everyone’s been saying G15 for me as well so I’m thinking about that one

  3. Yeah, personally I’d have a Happy Hacking Keyboard, but $254 on a keyboard is not something I can justify no matter how many hundreds of pages I write a day.

  4. I actually have a nice wireless logitech keyboard sitting in my closet but wireless keyboards have a poor response time (at least it did in pangya) so I wanna avoid those in the future. I’m looking at the G110 (newer model than G15) with like 12 macro keys. Would be great for all those tartaros skills and stuff.

  5. If it’s anything like the other Asian MMOs I’m sure it won’t detect the macros. I think Blizzard has something against them though.

    My G15 was an excellent keyboard, I just got sick of some of the worn out keys (Wore off the paint in a few months) and I’m not a huge fan of membrane keys. For hardcore writers, it just ain’t that great.

  6. wow really? 😐 That sucks. I wanted to make 1 key for an attack that requires 2 keys (like JL or JK) but if it wont work maybe I don’t want it after all orz

  7. Oh, it WILL work, I’m just not sure whatever protection software they use will catch it or not. If you know someone who has one of the G-series Logitechs you could always borrow it. They ARE stellar keyboards for what they are.

  8. i dont have one but if i needed one, prolly i`d go for logitech stuff.
    and yeah, no wireless though

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