Cromodo GET!

Couple game diary notes. I finally got Cromodo (after dying to Chunil King? 4 times). MK Style and Webmoney (and apparently bit cash) like refuse to take foreign credit cards so I can’t really buy any game cash unless I go through 3rd party shit like kanetrade – which I really don’t feel like doing because it’s a ripoff. The game level cap is currently level 35 I believe but once we get Ruko that should hopefully be raised to like 38 or 40 or something.  While I’ve been able to get into the servers on weekend mornings, I’m going to assume its because they increased capacity (and therefore increased server lag) or because people reached the cap and quit playing lol.

Well Tartaros is still a new game….once I get everyone to 30~35 (or to Ruko’s scenario) I guess I’d take a break and get back to otome gaming or something. We’ll see what happens. Really bummed about the cash thing, but it’s not so bad I guess since other than buying hair I’ve had no desire to really spend money on anything anyway.