Tartaros before a design rehaul? XD

Post flood today but I couldn’t help myself after I found this:

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Tartaros season 2…

…is just a new challenge mission?_? Wtf.

Well apparently so, I guess it’s for those that are level 40 or something. The only plus side I see for this is you can constantly grind it to get goodies and not earn fatigue. I don’t know why they called it season 2 though. It’s similar to the level 17 mission where you gotta kill the skeleton who’s running around while the dragon shoots ice at you. Looks interesting I guess….xD I’ll consider it a real update when they finally add some weapons above level 28 into the game e_e;

Edit: Sorry my bad I just checked the update road map again – the challenge mission is just one of the new features. There will be a new level cap (45?), new map, colloseum mode (free for all battle royale?), new fashion and game balance adjustments. I am really hoping for new armor & weapons. How long are we supposed to be using level 28-32 stuff?????? Additionally this update is coming in March so it’s coming soon!