Uninstalling Aisp@ce.

The thing behind me is one of the reasons for quitting.
The thing behind me is one of the reasons for my quitting.

I couldn’t bring myself to do it but basically this week I’m hitting my 1 year anniversary..and I look back at the absolutely nothing that I’ve done with that game. The water shooting wasn’t enough to keep me around but the fact that their Halloween event once again falls during time when I’m sleeping or working….yea I’ve had enough ^^;. I think the initial concept was good but they can only really keep hard core otaku who love looking up 3D animu girls pantsu and will spend thousands of dollars to do so. Sorry, not my kind of bandwagon. 😕

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  1. Ah, you finally did it. That thing was also one of my reason for uninstalling the game – well, the main reason, along with the long patch process and stuff. I don’t mind the events – I quite enjoy them too, actually, probably since I’m only 2 hours away from Japan’s timezone. The water shooting fails to make me install the game again and they still have the original 3 islands without adding anything more. If they made an event in one of those islands (like for example make the events from the visual novel happen in the islands) then I’d install the game again. =/

  2. Ham> yea probably.

    kevinay> yeaaa see for me the events are all at like 5AM or 2AM or whatever and I’m like at work or sleeping. The events are just “go into the gms room” or “watch some interview at the main hall”…so not like I missed out on much anyway

  3. Oh well.. it was interesting to see that video clip of you running around. But I did wonder was there anything else to do. ^_^

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