Some notes before the BS Open Beta

bsSo looks like Bright Shadow’s official site has been opened on Saturday (??) There’s no longer the empty teaser page and they now have a better loading forum (although still primitive without any avatars and such.) They already give people the option to buy their cash currency. At the moment the prices are $5=500 pts, $10=1000 pts etc. I’m not really sure how much stuff is supposed to cost though. I’m pretty sure all closed beta testers will receive $5 in gamepot cash. All I can say is….if there’s a mount in the shop or gacha that’s what you use your money for. Forget stupid vanity clothes, pets, weapons whatever. All you ever need in this game is a freaking mount otherwise it’ll take you forever to get from place to place as there are not really any save points or teleporters.

Making a guild requires you to be level 25 so unfortunately I won’t be able to make one until then. I’m thinking of either bread master lee again or the variation “Roll Senior Lee” or “Bun Expert Lee” (that’s what wordpress always suggests lol). On BS Japan we were the “Eigo (english)” Guild but that’s sorta pointless on the English BS XD. Anyway the point of a guild is just to be able to keep in touch with people and it’s gonna be private/invite only so we’re not gonna get like random 12 year olds who can’t speak proper English in it.

Leveling up – so for newbies I have some pro-tips here. When you’re a noob, talk to all the npcs on the noob island, if you do their (really easy) quizzes you can get to level 6 in like 10 minutes. Doing the quests for the dumb mom and the shota will give you another 4-5 levels. Finally doing the quest that allows you to get out of the noob land will get you to levels 11~12. When you get to the main land don’t bother with all the stupid talking quests and item gathering quests: waste of time I tell you. Especially that stupid ass quest where you gotta kill those chickens and bird sluts for items. It’s like you need 25 items but you get an item for like every 5 of those kill. On Japan it took JP and I both like 3-4 hours to get enough items for the both of us. Freaking b/s quests.

So with that in mind I’m thinking we gather a nice party and do some of the seal tower quests. The rewards are useful items like green cards (which you can convert into a mount), equipment/armor and pets. Also when you have a large party 4-5 people you can finish the quest a lot quicker and not get mobbed to death. The other up-side is that it’s an instance so you don’t have to worry about random idiots kill-stealing or looting your items. I’m hoping to use the same nickname as I did in closed beta but if anything changes I’ll post it here or on my twitter. See you guys tonight~!


7 thoughts on “Some notes before the BS Open Beta”

  1. > Hinano, i figured something was wrong, i placed my comment. the page reloads and my comment wasn’t there. after that i tried it several time again, you probably saw a massive post list from me when it started working again. hopefully it keeps on working now.

    i’ll start playing with +- 1 hour. i got some other work to do first. i hope my well known nick is still free when i create my 1st new character.

  2. i’m also currently downloading the installer. I just want to look how good this game is. maybe i’ll see you tonight, is your nickname the same as Pangya JP?

  3. ill probably be on again tonight Dan so you can play with us. Just see if you can get to level 10 and change jobs on the newbie island at least.

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