Bright Shadow Open Beta event

bsobeventYea this isn’t exactly a warm welcome to open beta players. Basically everyone who gets to level 12 within 5 hours gets a free pumpkin pet. Excuse me but I don’t get home from work until 5:30PM, and the beta starts at 3PM so that means I have 2.5 hours to get to level 12. I guess it’s not impossible if you do the quests/grind but it’s still stupid and unfair in my opinion.

Note: You may use your CB client to access OB on the 26th, so you don’t have to download it again.

Bleh whatever, I might try anyway…is anyone actually gonna play BS once it goes into open beta? If we have enough people I can try making a guild for all of us again to keep in contact. I’d rather go on group hunts and level up together than do stupid pointless quests again 🙄

Edit: Checked the BS Japanese wiki, the pet does nothing except eat your SP. This is actually kinda stupid to have cause it only does harm rather than good! LOL fail anyway.


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  1. I’m at the point in WoW where I can only play 2 times a week cause I already maxed out my character, so my questions to you are 1) does this game suck and 2) is golf involved?

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