Pangya 4koma #228

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Ugh I wrote “Megurine LukE” instead of Megurine LuKA -_-; What happens when I scanlate like 20 comics in a row ==;;


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  1. ちょwwwwwww
    素晴らしい話でした~ :lol:
    By the way Ntreev rips off people alot more than gamepot. In Ntreev to get 1 rare it costs $50-$100. On gamepot you can get at least 1 rare in under $30 😉

  2. MAGURO(tuna) story 🙂

    Every month GAMEPO rip players off by Gacha,
    The rare item of this month is MAGURO???
    In name of the moon, I’ll punish such a terrible company!

    Usagi:Minako, what are you doing?
    Minako:This is online game named of Pangya.
     It is interest to get rare item etc.
    Usagi:Ohh…is it for free?
    Minako:Only to playing is for free.
     but if you wanna got rare item, you must play Gacha,
     it is very expensive;;;
     it is terrible for me, to spend all my allwance;;;
    Usagi:Noooo;;; you mustn’t play such a terrible game;;;
    Minako:I understand it…but once totally absorbed in it,
     I can’t back again…..
    Usagi:ohhhhh;;;; it is horrible;;;

    (In the living room, a news is broadcasted)
    Gamepo CEO: Every player spend 3000-4000yen by every month in average.
     Our sales of Pangya is 100million-yen by every month 🙂

    (Next day)
    Usagi:What happened Minako?
    Minako:The rare item of this month was MAGURO—!!!!!
     Return my allwance—!!!!!

    (In Gamepo)
    CEO:Hahahahahahahahaha they are fool!!!!!
    GM:Spend a money for us hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Sailor moon: Wait! you say they can play for free,
     but you rip them off who have little allwance!
     Sailor moon will not such a terrible company!
     In name of the moon, I’ll punish you!

    Sailor moon: Moon-Spiral-Heart-Attack!!!!!!
    All gamepo: Gamepo———–!!!!!!!!!!!

    The peace of Pangya island was protected…..

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