Aisp@ce Water Shooting

Well it certainly seems promising but I really don’t get it and it’s really buggy. I had taken more videos but I had trouble with WMM and Adobe Premiere regarding sound so I just gave up and only uploaded the one video where I successfully completed a mission. I guess wearing the rental cosplay helps you but the targetting system is really weird. I’m clicking on & on and nothing happens. Additionally if you lose “HP” your charadoll also loses her clothes…I’m not sure how this is a demotivator to perverted otaku 😆 Too bad for you I couldn’t upload the video of my Ruriko losing her clothes lol, but if you so want to see it, why not try it out yourself?  😛 At least now there’s something to do in aisp@ce except empty your wallets. Hopefully they’ll fix all the bugs so my doll’s body doesn’t run away from her head again lol.

2 thoughts on “Aisp@ce Water Shooting

  1. Well, it really does interest me back to ai-sp@ce – if they are going to put in more updates like this, I might even go back to ai-sp@ce xD

  2. thing is, it took them like 6 months to roll out this update geezus I’ve gotten update info on it every month they’d show a sneak peek and now it’s finally out it’s like wow bland…lol

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