Party Castle now in Open Beta!

omg my photo is featured on the front page 😯

As of today Party Castle is now available in open beta! That means anyone can sign up and play.  😀 If you join please add me as a friend! Judging from the banner below the Halloween event it looks like there’s gonna be piapro collaboration events as well. I’ve gotten a little bored with PTC lately but hopefully more events will encourage me to make something new ^^.

8 thoughts on “Party Castle now in Open Beta!

  1. 登録してみました♪

  2. >_< I haven't put anything up recently cause now I'm having a video game overload on top of the fact I have no idea what to create. Dx; Though Girls really do need pants, and there needs to be more hats in general too. Would prolly inspire me some. 😛

  3. Eeh? Party Castle is going to have a PIAPRO collaboration? I’m definitely going to look at it, though I can’t really draw anything so I won’t sign up. ^^;

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