TinierMe’s Halloween Gacha :x

myitchOkay so TinierMe’s gacha is out. It’s not so bad though. It only costs 25 coins to play and I think these items are tradeable (giftable). While we’re on the topic of trading I got some dupes:

wolfears witchhat

If anyone’s interested in trading for either of those let me know. I already have the blue and pink witch hats and the orange and black ears as well so I don’t need those. We can trade for different items as well I don’t care. Poke me on my profile, I think I made a journal entry. XD There’s also some treasure hunt event where you can go around the tinierme town and find treasures that will either give you items or chibi-coins. Sounds kinda fun to me so I’ll try it after work.

9 thoughts on “TinierMe’s Halloween Gacha :x

  1. i dunno come to think of it I didn’t really want anything that much…and since I got one of the dresses o_o; I’ll have to think about this lol

    but wow you’re right I just got a massive pumpkin for my room lol

  2. Eh? These items are tradable (giftable)? How? I just need the Shirts/Blouses Apprentice Witch One Piece in all colors, so if anyone have that, please tell me. D=

  3. kevinayP, if these items are actually tradable, I have 2 of the Apprentice Witch outfits (in red). ^^;; I just don’t know if items can be sent to other players. But should someone figure this out, my name is Chen on TinierMe. 🙂

  4. >>Orihime
    Okay, I added both of you! I’d love to have your Apprentice Witch outfits – right now from the Halloween items, I have 2 of Sexy Party Dress, Ghost Sheet (Female), Braided Wavy Hair, Wet Long Hair, Screw, Witch Hat Pink, Chimera Tail Purple, and Crunchy Biscuit Chocolate. Tell me which one do you want and we can set up a trade. =D

    Ah, I was wondering how can you gift items… Thank you so much! =3

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