Bright Shadow Closed Beta First Impressions

Meowtan hats xD

So today is the first day of Bright Shadow US closed beta. By being in the Closed Beta there’s a few perks such as these nyatan hat and boot skins. (Actually on the us server they translate the Nya to Meow so Nyangel becomes Meowgel and Nyatan becomes Meowtan xDDD) Despite there being a TON of players (vs how the JP version was always deserted) I didn’t lag all that much! I think the lag really does depend on your video card and I guess my beefy card can handle it fine running at 1600 x 900.

My new warrior threads

I’ve decided since on the JP version I was a mage that this time I’d be a warrior and JP would be the mage.  It seems to me like the noob area had a lot more quests in the JP version than the US one but I did level up and change class within 3 hours of play. When I came to Thunder Hill town there was some kind of lottery NPC which I was gonna check but then it was time to watch Cougar Town loolol. Anyway since I’m playing BS once again I’ll start updating my screenshot album. Sadly the screenshot function within the game is still screwed up but at least I can still use fraps to take my screenies. Additionally I magically discovered that I can record sound within my computer again woot! Is anyone interested in some BSCB gameplay videos? If there’s enough interest I’ll post some kind of compilation up from the various areas.

Forgot to mention – I’m pretty sure the US client is really up to date with the JP one. They do have the card holic system in place and they do appear to have the new mentor system which came out shortly before I quit Bright Shadow JP. That’s really great to hear. From what I read on the (really crappy) forums, a lot of people are disliking the game for not having WASD and I really can’t blame them. The clipping doesn’t seem to be as awful here but I have yet to go to the place to REALLY test it. I’ll have more CB updates in the next couple of days.


12 thoughts on “Bright Shadow Closed Beta First Impressions”

  1. Huh, I’ve never gotten stuck in BS. :/ My character auto-corrects her route if she’s going to get get stuck/walk into something, so I’ve never had a problem before.

  2. Gameplay video is certainly welcome, since there’s only so much one can tell from screenshots, not to mention that this does look like every other MMORPG out there…

  3. I think MMO site or whoever still has a ton of beta keys available o_o I dunno how it works though since I just got mine through gamepotusa

  4. Hmm, I’d love to try this game out – but it’s still in Closed Beta, right? I want to get one Closed Beta Key… T_T
    I guess I’ll wait until open Beta then =/

  5. 今クロズードβ始めたばかり多分もうすぐオープンβになるでしょ。

  6. 日本のBSやってるのか?

  7. well the problem with BS is in one of the dungeon castle things you can get stuck REALLY easily, I’m pretty sure jp and I have died before cause we got stuck and couldnt make our way out in time thanks to no WASD xD You prolly didn’t make it that far though but yea there are definitely times when WASD would have saved us.

  8. WASD is for the lose really. :/ Arrows/WASD is only useful to get you out of being stuck, otherwise point-and-click is the way to go in ANY 3D MMO. 😐 I don’t get why people want it so bad, it’s so crappy to use in 3D MMOs…

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