No sense in leveling up seriously…


Well there you have it GM confirmation that yes indeed everything will be wiped after closed beta. That’s too bad cause I really wanted that nuko skin. I guess it was really too good to be true and all those items are gonna be cash items only… 😐 There’s some event going on where they want people to level up and the guild with the highest level will win some crappy fireworks in the open beta. Useless. I got spam invited into a guild twice so I clicked yes just so the invites would stop coming. I really have no intention to level up and then have to do it all over again once Open Beta begins. By the way the closed beta ends next Wednesday  and I pretty much reported all the bugs I ran in. Besides, next week is Pangya JP’s Halloween event and I really need to collect pang for Erika’s umbrella. I don’t have time to uselessly level up and then have my week of effort go down the toilet ^^;.

I did take a few videos of my bright shadow adventures (and by adventures I mean running around 2 towns) but I don’t think they’re really worth posting. Maybe I’ll make a compilation of them later or something, too tired right now ~_~;. I think I’m playing/participating in too many online games these days ^^;.


3 thoughts on “No sense in leveling up seriously…”

  1. I dunno what the “general rule” is or whatnot but I know in RO Closed Beta back in 2003 everyone got to keep their items and levels. Sure it gave the CB participants an advantage but yea that’s life.

    What I don’t get is why they want people to level up only to get it wiped? Additionally if they planned to wipe everything why not just give everyone a ton of money and make the exp levels like SUPER high so we can level up to like 50 in 3 days and try out the harder monster areas. They left the exp the same as in the normal game so anyone who plays hard regardless isn’t gonna get much further than JP and I did in the Japanese version.

    Pretty dumb if you ask me. Also seeing shit like this is starting to discourage me from bothering with this game again:

  2. Hmm…
    But isn’t there some sort of “general rule” that every closed beta stuff gets wiped before the full game comes out?

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