Pangya 4koma #180

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Sigh, I still want a Mikooh. I missed it twice. 😦 Hm I realized today I forgot to scanlate the top box. Oh well all it said was “Hatsune Miku outfit release for Kooh”.


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  1. kashichan> そうなんですか?? ブログよんでくれてありがとうございます!m(_)m 私ときどき漢字読めないですねw 

  2. I’m Japanese, and JP Pangya player.
    I always read here for 1 year, with much interest. 🙂
    I’m not good at English, but your translating is so funny^^
    and I also understand Japanese & Kanji, when you don’t its meaning, I can translate it easily 🙂
    By the way, Shall I get password for Japanese column ?
    My twitter name is same. Thank you.

  3. i couldn’t translate all the vocaloid comics cause they used a bunch of kanji I couldn’t read sorry :V
    I translated what I could.

  4. I sense jealousy from Quma… >_<

    But then again, you can't deny that Miku is cute. (sometimes her songs gave me toothache).

  5. I wanted a Mikooh too…
    To be honest, i want all of them. xDDD
    They look very cool.
    I’m hoping they’ll re-release on KR some day.
    My wallet must be prepared, just in case…

  6. I wish I had a Mikooh too. But my Kooh-Anya is too cute to be replaced…

    Then again, it’s all useless since I can’t even see my Kooh anymore.

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