Brief Introduction: Tinier Me.

tinyme So I joined yet another dress up doll community thing called TinierMe. Originally it’s a Japanese site called Selfy and this is the English beta that came out a couple days ago.

You can log in, and use coins to buy clothes & room stuff for your character. If you get referred by a friend you’ll receive a lot of coins so if you guys need invites/referrals comment with your email in the email box. (This way it will avoid spam bots so don’t actually post your email in the comment box itself, only in the email box.)

There’s not much going on right now. There’s stuff like forums and groups. I created a group for Vocaloid fans so feel free to join that if you want. It’s sorta like poupee girl where you comment on people’s diaries to get your coins, as well as update your own diary to get daily coins. Also you get some coins for logging in. I’m sure eventually there will be a cash system where you can buy coins with cash but right now the site appears to be in beta so everything is “free” or obtainable via task. There’s a fishing system which I haven’t tried yet because the flash on the work computer won’t load but you can catch fish and redeem it for rare items and the like. They also mentioned a gacha but eh you already know how gachas work elsewhere ==;. Anyway it’s kinda cute so I gave it a shot. It’s still pretty new so not much to do but I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see how it develops.

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  1. omg this is out in English, how cute! I played the Japanese one years ago and it was adorable. If the fishing system is in the English version then I guess it’s slightly more up to date with the JP vr.

  2. Thanks for the invite (and for the extra coins, since apparently you only get half that amount if you sign up on your own without a friend invite!)! I’m “Chen” there. 🙂

  3. teiyo> well as long as you had enough coins to get whatever you want I guess its okay xD

    Miki> aww its okay xD

    Gooeh> sent you an invite!

  4. ): Every time I see my character on your friends page, the hair doesn’t load, so she’s bald. ._. ._. ._. (lol, it’s beta but still. :D;; it only seems to be mine…)

  5. yea i have the same issue with my earmuffs lol. they never show up except in my home pages 😕
    Prolly stupid beta bugs ^^;

  6. Why not…I’m game…since there’s a Vocaloid Fan Club now 😀 Would love an invite.

  7. Hello Hina, I’ve recently started reading your blog and came across this xD I’m interested, could send me an invite? Thanks!

  8. I think i used this TinierMe a long while ago.
    Or something very much like it. lol
    Can’t remember.
    Looks nice anyways, probably going to check it out.

  9. This is a pretty old entry, so please excuse me if I missed a newer one on the same subject, but what do you think of the direction that TinierMe has suddenly taken?


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