Cash movement of dressup games.


I realized today I’m in a lot of “dress up” related games. Aisp@ce, Party Castle, Poupee Girl and now I joined Tinierme. Technically Pangya is dress up golf if you think about it too. As I evaluate all these things, I start to think like “what is there to do other than dress up your character…but what if the only worthy dressups require you to pay a ton of $$$”. At least Pangya has the golf aspect but what does Poupee have?

This came up in my mind because lately all Katherine releases is jewel items. We’ll get some half assed ribbon items with missing pieces (like shoes) that will be jewel only. Just now she opened up a new celebrity shop which is also jewel only. In otherwords she’s making it quite clear who the valued customers are. I understand, Poupee needs to make money and that’s fine but I almost feel like us loyal ribbon users are being left out in the dark. I’ve had 1000+ ribbons on my account for weeks now because there’s been nothing I’ve wanted to buy.  Additionally even when she releases ribbon items, they are ridiculously expensive. Things like dresses are now all at least 200 ribbons each. If this was a year ago I would never even think about buying anything over 150r. Now it seems like handing over 200 ribbons is a standard.

I figured eventually Poupee Girl would come to this but I guess I’m kinda disappointed. The same feelings I have for Aisp@ce because all their events are when I’m at work, and any new item releases are usually nicopoint only. I used to login daily to get my daily dere points but now I hardly login even once a week anymore. It’s kinda like “what’s the point, not like there’s been anything to buy in months anyway.” All my friends who were on aisp@ce have quit as well.  I remember running through town once and some Japanese were shocked that my span on aisp@ce was so long lol. (Hell I was there since the final beta…)

Party castle has been kinda boring me lately too @_@ It’s kinda like..okay I sorta got this “make whatever char I want” thing outta my system now what? I also don’t get their ranking system. It’s kinda annoying to see someone’s character get listed in the top 4 wearing an outfit I made, instead of my own character wearing that outfit ^^;. Like geez man what’s the deal here? My char even has a higher rating! I have no idea how the rankings work over there. Tinier me just came out this week so it still has potential. It’s still a bit buggy but I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.

I guess seeing something grow from beta to a fully running game is always a pleasure, but I suppose sometimes the “final product” isn’t as fun as it used to be during its early stages. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with Poupee Girl. I have so much stuff so I’d hate to just drop and quit. Maybe I’d leave and come back later. I’ve pretty much stopped commenting on people’s stuff because it’s like “okay what’s the point of getting ribbons when I have nothing to use them on -_-;.” I subscribe to Aisp@ce’s RSS updates to see if any new events are going on and I’ll login during those times I guess. Same goes for party castle. I tried subscribing to tinierme’s RSS feed but got some japanese RSS instead @_@; That site surely needs some work.


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  1. I joined Tinierme. It seems great so far! I hope it evolves into a thriving community. As for Poupee… Eh, what can you do, really…

  2. wow they make 12,000 a day just from ads!? wow thats pretty sickening and disappointing at the same time. Now I’m really against jewels lol.

  3. Poupee Girl has really gotten out of hand with the whole “jewel” system. Its crazy to pay real money for items I can’t wear in ‘real life’, or I’m not using in a game/ mmorpg. And what makes it worse is that Poupee is already making thousands of bucks a day for all of the google ads on every page (thank God for Ad Blocker Plus! LOL.) Cubestat’s statistics for their website just makes me even more disgusted with Poupee.

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