Lime Odyssey Alpha Test Impressions

Well even though I signed up for this almost a year ago, I guess they finally accepted me into the alpha test. Although a bit too late…

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Otome Game Introduction: MuneKyun! Kare wa Idol

So because I can’t seem to stop myself from trying more mobile games (and because they all have a stupid daily fatigue limit that makes me finish each one really fast) I decided to try a new one lol. I think this just came out for mobage and originally it was for that racist POS Gree. The story is about our heroine (who has no name so you gotta name her)  whose mom decides to remarry to some guy with a porn ‘stache. Turns out his son, and your new step bro just happens to be the lead singer of Japan’s most popular boyband COURAGE. So yea now you get to either mac it with your new oniitan or you can hit on all his band members who think you’re so kawaii desu anyway. Continue reading “Otome Game Introduction: MuneKyun! Kare wa Idol”

Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Koishite Kareshi

Well that hospital game was starting to get on my nerves with all its stupid glitches (I mean seriously if I had paid money for this I’d want a refund!) so I decided to try a different game called Koishite Kareshi. The game is pretty simple: you have 3 guys and you can pick one to be your “boyfriend” and from there on you can do various scenarios and events with him. The game is constantly being updated to reflect seasonal stuff so right now they have a Halloween event going on (although I’m probably going to miss it since I only started this game today ;_;.) I decided to pick Megane-kun cause he has a cool name Ryuugawa Ryuunosuke ww.

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Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Nijiiro no Oujisama & RenAi Byouin e Youkoso

So I figured since these mobile games are ongoing (and have stupid daily limits of how much you can see) they’re gonna take me too long to write a review for so instead I’m doing a PREVIEW! I stumbled upon Mobage which I thought was restricted to Japanese cell phones only but it looks like they have an unrestricted version for android phones running Android 2.1 or higher. You do not need to register a yahoo japan account as long as you download the app (you need to allow for non market apps to download to your phone) from Once you launch the app you can just register via app and you will be able to access all their games (well at least the ones available for smart phones – not Japanese feature phones.) Most games are web based so that’s why phones running 2.1 and higher will have flash on them to be able to run them. Some are app based which will require you to download the app to your phone and run it simultaneously with the site.

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Tartaros Online CB impressions.

My Soma-kun
My Soma-kun

First I want to explain something. My Japanese sucks a lot more than you guys think it does. Sure I can get the basic hang of stuff but when I want to write out detailed thoughts about something my Japanese is watered down to “I like it, there’s a few bugs, I got new clothes and I made a video.” Honestly it’s a pain in the ass. I thought that blogging about Tartaros on so-net would give me points for Postar but apparently it doesn’t unless I blog about gamepot’s games…so yea after posting 3 entries I decided I’m gonna blog about Tartaros here.

To avoid unnecessary people finding this site though, I’ve blocked all search engines from indexing it. I will also not provide any translations or registration guides here, this will simply be a game diary, which is what this blog is supposed to be in the first place. I really don’t like the idea of having to run away somewhere because certain retards keep accessing this blog but I also am sick of limiting my writing because my grasp of the language sucks when it comes to MMO terminology. Until recently, I didn’t even know what the fuck the kanji for “Vs” was in Pangya sigh -_-; My Pangya blogging will continue to be in Japanese for obvious reasons, but for now I’d like to blog about Tartaros in English. (And my blog never made it into the fansite list anyway so not like it matters at this point.)

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