RPG Review: Final Fantasy XIII

So in continuing to clear out my STEAM backlog I have moved on to the FF13 trilogy! Starting with the first game the adventures of badass gunswordswoman  Lightning and her band of sidekicks try to save their floating ant farm in the sky. As usual, spoilers ahead!

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Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia ~Festa Regalo~

Cooking otome game double feature starting with Festa Regalo! So one day Felicita’s dad got bored and decided that he’s gonna make his mafia mans have an iron chef battle. The prize is having his powers for 1 day and whether they like it or not, they must participate. It’s up to you and your chosen dude to run around, gather ingredients and make awesome dishes to please the judges. As a reward though, there are some short bonus scenarios & CGs.

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Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia -The Phantom Ship Magician-

Things are going the same as usual at the Arcana family home until Ash acts like a bed intruder and barges in stealing the box of tarot cards, taking Felicita as a hostage.  He brings the cards to some dude named Joshua on a ghost ship but suddenly one of the cards chooses Ash and makes a contract with him. It’s the Magician, and in addition to that, Joshua makes a pact with the Justice and turns into a skeleton, making all other skeletons on the ship go nuts. Ash is like dafuq but just then Felicita’s man harem shows up to save her. Unfortunately Joshua creates a massive fog on the ship and everyone gets split up – except Felicita who gets to have a fun time with the guy of your choice while they try to figure out what the hell’s going on. (*ゝ∀・*) Also it is to be noted that this is like a sequel and so its assumed that whoever’s route you’re on, they are your lover.

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Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera -piece of future-

And so this is the fandisk to Hiiro no Kakera 4. This features 3 scenarios for each guardian with additional routes for the Suwa brothers and takes place after the ending of the last game.

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