Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia ~Festa Regalo~

Cooking otome game double feature starting with Festa Regalo! So one day Felicita’s dad got bored and decided that he’s gonna make his mafia mans have an iron chef battle. The prize is having his powers for 1 day and whether they like it or not, they must participate. It’s up to you and your chosen dude to run around, gather ingredients and make awesome dishes to please the judges. As a reward though, there are some short bonus scenarios & CGs.

Basic Guide

I've created a handy reference map for the game.
I’ve created a handy reference map for the game.

So I actually started tinkering with this game on the flight from Japan and had no guide but I managed to figure most of it out on my own. Here are my tips for the game:

  1. The basic idea is to pick your partner and win 5 duellos with him.
  2. For a duello to “take place” you must do x number of practice kitchens beforehand. It starts at 3 on your first run, then shrinks down to 2 and by the time I finished 6 characters, I was down to only 1 (thank god cause lol Jolly & Dante ww.)
  3. To unlock recipes, feed the owl random ingredients. He’s a picky bastard and sometimes 1 star ingredients won’t do so if you get any 2 or 3 star ingredients just feed them to the bird. You’re unlikely to gather enough of them for any duellos anyway so you may as well unlock more recipes.
  4. You will receive currency for selling ingredients, doing mini games or doing some “work”. Once you hit the limit (which is 1400 or 1500) the currency will turn red. If that’s the case you will not be allowed to sell anything until you use up your money. Best way to do this – buy high star rated ingredients and feed them to the owl to unlock recipes.
  5. When you finish gathering ingredients, go into your room, hit start and put everything you can into storage. Whatever you can’t store give to the owl or sell. You can store a maximum of 9 of each ingredient.
  6. At first you may wanna just go around doing chibi scenarios whose icons you see on the map, gather ingredients and unlock recipes. Once you have at least 1 recipe unlocked in every category, make sure you have the ingredients to make said recipe.
  7. Next, go into your room, look at your recipes and move the ones whose ingredients you have into your recipe book (you can usually have about 10 recipes on you at once.) Move your ingredients into your inventory, but only the ones you will be using for the practice kitchen. Take at least 3 recipes you will be cooking with + ingredients and then just marathon the 3 practice kitchens so you can unlock the next duello. Make sure you pay attention what the “theme” of the duello is. If the theme is Short Pasta, don’t come in there trying to make a Pizza!
  8. Remember that while for the practice kitchen you only need 1 of each ingredient, for the duello you will have 3-7 judges and you will at least 3-4 of each ingredient (number depends on how many judges there are). Even if you are 1 ingredient short, it won’t let you make the recipe and you will not be able to start. Therefore before going to do the duello make sure you have at least 7 of each ingredient from the recipe you plan to battle with.
  9. For the spices part (where it asks what you want to add to it) the safest bet is olive oil. That shit goes with everything (except with pastries you may want to use sugar or vanilla essence.)  The February & March issues of Dengeki Girls Style list the best spice for each recipe but seeing how I don’t carry 2 fat magazines on me at all times, I just used my judgement and managed to succeed most of the time.
  10. There is no quick save or save anytime in this game. The only time you can save is when you are in your room. Therefore before every duello, gather your items, recipes, SAVE, and then go to the duello. If you mess up, exit your game, start over, load your data and just do the duello again. I also tend to save often after I unlock any new recipes or after every duello. Hell just save every time you go into your room, it’s safer that way.
  11. To see the omake CGs you need to go back to the title menu and go into the omake section and they will be under the omake scenario.  The good news is, once you finish the duello with 1 guy, you can go back to the main house, change partners and continue cooking with the next guy with all your ingredients and recipes being there. Therefore the first time it can be annoying, but the 2nd time around and so on and so forth, it will get easier and you will have more stuff to work with. There’s only 2 omake cgs per character. The other scenarios are the love or laugh and are just brief scenes with no new CGs.
  12. In the ending credits, if you press O Felicita goes UN! and if you press △ she will kick away whoever is talking to her lol.

So there aren’t really any deep plots in the game it’s kinda like UtaPri music where you do stuff -> get small scenario as reward so I guess I’ll just do a basic scenario run down?


Liberta – Liberta’s looking for the illusionary hot pepper but turns out Dante was hogging all of them in his house. Using that pepper he wins the final duello and aside from being Papa for a day, he asks to spend his day with Feli. ♡ In the omake scene he and Feli eat some pizza together and then she falls asleep on his shoulder while he blushes and babbles randomly not knowing whether or not he should put his arms around her. Liberta’s scenes were cute but as always I’m not sure if the game’s trying to be all pure with him because of the incest thing or cause they want to turn him into Naruto like 4chan likes to call him (they did make a ninja joke in the game to which I was like :shock:).


Nova – In Nova’s, they’re looking for the illusionary chestnut to make some monte blanc pastry. After winning, they ichaicha as Felicita spoon feeds him and all the guys spy on them until they get caught and fall through the door. Nova gets pissed and as Papa for a day forces them all to patrol the island from dusk till dawn. In the omake cgs, Felicita spoon feeds Nova some cake and asks him to do the same back. In the 2nd one, they go patrolling and are caught in a crowd. Due to Nova’s face being a boob magnet, he falls head first into Felicita’s rack but is happy she isn’t mad afterwards and acknowledges it as an accident. (But he prolly liked it ror.) Guess it’ll be hard for him to implant himself into boobs once he grows up & gets taller in AF2.


Debito – In Debito’s they’re looking for the illusional egg which is apparently produced from Dante’s love-chicken. Eventually they get it from Liberta and make a dessert and Debito wins papa’s seat for a day. His request is to spend some special one on one time with Felicita and give her the treasurer role. In his omake, they drink together at the bar and then she comes into his room where he ぺろぺろs her on his bed (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Thank you Debito for not letting me down this time around ;D.


Pace – For Pace they look for the illusionary mushroom to make the lasagna for the competition. Pace’s route was strangely the first one where I had lost the duello multiple times in a row and had to keep rebooting my game and loading my save ^^;. Anyway after they win Pace’s papa for a day thing is to go around the island eating food with Felicita. In the CG omakes Felicita finds him passed out from eating too much  at a bar. He babbles how he loves food but he also loves Felicita. In the 2nd omake Pace says he’s blind without his glasses and can’t see Felicita’s face if he takes them off. He then takes them off and puts them on her face making her probably nauseous since people who have good vision get sick from looking through glasses (I know I do!)


Luca – Luca and Felicita look for the illusionary miso to make Regalo nabe. After winning Luca asks her to go on a picnic with him. In omake CG 1 he’s covered in cream bukkake from making lemon pies and in omake 2 he’s brushing Felicita’s hair. Kinda disappointed to be honest but then again after Debito everything feels like disappointment. 😆 Also for some reason Luca looks like a shota in his CG…is he really 29?! lol.


Dante – In Dante’s they’re looking for some legendary fish for their contest entry. They find it because of Jolly’s rabid mass of octopi. After Dante wins his decision is to advertise the iron chef contest in a popular Regalor magazine and then everyone else rages that they should instead do a special on Lasagna, cats, Felicita, masks etc. In the omake Cgs, one is of Dante drinking a beer on his sheep and the 2nd one is of Felicita whispering in his ear that she loves him and him blushing like a pedobear. Wow like really Dante gets a cute romantic cuddling CG with Felicita but all Luca gets is hair brushing and Pace gets to stick his glasses on her face. Who the hell made the decisions for these things??? I’d rather see Felicita with someone who isn’t twice her age acting all cute! (ಠ_ಠ)


Jolly – As I predicted right off the bat, Jolly’s looking for the illusionary octopus. Since he gets sea sick he tries to get other people to find it for him instead. After they find it and win the contest, Jolly’s like “oh idgaf about being Papa for a day I’d rather be in my lab like a hermit.” Since Felicita complains, he lets her do whatever she wants and she throws a party for her parents. Jolly can’t end the game without at least 1 troll and he puts a special spice in everyone’s food causing them to make animal noises at the end of their sentences. \(^o^)/ In the CG omake 1, Felicita brings Jolly some crunchy bread to munch on while he’s working. In omake 2 he returns to his pedobear ways and grabs Felicita in raep mode scaring her and making her run off crying. ( ´_ゝ`)


Ash – As expected with Ash, they look for the illusionary apple. After winning the contest,  Ash says he’s not interested in being papa for a day and neither is Felicita. Mondo complains that he wants to spend time with Feli like the oyabaka he is but Felicita rages and runs off with Ash instead. In Omake 1 Felicita finds Ash pigging out on some meat though being a tsundere and saying it’s not as good as apples. In omake 2, Ash gets sick so Felicita visits him and sticks her forehead on to his to feel for the temperature…which probably rises while she’s like on to of him. <●><●> huhu. Baww Ash was so cute…(also he totally grabbed her boob in one of the non CG omakes where he started talking like a cat thanks to Jolly’s stupid medicine again. xDDD)

|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑
|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Other – Once you completed all the characters there’s a slew of omakes with the “family”. First one is of Felicita being pampered and dressed up in a maid outfit to be a maid for a day to satisfy Luca’s fetishes. Second one is Nova’s crew making fun of him for thinking the letter he received from Liberta was a love letter. Third one is Debito and his dudes at the casino and 4th one is Pace pigging out with his mans at the restaurant as usual. Fifth one is Liberta and Dante at a bar where Liberta somehow gets drunk off grape juice. Sixth one is a flashback to when Mondo was playing with shota Luca and Jolly was like Luca let’s go but Mondo wanted to cuddle his “new grandson” a bit longer lol. The 7th and 8th omakes made me explode because they were Arcana Famiglia school life crossovers xDDD Felicita is the new transfer student and she transfers into the same class as Nova, Liberta & Ash. Meanwhile the other guys are teachers with Dante yelling at Jolly to stop slacking off and telling Debito, Luca & Pace to be quiter while walking through the hallways 8D. OMG MAN IF THEY MADE THIS INTO AN INDIVIDUAL GAME I’D BUY THE LIMITED EDITION. MAKE IT HAPPEN HUNEX & COMFORT SOFT.

final thoughts


I actually enjoyed this game a lot. The chibis were really cute and the cooking part really interactive. At first it felt like a drag gathering all the items but the longer you play, the more recipes and items you will have so you will have to do less ingredient hunting! The comedy in the short scenarios was really great and even Jolly’s and Dante’s routes were decent enough that I didn’t skip over them like I did with the last game. The family omakes were a A LOT of fun and that’s why if you do play this game, play EVERY character because it’s worth it (´^ω^`). If you’re a completionist this game might drive you a bit crazy. I only gathered 131 recipes out of…300 lol and I didn’t even complete half of the mini-scenarios for all the characters. So yea depending on how much you want to see/complete this game can be as short or as long as you like it. As far as otome/romance….not so much? This game’s focus is mostly on cute & humorous stuff so don’t come in expecting any action….except maybe in Debito and Ash’s omakes ;D. I’ll be posting a review of Isshoni Gohan soon as well since I was playing it at the same time as this game, though unfortunately, this was the better cooking game. Looking forward to Arcana Famiglia 2! \( ^o^)/


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  1. ah yea I think so since Elmo grew up and I’ve grown a fondness for Ash! I haven’t seen a release date for it yet though

  2. Are you going to play the most recent Arcana Famiglia game? The characters look more appealing-especially Dante! He’s gotten rid of that fugly goatee and grown hair 😀

  3. congratulation on finishing this game \( ^o^)/
    this game’s really cute and i like the art a lot
    when i first see Luca’s cg i though he’s a shota as well XD

  4. Seems nice =D
    I will play it when I have time.
    Omg, Luca!! *//*
    Nova’s face LOOL
    school life crossovers hahahahaha
    I’ll find time to play this XDDD
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