Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~Shin Tamayorihime Denshou~

Sometime in the distant future, a loli named Saya is told by some crazy scientist not to tell anyone about her hidden powers. She also then makes a childhood promise with some shota who gives her a teddy bear. Now 10 years later, our heroine Saya is living on her own and attending high school until one day a new transfer student, Onizaki Touma, comes to her class. After that people start getting murdered left & right and Saya starts getting massive migranes from her powers. Sadly our heroine isn’t proactive or bitchy like Tamaki was so she accepts her fate as Tamayorihime without complaints. Basically it’s time to relive HNK1 through the ancestors of the HNK1 cast 😆 The biggest bummer of course? No kissing required to awaken the guardian’s powers!!!
Oomi Shinogu – Strangely, Shinogu is not much different than Suguru was. He’s Saya’s childhood friend who hides his true feelings but it’s obvious he really cares for her. He’s often getting pissed off at Rei who keeps cockblocking the 2 of them and trolling him. He’s always worried about Saya if she passes out and is always making sure that she gets home and is escorted to school safely. While everyone else was “told” to get close to Saya and protect her, Shinogu is probably the only one who cared & protected her on his own will. When Saya picks him as her “official protector” they recall on the memory of meeting at the lab where Shinogu gave her a teddy bear, that she still keeps in her room till this day. When he comes over and sees that she still has the bear, he almost confesses all his feelings to her but then he stops himself and goes home. They all end up staying together because of a secret plot that was set up by the government with Shirou’s sister being in cahoots with them. They end up discussing the government’s suspicious motives and then find out that Saya has the same powers as the town miko Amamiya Otoha – the powers of the Tamayorihime. So then some ossan named Kitano gives them the breakdown of HnK1 and how they had to protect an old seal with all the gods in it, and that the entire town was created for this purpose. He then admits that he is Saya’s father and says that she’s the real tamayorihime because her mother was one as well.  Her mother died because one of the experiments failed and all the spirits came out so her mom had to seal them all with her life. How wonderful. 🙄

After this her dad left Saya in Souichi’s hands (the mad scientist) while he left his main government duties. In the meantime, Souichi decided he wanted crazy powers (like every Hiiro bad guy ever) and started experimenting by sacrificing random people in town, hence all the murders (kamikakushi.) He then intended to sacrifice Saya as well while blaming everything on the government. Also Amamiya’s group and the government are now after Saya since her powers have awakened. Afterwards Shinogu tells Saya that when she was little, thanks to him asking for permission she was allowed to leave the research lab as long as she was with him. Apparently because there’s some kind of special permission for the Oomi family to be with the Tamayorihime (lol what?) and so I guess Shinogu feels entitled to be her prince on a white horse 😆 So then as Saya keeps hanging out with her man army, Shinogu finally snaps and drags her behind some building hugging her and bawwing about how he’s loved her forever and she just doesn’t understand his FEEEELINGGSS. (Sigh why do all Hirakawa characters turn out this way.) He also stupidly thinks that if they return to Souichi everything will be fine again and that he’s more trustworthy than the other guys. Fortunately Saya has some kind of personality enough to tell him “no I can’t just tell everyone to F off lol” and Shinogu gets pissy until Shirou shows up and is like HAY GAIZ WHATS GOIN ON!? He then acts as a decoy and helps Shinogu and Saya run off when a bunch of government dudes come after them. Then they run into the place where the seal is and for some reason professor Souichi is there and they’re like wtf ?! and hes like “oh yea I joined forces with Otoha’s group lawl”. And then Shinogu’s like “The gov’t guys outside were like capture Tamayorihime” and suddenly Souichi cuts the crap and is like “oops guess the cat’s out of the bag!”

Then he’s like oh yea I need to complete my Omoikane system and I need the Tamayorihime powers so I just waited for her powers to awaken this whole time trollface.jpg. Then he tells his groupies to capture Saya and Shinogu’s like RAAAGGGGGE ヽ(`Д´#)ノ and apologizes for trying to bring her back to Mr. Mad Scientist. Souichi’s lackeys beat up Shinogu who complains why he’s the only one whose guardian powers haven’t awakened. Fortunately Shirou and the Suwa brothers show up and kick everyone’s asses so that Saya & Shinogu can escape. Afterwards Shinogu is like LETS RUN AWAY TOGETHER and she’s like “umm I can’t just abandon everyone like this” and he’s like “you fool don’t you realize the one most in danger is you!?” Shinogu’s like IDGAF,  grabs her by the arm and starts dragging her out of the city. Saya frees herself from him and he gets really pissy saying that she hates him because his powers haven’t awakened and that he doesn’t give a shit about her being Tamayorihime. He just wants her to be safe and he doesn’t really give a damn if the whole world goes to hell in the process. \( ^o^)/ He then proceeds to rage saying that she shouldn’t trust anyone because they’re all probably just using her and that he won’t trust anyone but him and herself. Before this sexual frustration of his can be resolved, cockblocker Souichi shows up with his robozako 2.0. This is when Shinogu finally awakens his power (sans kiss – sigh) and kicks robozako’s ass. When they return to the mansion where everyone is, Saya and Shinogu talk privately and he says he probably awakened his powers because he finally understood her feelings. His desire of not wanting her to be Tamayorihime probably was the biggest problem and when he accepted it boom guardian powers awaken!

Saya then realizes that Shinogu’s hot stuff and she tells him that she doesn’t think of him as a terrible person and to prove it she gives him a smooch. Shinogu’s so happy that she accepts him as he is and they get all raburabu in their room while t he other guys are prolly crying a river outside. So then they all go to stop Souichi from being a crazy wacko and killing the entire city. They manage to destroy the Omoikane system but Kitano dies in the process and tells Shinogu to take care of Saya in his place. While Saya bawws in Shinogu’s arms, Souichi grabs the energy and runs to break the seal so that he can become one with it (see like every bad guy in HNK1 lol.) When they find Souichi of course he’s already turned into some hentai tentacle monster, and to make things weirder, the Suwa brothers show up and they are somehow like baby fox nuko from HNK1! They combine with Saya and she turns into her Tamayorihime true form. Wtf is this Pretear?? XDD Then Shinogu turns into his snake man form 2.0 and he gets a giant water snake around him while showing off his bare manchest outfit. They defeat Souichi and then in the epilogue act like a バカップル as Saya has to show Shinogu that they need to get more ichaicha together xD. Anyway aside from the whining parts, I still thought that Shinogu was a sweet and caring childhood friend. I mean at some points I could really kinda side with his opinioin cause really, why you gotta sacrfiice yourself for a bunch of asshats? Well the heroine has to be all righteous but at least she really pushed her true feelings on to Shinogu or else their relationship would never move forward. I thought she was bland and emotionless but near the end after all the confessing, she really proved me wrong! Additionally, Shinogu’s route was a million times more enjoyable than Suguru’s. Why? Because he was actually in it. ( ´_ゝ`)

Atori Shun – Shun unlike Mahiro is a quiet calm guy who isn’t a midget, MUCH TO MY DESPAIR. I MISS MY CAPSLOCK BOY T_T_T_T_T. Shun moved to this town so that his sick brother could get better hospital treatment. Shun’s younger brother Chihiro, is a playful shota who teases his brother for having a “girlfriend” and tells Saya to always come visit him when she can. Shun’s hobby is gardening and he spends most of his time in the greenhouse with the plants. After Saya finds out that he was told to get close to her he apologizes and says he only did it because he had to for his brother’s sake. He also mentioned that he got close to her but he had no idea about her powers and he was just doing as he was told. After they all find out that she’s Tamayorihime, Shun asks her why she isn’t scared of having these powers. She says she’s terrified and he’s like yea me too and then they both start blushing like idiots. Turns out that those who “made Shun follow Saya” were actually Otoha’s group and when he accidentally takes her to the hospital to check on his brother, one of the Amamiya group members Munakata is there. Shun he tells Saya to run away immediately, and then Chihiro tells Shun to GTFO because he wants Otoha to cure his illness. Mahiro apologizes again and says that he knows that he’s going against everyone else but he just wants to protect his brother. When Shun asks Chihiro to come with him, he bitches says he’s going with Munakata and then Munakata’s like lol how about no.

So then they fight and Shun transforms into his guardian power, his brother is like YOU’RE NOT MY BROTHER YOU’RE A MONSTER! Shun takes this way more seriously than he should and he  freaks out and starts blowing wind all over the hospital room. Munakata takes Chihiro out of the hospital room and some moments later Shun finally calms down and then passes out. Just then Shinogu and Shirou show up and take them back home to the government apartment. After Shun wakes up he starts whining about how he’s a monster and now his otouto-kun hates him. So then Munakata tries abducting Saya and Shun stops moaning and protects her. Munakata runs off telling them if they want Chihiro back to come to their hideout. Afterwards Shun confesses his feelings to Saya saying that before he even knew she was Tamayorihime, being with her made all his other problems feel insignificant. Saya’s like “wow I feel the same way!” and so they both make out in front of the fountain. I should be happy but somehow I’m extremely sad lol. Mahiro ;_;. They then join the rest of the guardians to go and rescue Chihiro, and in the meantime Souichi gets screwed over by Munakata saying that  the Amamiya group, who are basically religious wackos, will have the seal now. Munakata then kills Souichi and the omoikane system is destroyed as the seal breaks. Munakata then rambles on how he will summon Iwanaga-hime soon and then runs off to do his crazy business.

In the meantime, the Suwa brothers show up and this time for some reason they demand Saya sacrifice herself to seal  again  and say that they are gods that are ordered to protect the it. They then cut the crap and turn her into her real Tamayorihime form and by the time they get to Chihiro he’s been so brainwashed that he has to fight against Shun. Shun of course isn’t gonna fight him and the little brat bitches until Shun hugs him saying “NOO MY LIL BRO I PROTECT UU” (I was having flashbacks to Beastmaster and Alfred’s little problem lol.) After that’s over, Iwanaga-hime is summoned in the body of Otoha and Munakata rambles on about how he must become one with her, and turns into HNK Fugly Monster(tm). So then he fights against Crow-form Shun 2.0 (who also shows off his bare naked manchest lol). And so they defeat him and restore peace to town while Chihiro returns to his hospital and stops being a stupid brat. Everyone visits him and then promptly leaves so they stop cockblocking Shun and Saya lol. (Poor Shinogu runs off crying lol.) They then walk holding hands to Shun’s house because he says now that he has Saya, he no longer needs his lucky tree or whatever. Hmm well after playing 1 route, most of the game was skippity skip time and so as you can tell not really too much happened except near the very end. Shun was just….too calm/quiet for my liking. The fact that I know his VA voiced my favorite loudmouth in a previous game was an even harder blow to me. (´・ω・`;) It’s not that I hate Shun, but I don’t usually like these quiet whimpty characters and his brother was cute until he became a crazy annoying shotabrat. So yea I guess I’m disappointed….but at least Shun looked hotter with his hair darkened. Wish it was darkened permanently; that blonde didn’t look too good on him lol.

Kutani  Shirou – While both Shirou and Ryou jump all over the heroine, Ryou wants to bed her but Shirou wants to put her on a pedestal and prance around her yelling HIMESAMAAA~! 😆 Shirou is also part of the government along with his twin sister but he’s still on Saya’s side since he’s so obsessed with her. School wise, Shirou is 1 year above Saya and he’s so upset about this because it means he can’t stalk her 24/7. His happy self starts to break down when he begins trippin’ balls and having flashbacks about his sister in a lab coat.  When they all gather in Saya’s place in the government lab,  Shirou prances into Saya’s room, and there she tells him that she doesn’t wanna be spoiled by Souichi, so that’s why her room is plain. So when they run into the lab Shirou turns into his guardian form and starts tripping balls again. He starts saying that Rikako isn’t his sister, and he never had a sister, and in fact he met Rikako at a lab. Shirou passes out but then Shun finds them and takes them back to the room to rest. That’s where Rikako admits that they wiped Shirou’s memory prior to him living with her as “siblings”. He gets pissed off and says that they made a fool of him and made him think that Saya is his “princess” for their stupid experiments. He runs off and after Saya chases him down, he apologizes for spamming her with Hime Hime all the time. She says that his upbeat energy gave her strength and she never once thought of it as annoying. Also in this route they join forces with Otoha’s group to overthrow Souichi and his doings with the government. While Shirou moans about something or other, Touma uses reverse psychology to piss him off saying that maybe Saya was fooling him just like Rikako was . Shirou punches him raging that Saya’s not that kind of girl and then Touma’s like “alright now that you’re done being a manchild you can tell your true feelings to Saya”.

Now that Shirou’s back to his usual self, he rescues Saya from Souichi’s zombie army and they return to the government house where Touma punches Shirou in revenge for the punch earlier lol. Rikako also apologizes for what she’s done even if she was just following orders but Shirou forgives her saying he always wanted a sibling anyway. Rikako also admits that she’s 22 (lol just like Kiyone in HNK1 xD), and Shirou starts babbling abou how “plastic surgery is amazing” immediately earning a punch in the stomach. When he talks privately to Saya, he says that he’s glad that he got that weird surgery because it gave him the chance to meet her and become her guardian. He then confesses that he likes her while Saya bawws and kisses her. They go for the final battle (thank god man all those mini battles gave me HNK1 flashbacks) to fight Souichi as usual, followed by seal the seal guardian that the Suwa brothers merged into. He demands that Saya sacrifice herself as the Tamayorihime for the seal and Shirou’s like “uh no” and so he turns into his naked chest man form too except he looks like some DBZ reject. In the epilogue Shirou’s still obsessed with Saya and in his “future dreams” he writes #1-3 as “to become Saya’s husband” and gets yelled at by the teacher. While Saya waits for him to come out of the principal’s office Shinogu tells her it’s not too late to change her mind 😆 Just then Shirou finally comes out glomping  Saya complaining that his teacher doesn’t understand his raburabu for her. He then says he has no other future dreams and that he wants to marry her soon as he graduates lol. \( ^o^)/ Anyway I actually thought Shirou was really cute but THAT HAIR. Oh why you do this. He was the fun and playful character which I usually like but everytime he came on screen all I could think about was hair hair hair hair hair and then his dog guardian 2.0 form was the final blow on how ridiculous he looked orz. What a pity, I think he might have been a really likeable character if I actually liked his character design…

Komura Rei – Unlike the hybernating bear that was Yuuichi, Ren is a genki shota, who this time is also younger than the heroine. He often gets jealous of Shinogu hogging Saya all the time but he never shows his true feelings and always washes everything off with a joke. He also tells Saya to stop being so srs and relax and break the rules once in a while ( ≖‿≖). Just like Yuuichi he has the power to create illusions, but he uses them for pranks like hiding from a  Shinogu looking for Saya lol. Once all the battle stuff begins I kinda zoned out as they went to rescue Otoha from Souichi’s zombie army. Turns out Rei was following orders from the government to protect Saya. He intended to leave this town after he graduated middle school but due to the orders he was forced to stay in this town for her. He concludes by saying he feels like a bird trapped in a cage that is this town but says he won’t suddenly disappear and abandon her. His grandiose plans include not just stopping the omoikane system but destroying it completely along with all of his data inside of it – so that he can be freed and leave this town. When Saya’s like “so what are you gonna do once you get out” he’s like “lol I dunno!” Sigh (≖_≖). The only thing that may change his mind is if Saya became his g/f but he says it in an indirect way, which makes her wonder if she would be able to get him to stay. When they go to the government lab for the final battle she finds the omoikane system but instead of having destroyed it, Rei got absorbed by it. When Saya tries to save him, she gets absorbed too and they both meet each other in dreamland which looks a lot like the village where HNK1 took place.

Turns out its a spiritual world that the gods want to live in because there’s no humans living with them. Saya’s like “who dafuq are you, the real Rei wants to be free, not be trapped in an illusionary world.”  He starts trippin balls between staying inside the illusionary world or being free like he originally intended. Saya helps him get a hold of himself and that’s when he realizes that he doesn’t have to go anywhere after they destroy the omoikane system. He just found his reason to stay and he kisses Saya. She’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ and when she asks him what his “reason to stay is” he says “I’ll tell you when we get out (´^ω^`)”. Sadly the coolness of this scene was crushed so hard the moment Rei turned into his furry guardian 2.0 form with his FURRY TAIL THAT DRAPED OVER HIS SHOULDER….(ノ_-;)ハア… So he destroys the omoikane system and frees all the gods that were trapped inside.  Souichi was killed earlier so that’s basically the end of that and Saya realizes that she’s in love with Rei. Then Rei leaves the town and she cried a river thinking he’d never return but he came back the same day 😆 Such a troll lmfao. Saya’s still clueless as to why he stayed and he glomps her from behind saying he can’t leave her and that he loves her. Daww Rei was so cute except that near the end it got really draggy until we found out Rei’s true motives. Then I felt like it sorta just…flew by lol. I feel like I wanted more of REI and less of “srs bzness government infiltration” scenario oh well.

Onizaki Touma – Unlike Takuma, Touma is a badass and a massive tsundere lol. Early in the game Saya has an ecounter with Touma where there’s some dead chick in an alley way and he’s standing there holding a sword. In other people’s routes you think nothing of it but in Touma’s you gotta think that he’s a scary killer! But yea despite him seeming like this badass he’s got a soft spot for Saya and his tsundereness goes over 9000 xDDD. He finally starts to soften when Saya returns an accessory that he dropped back to him. It was a memoribilia of his parents, who he lost when he was younger and was raised by relatives instead. Later on Saya finds out that she and Touma are the same in terms of being bound by their power and not having the freedom they desire. For Touma it’s even worse because he cannot control  his powers and they go out of control until Saya manages to calm them down. His power of course is the onikirimaru and similar to Takuma, he cannot control it well (on his own.) In this route, Otoha’s group wants Saya and so Touma has to fight them to protect her. The other guardians + Suwa brothers come to help and then Touma gets badly injured and taken back to Shirou’s place. When he wakes up he starts raging that he couldn’t protect her and but she’s like “I’m more useless so you are way ahead of me!”

Afterwards he apologizes for her father’s death and says that his parents also died because of his power going out of control when he was young. She tells him that his power isn’t useless and that she wants him to continue protecting her. Touma’s so pumped that someone actually accepts his powers this much that he hugs her, swearing to her daddy in heaven that he will protect her. So then they infiltrate into the research lab and I don’t know if they both got high but suddenly Touma confesses that he loves her and she’s like I LOVE U TOO MAN. Ok well I know it was coming from before but I feel like the gap between them hugging and supporting each other and this scene was just wayy too long. I like zoned out and when I looked again they were in the lab making out what the hell XD. I could say it’s my fault but maybe if the battle scenes were well written/interesting/not constant on & off crap I would have been paying attention… So anyway Saya’s kiss heals all his wounds and so they continue on their way to where the main seal is. The Suwa brothers bitch as usual but then decide to lend a hand to turn Saya into her true Tamayorihime form along with Touma stripping into his guardian 2.0 mardi gras outfit. (≖_≖) He ends up fighting against an Otoha posessed by Iwanaga-hime, and then her jiji butler merges with Iwanaga hime and turns into THE MOST DISGUSTING THING IVE SEEN ALL GAME MOTHER OF GOD.

They all get their asses kicked and only Touma is left so he keeps Mr. Fugly busy while Saya concentrates on seal. Saya can’t take hearing his screams of pain so she leaves the seal and runs to him saying “I don’t care if the world ends if I can’t live with you in it!” So then they combine their power of love and defeat Mr. Fugly and close up the seal. Afterwards Otoha goes MIA and Hibiki goes out looking for her while the town is back to peace. Saya and Touma continue going to school with him still being “aloof” from everyone except for her of course and listening to all her demands. He tells her that he always wanted that guardian power to disappear but now that it’s gone he feels weird. Despite this he says no matter what he’ll still be by her side and protect her. Well I guess I am slightly disappointed. I feel like all of Touma’s tsundere moments were in the common route and there wasn’t that much in his own. In fact I was just like “wut” when suddenly I LOVE YOU LIKE WHOA came out of him. I was like ORLY? I didn’t notice. Saya’s I LOVE YOU TOO was even weirder since when she hugged him in the room in that one scene she was like “I can totally tell this is a platonic hug and not a hug of lovers.” Umm okay maybe it wasn’t Saya-chan? Just kinda feel like all the tsundere potential was lost but I have a feeling they’ll make up for it in the fandisk ( ≖‿≖).

Inukai Hibiki – So following the trend of extremely warped character personalities, the biggest one has got to be Hibiki. Not only is he now older than the heroine, but HOW THE HELL DOES SHINJI’S SOPRANO VOICE BECOME SO DEEP. I mean this man must be extremely talented, to the point that it puts Kaji Yuki to shame. I mean if you let me hear his 2 voices back to back I’d think it was 2 completely different people. With the other characters I could hear once in a while them sounding like their HNK1 counterparts but here…nope. What the hell really. Honestly though I am not complaining since Shinji’s voice grated my ears so much I couldn’t even be bothered to unlock more than 1 of his omake voices in Aizouban 😆 So unlike friendly Shinji, Hibiki is Mr. Serious Megane so it’s like they combined Suguru and Yuuichi or something. When some crazy religious wacko tries to shove “DO YOU FOLLOW OTOHA SAMA!?!?” in Saya’s face, Hibiki tells her to GTFO. Additionally he tells Saya to stop playing the damsel in distress and waiting for someone to come and rescue her. LOL YOU TELL HER HIBIKI. The funny part is though, Saya’s like “you know I was thinking the same thing!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ If only all heroines were like this! Hibiki has a lot of secrets he keeps from Saya but says that he hates all that religious bullshit. He then grabs her body and whispers a kotodama that freezes it and tries to get her to focus on all the spirits flying around. Sadly while he can freeze her body, he cannot make her brain function better and he tells her it’s a lost cause lol.

Unlike Rei or Shirou who are from the government, Hibiki is actually from Otoha’s bible humper group, despite him hating all the religious crap. He says he wants her to awaken as the Tamayorihime, not for them but for his own purposes. When they go into her room to get stuff, he’s like IMA LOOK THROUGH YOUR STUFF and then when she comes back he’s like “wow your room is so boring I’m bored now” to which Saya’s like “Uh I’m sorry?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He says her room is lonely and she says she cannot ask for stuff and be spoiled. He tells her that she shouldn’t be like that which prompts her to cry and he’s like “What, I’m not gonna comfort you!” and then he wipes away her tears loool. なんていうツンデレw After this he’s like “alright I thought you were a weak pansyass ho but you’re not like that at all, ME GUSTA ( ≖‿≖).” To add on to the wtfery,  turns out Otoha is actually Hibiki’s sister and their mother was killed by the religious wackos at the church. Unfortunately Otoha doesn’t believe this and instead thinks the government killed their mom and she considers Hibiki a traitor and no longer her “brother”. (This is why I stay far away from the south… ( ´_ゝ`)). And so now Hibiki ends up fighting against the old fart from the last route, and getting extremely beat up despite the other guardians coming to help him. Afterwards he grumbles when Saya tries to heal his wounds but he gives in and thanks her. Later on Saya realizes that he understands her the most and that she always tried to be strong but in reality she was always lonely, being used just for her powers.

He kisses her and then uses a kotodama to freeze her body, intending to go fight the church alone. He tells her that if she manages to unlock her powers as Tamayorihime and break the spell, to run away from this town. By this point Saya’s like “nooo I love you why would I run away orz” but before she can say anything he leaves her standing (literally lol.) She manages to break out of the spell and runs to him to which he’s like “atta girl ;D”.  When he says he’ll protect her and gives this manly speech, everyone else is like “uh yea we saw the whole thing lool” and Hibiki’s like “it’s alright you can keep watching 😈 “. He then tells Saya to call him by his first name and after she turns red like a tomato she finally manages to blurt out a Hibiki-san. So then they go battling the bible humpers including THIS piece of work. They finally defeat him and reach Otoha, who’s revived Misuzu, their dead mother who’s taken over Otoha’s body. Hibiki’s like welp too late gotta kill my sister now, too late to save her now that my dead mamma’s taken over.  Saya tells him not to give up so then he turns into Scorpion his guardian 2.0 form and manages to free his mother out of Otoha’s body. In the epilogue Hibiki turns into ero-Ryou from HNK1 and wants Saya all to himself. He tells her to stay over his place so he can help her study and she’s like “with you we don’t get any studying done! ///” and he’s like “not my fault you make me horny ww” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ And so they live naughtily ever after. I liked Hibiki! I mean the switch from shota Shinji to sexy deep voice man was shocking but I loved his straight forewardness. His ending especially was (*´д`*)ハァハァ so I guess he’s the eroero character of the series. Maybe that will be more focused on in the FD we’ll see.

Alright well it wasn’t too bad! Sure it didn’t have Kazuki Yone (or Ike trying to be Kazuki Yone) art, but I thought the character personalities this time around were a lot more fun to be honest. The only massive disappointment was of course Shun since they basically got rid of what made Mahiro awesome. To make up for it, they instead made everyone else interesting (although I admit Touma wasn’t THAT much better than Takuma…) Favorites include Rei, Shinogu and Hibiki and obviously even though I didn’t like Shun, his VA gets mad props for going from loudmouth to calm dude. Actually more than that, Hibiki’s VA shines the most since lol what that grating Shinji voice magically turned into sexy beast ikeman voice? 😆 The guardian outfits & the bad guy’s monster forms were the most ridiculous thing ever. Everytime there was this serious battle scene, someone would transform, reveal his man chest full of colored paint on it and I’d be like プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  As far as heroine goes Saya felt kinda bland and emotionless to me at first being Miss Goody Two Shoes and doing as everyone tells her but I think her personality really shined in Shinogu and Rei’s routes. In all the other ones she was a bit damsely but in Hibiki’s at least she admitted that she’s useless and she wishes she could change. I guess that gives her some props there but I kinda miss bitchy Tamaki since that added on to some comedy which I think this game kinda lacked for the most part. The comedy was mostly provided by the Suwa brothers, who were the replacement for babyfox nuko voiced by Ueda Yuuji. I mean I liked them and all, but seriously, why no baby fox nuko. I am disappoint :(. I’m also bummed out that I missed out on some cultural festival bonus scenario that was a PSP only thing. Too bad I got my PSP already when I was in the middle of this game and I didn’t wanna bother starting over (´・ω・`). Anyway now that I have my PSP I will be moving on to the FD for HNK4. WE’RE ALMOST GETTING CLOSE TO THE HIIRO MARATHON FINALE GUYS STAY WITH ME xD.


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  1. nooooou i don’t… but he DOES look like a girl… i guess Bishounen these days are WAT TOO MUCH bishounen… that aside how the hell are we gonna go after Nicole? is this a new feature in PSP version? cuz teh one i did was PS2…

  2. that’s cool to here. but i still can’t believe Nicole from death connection was ACTUALLY a man. i feel like a BAKA…

  3. Ayaka> well the story was a drag but I really thought the characters were much better this time around. I loved Rei, Hibiki and Shinogu which is a lot more than I can say for the original HNK cast where I only gave a crap about Mahiro 😆 The artist this time isn’t Kazuki Yone or trying to copy Kazuki Yone xD; I don’t mind Ike’s art style I think its charming in its own way

  4. OMG hinano! you must have some incredible nerve. i mean… i TRIED to do the first serie of this thing a WHILE ago and i got BORED and TIRED right after the complicated family business stuff. you know… typical otome stuff, hmm… the art is rather nice the kazuki yone’s… i mean, i think they tried to copy it but it turned out something nice. thx for your MOTIVATING reviews ;D

  5. AriaAI> It’s not Kaji Yuki lol sorry if I made it sound like it was (I was just making comparisons xDD) I miss Mahiro too ;_; but the FD Shun’s route is kinda cute ;D

    Mimi> The next game is just the fandisk to this one and then the last one will be HNK 2 hopefully I’ll finish my Hiiro marathon before October’s end x3. Yea Shirou’s hair is horrible especially since I loved his personality T_T

  6. Oh Mahiro…. cruel fate lol cruel fate. XD Oh well haha Shinji’s VA gets brownie points 😛 but dang, Mahiro I miss his capslock way of talking too lol oh well! I can’t wait for your next review on the next Hiiro game haha I’m so curious about the next one~ 8D
    And Shirou’s hair…. wtf lol sometimes I wonder where they come up with some of these game designs lol!

  7. Hnngh– Mahirooooo— I miss you. ; u; To be honest, I like Rei the most. xD;; ❤ He seems so adorable. * 3* And I give Shinji's VA props. xD Yuki Kaji's super voice change, Lol. 8D I find it amazing.

  8. twentyninenights> Lmao Hibiki is hot. I didn’t need to whip out the original HNK because I can still hear Shinji’s grating voice like it was only yesterday! 😆 I actually liked Shirou – save for the hair. THAT HAIR. From a CG I saw on the FD site it looked like he cuts those stupid THINGS hanging from the back off so I’m looking fwd to it xD

    alyyn> well then welcome xD The twins are more fun in the FD too. I didn’t even realize Ueda was voicing them until I saw the credits somewhere. I was like oh wow lol. I plan to play HNK2 last since the cast/characters differ from all the other games. Can’t decide between PSP and PS2 versions though since PS2 I can still broadcast but I don’t wanna miss out on any PSP extras like I did with this game.

    Nataly> I mean probably, they kinda make up their own story in this one but I think it’s more fun if you played the other games so you can make comparisons and such xD.

  9. Right now I have only one question-will I understand everything if i didn’t play the previous ones?xD

  10. Ah, first time commenting your post after being such a lurker for a long period. BANZAI! \^0^/

    I really want to play this game but till this day it’s been in my game folder too long that I actually forgot to play it lol. Saya is not a bitch and she’s cute but a bit tad boring? I want Tamaki bitchyness lol XD
    Shirou’s hair is so weird that I LMAO when you posted that picture XD

    The character that I actually like is the twins they’re fun to be with too bad they dont have a chance in this game but oh yeah for fd \^0^/
    Too much HnK for these past few weeks lol maybe I should start playing one of them soon.
    Are you going to play HnK2? Shizui woteva thing.

  11. I guess you’re not wrong. This 4th game is lacking comedy, and so that’s why I feels bored in it (esp. Shun since his voice really soft-almost unheard). For the character, I’d prefer Hibiki because he’s so hot! I was really shocked with the sudden change of his voice, but like it! And then, I often comparing the 1st HnK to this one, open up my DS and PSP to hear their different voices (ah, weird, but I enjoy it, almost for Hibiki and Kutani-no, I mean, Kutani Ryou changes to Shirou makes me cry).

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