Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia -The Phantom Ship Magician-

Things are going the same as usual at the Arcana family home until Ash acts like a bed intruder and barges in stealing the box of tarot cards, taking Felicita as a hostage.  He brings the cards to some dude named Joshua on a ghost ship but suddenly one of the cards chooses Ash and makes a contract with him. It’s the Magician, and in addition to that, Joshua makes a pact with the Justice and turns into a skeleton, making all other skeletons on the ship go nuts. Ash is like dafuq but just then Felicita’s man harem shows up to save her. Unfortunately Joshua creates a massive fog on the ship and everyone gets split up – except Felicita who gets to have a fun time with the guy of your choice while they try to figure out what the hell’s going on. (*ゝ∀・*) Also it is to be noted that this is like a sequel and so its assumed that whoever’s route you’re on, they are your lover.

Pace – First thing they do when they find each other is look for food cause Pace is hungry as usual. They find the box of apples but a bunch of skeletons get in the way. They fight through it but then Tony the Tiger Ash comes and cockblocks cause he loves dem apples. Eventually they hide in some room and when he smells lasagna they end up running into the ghost of his dead mother. She has no idea why she’s there but she’s making lasagna and she doesn’t recognize Pace at all. Pace figures his mom’s ghost has some unfinished business so he decides to eat her lasagna in order to get her to move on to heaven.  Just then Tony the Tiger shows up and Feli goes to fight him so Pace can finish eating his lasagna but he’s like “oh I can’t leave you alone to fight baby!” and he fights along with her. Unfortunately he overdoes it as usual and ends up hurting his leg and losing his glasses. Since he can’t see anything without them he asks Felicita to come close to him. He hugs her telling her about his mom saying that he needs to move on. (♡´౪`♡) So then Asche turns into Felicita and they both confront Pace but he can’t seem to figure out which one is which. He asks Felicita to look into his heart and of course inside he’s like I LOVE YOUUUU OJOUUU and she blushes so he manages to figure out the impersonator xDDD. Afterwards Feli kicks him for being “happy” when he saw 2 of her. So then Joshua shows up and Pace & Felicita use her “mind reading” option to do a battle strategy to defeat him. Afterwards Felicita’s and Pace’s tarot powers combine, and it basically sends all the ghosts on the ship to heaven. Afterwards Jolly tells Ash that if he likes their family that much he should join it and Ash babbles about how he has interest in Felicita. Pace tells him to back off his woman.

In the epilogue, Ash returns the tarot cards to Mondo but says for now he won’t be joining the Arcana family.  Mondo tells him too fuckin’ bad cause he’s already made a contract with a tarot card so he’s now regarded as family whether he likes it or not \( ^o^)/ . Also they basically reveal here that the ghost of Joshua really was Mondo’s son/Liberta’s dad/Felicita’s half brother lmaooo. In Pace’s ending 1, he comes to Regalo to visit his mother’s grave and apologizes for not being able to finish her lasagna on the ship. He then introduces Felicita to  his mother as his lover. They then do some heavy making out (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ In Pace’s ending 2, Pace & Feli are eating lasagna acting all raburabu and Nova rages at them not to be so raburabu in front of everyone. So then when Feli’s milfy mom shows up and spoon feeds Nova he suddenly shuts up and goes aah~~n www. In ending  3, Luca rages at Pace for eating too much lasagna with Felicita because now she’s on a diet and refuses to eat her favorite lemon pie. She then chases Pace down raging for saying she should become gachimuchi like Dante 😆 In the love x laugh omakes, Felicita reminds Pace of when they used to build sand castles when he was a shota and so they build one. In the second omake they shoot off some fireworks and in the  3rd one they go eat out together and try some new sweets. If you had data from the last game, you get a roulette mini game which if you succeed you can get some extra mini scenarios and stills (which are mostly in the original game/artbook.) In the final omake scenario I found Asche & Pace argue about how Pace is a pervert who just wants to have a 3P with 2 Felicitas xDDD. You then get to decide whether Ash or Pace get punished by Mondo. I picked that Ash has to walk around with a cat tail & ears for a week and that Pace has to walk blindfolded on the stairs for a week :lol:. Pace’s route was so adorable (ノ´∀`*)ノ I think it even made me like him more as a character.

Debito – Just like in Pace’s route, they run into the ghost of Pace’s mom.  Feli notices that Debito hasn’t really been sleeping so she tells him to rest. She leaves him but then he complains that he wants to sleep next to  her or else he can’t get his rest so she agrees to be next to him and hold hands. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ  The next day when they fight with Ash, a bunch of skeletons pop up and Felicita gets scared. Debito keeps having flashbacks of all the people he’s killed so he decides to rest on the floor, and when Feli checks on him he tells her to come closer and kisses her. (♡´౪`♡) After resting they decide to look through old newspaper articles  and see what the deal with this phantom ship is. More ghosts keep haunting Debito and only he can see them so he starts flipping his shit while Feli feels helpless that she can’t do anything. Eventually they run into Nova, and Debito asks him to take care of Felicita while he goes to take care of his skeleton ghost army. They run into Joshua who’s babbling that he wants Felicita’s “Wheel of Fortune” card. Debito then leaves his gun with Felicita and disappears somewhere on the ship. He doesn’t wanna look like a pansy in front of his bambina because his power’s weak at night and that’s when all the ghosts come out to haunt him. That night Debito’s running around the ship at night shooting at all the skeletons running after him. Feli chases him down telling him she loves him, and the 2 of them fight against Joshua-niichan and defeat him. Since the ghosts continue haunting Debito, Felicita uses her powers and turns out it’s Debito who’s got regrets about the ghosts. He finally lets it all go and the spirits all go to heaven, as he kisses Feli on the cheek. (*´ω`*)

They tell Ash that he should go work either under Jolly or Debito when they return to the island. In Debito’s Ending 1, Felicita’s upset that Debito’s been ignoring her for his work but he was only doing it to tease her 8D. So then Feli grabs him and the two of them make out in his office. In Ending 2, Ash bitches that he’s tired of being Jolly’s bitch. So then Felicita comes and brings a bento for Debito and while they ichaicha & eat in front of everyone Luca cries a river XD. In Ending 3, Felicita asks Debito to do an exchange diary between the two of them. Debito thinks that Felicita’s writing him these cute entries but turns out she got bored of it and let Luca take over LMFAO. Luca had no idea who was writing back and then when Debito figures out that other people are writing it, he basically spreads the diary all over the family house. 😆 In the punishment omake, I purposely punished Jolly and made him stick a rose in his mouth for a week instead of his cigar. In the love x laugh 1, Debito is removing some dirt from Feli’s eye in the library and Nova sees them and runs off embarrassed thinking they were ichaichaing it up. In the 2nd one, they go to the beach with Pace & Luca where there seems to be a hot spring geiser. In the laugh version they go to the forest for the hot spring. Debito complains that next time the two of them should go alone together. ♥ In the 3rd one, Felicita says she wants to take a couple photo with Debito. Debito does such a randy pose that Liberta gets a nosebleed and runs away to wipe it off.  In the laugh version he tells Felicita that she should watch her weight cause right now her butt is perfect as it is xDDD. Debito was awesome as usual but compared to Luca & Pace I think they didn’t put as much effort into his route?? At least it felt better in the first game lol.

Luca – Luca keeps blaming himself for Felicita getting captured by Ash the Tiger. He recalls that when she was a loli she was scared of ghosts when she got lost in the forest playing with him. He then cuddles with her under a blanket on the floor together as they sleep like the old days. (*´ω`*) As they go exploring they run into a blue flame and then Ash shows up so they battle it out. Suddenly a mob of skeletons comes after them and kick Luca’s butt throwing them into kind of cellar prison. Debito comes and saves them and tells Felicita to be a little tougher on Luca or he’ll keep being even more of a pansy :lol:.  So from then on Feli’s gotta be a little tough on him starting with making the poor guy sleep on the floor for a night. The next day he tells Feli about how he gave her a part of his heart to revive her memory back in the last game with Mondo. He tells her that he’s been in love with her for a long time and why he values the hat he always wears (since she gave it to him). He says he’ll get he hat back from Ash and then the two of them kiss. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ So then Ash shows up the next day transformed into Luca and tells Felicita to use the wheel of fortune (since he wants Joshua to go to heaven.) Luca defeats Asche and then as on cue Joshua shows up. Luca explains that Joshua is Mondo’s son (for confirmation lawl) and then he hugs Feli protecting her from Joshua’s massive attack. Joshua’s spirit asks Felicita to return him to the Justice Card and so she  uses her powers and sends his soul off.

Before going off though, Jolly gives him some parting words goin’ “hey I stunted my growth and this is crazy, but you’re a ghost so off to heaven maybe?” Since Jolly blew Luca’s hat into the sea, Felicita offers to go buy a new hat with him. In Ending 1, Luca buys Feli a new dress as a thanks for her buying a new hat for him. They decide they’ll go back to their old house for the summer as Feli grabs his hat and puts it on her head. (*´ω`*) In ending 2, Sumire & Mondo throw salt on Luca saying they “don’t approve of him being Feli’s husbando” as they bawww xDD. Luca tells her that he knows she likes to spend time with her parents but asks that she spend more time with him as well. In Ending 3, Felicita says she’s tired of Luca’s pigeon tricks so Luca runs around asking everyone for advice on what he could do to entertain her better. In love x laugh, Felicita with Luca beats Jolly at shougi. In love x laugh 2, Felicita falls asleep and has a dream of Luca being do-S for once xD. Feli wakes up and rages at him in both the love & laugh versions lol. In love x laugh 3, they go for treasure hunting with Dante but get all ichaicha in front of him and he’s like bah and leaves them alone. In the punishment omake Luca argues with Liberta. I made Liberta talk like Debito for a week and hit on the ladies and for Luca I made him say Banzai at the end of every sentence :lol:. Anyway Luca’s route was so 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工. I was hnnnging all over the place honestly which helped since I felt that  the romance was a bit lacking in the last game.

Nova – Nova’s calculating on what the situation is as usual while Feli’s like “uh I’m scared” but as if he’d ever comfrot her lol. They run into Ash and fight him but as usual Nova’s Mr. 40 Questions asking  him what his goal is. Their fight gets interrupted with a skeleton mob which Nova manages to knock out with his powers. Using it  makes him really tired though, and they drag themselves to some food storage room where they eat apples. They manage to get every tarot card except for the Magician & the Justice (Ash & Joshua). So then more ghosts start knockin’ on their door and Felicita gets scared and clings on to Nova. Nova’s all like エェェΣ(・ω・ノ)ノェェエ but then stops being a pansy and hugs her to comfort her. That night Nova has a dream in the past when Feli got scared and Nova comforted her by giving her a flower ring he made. When he wakes up, he sees Feli dropping a ring and it’s the engagement ring he gave her that she always carries on her. They start blushing like dorks until the childhood friend trio bust in and cockblock them. They then run off and run into a fake Liberta aka Ash. They figure out who he is and then run into a fake Pace-Ash who switches their rings around and Feli later notices that she’s got a fake engagement ring and gets upset. They find Ash and fight him demanding he return the engagement ring. Unfortunately they get cockblocked by Joshua-niitan and Ash runs for the hills once more. Nova tells her she shouldn’t have gone to fight Ash alone over a ring but she says that the ring is important to her because it’s from him. Nova’s like イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 and babbles like a tsundere as they go to sleep モエ――――o((*`Д´*))o――――!! I can’t resist tsunderes orz.

The next morning Nova wakes up hugging Feli with his hear in her boobies and he’s like (〃ノωノ) …萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 Oh my god what a precious thing xDDD. So anyway they fight Ash who then asks them to “take care of Joshua”. So then they have a not so lovely family reunion with Joshua niitan who they battle with before sending him off on his merry way to heaven. Ash babbles that maybe he’ll take Felicita for himself but she and Nova get all raburabu in front of him so he gives up and gives the ring back. In Ending 1, Nova apologizes for being a massive tsundere and says he’ll try to be more open with his feelings in the future. He then kisses Feli and she says she’s not satisfied and wants to hear more words of affection out of him. (ノ´∀`*)ノ In ending 2, Ash says that Felicita & Nova don’t feel like lovers to him. They ask both Nova & Felicita if they love each other and when they both say they do, Ash is like oh pfft how boring…while both Feli & Nova run off blushing like tomatos. ε-(*´∀`|萌| In ending 3, Nova tells the childhood friend trio that Felicita isn’t everyone’s, she’s HIS. XD So then everyone gives Nova notes to read stuff they want him to say like “i want to rub Feli’s thighs tonight” and “please call me chickpea”. He then rages at everyone after blushing like a tomato xDD.  In the punishment arc I made Nova speak in Haiku and Debito keep saying his name in every sentence like a narcissist. XD In the love x laugh Nova had to take a punishment of either ichaichaing in public with Feli or ask her to kick him as hard as she could (so he could see her pantsu.)  Oh my god they made Nova’s moe level over 9000 in this game!! I don’t remember him being this cute in the last game!! (◉◞౪◟◉ ) Wow well I can safely say I was easily able to jump over that incest barrier because this route was so precious (´^ω^`). Hell even Yonaga admitted in his seiyuu talk that Nova was a cutie pie xDDD.

Liberta – Liberta is Mr. Explorer as usual and he even tries to jokingly scare Felicita and when it works he feels like a jerk and apologizes. So then they run into a fake Nova who they figure out is a faker the moment he grabs  Feli like a sack of potatoes and tries to abduct again. They fight him until the usual skeleton mob + skele-Joshua come. However once Joshua sees his son and half sister he backs off and disappears somewhere into the ship. That night Liberta has a dream about hos his father Joshua said he’d do his best to raise him in his deceased mother Kiara’s place. The next day when Liberta looks through some documents he realizes they’re on the Vascello Phantasma and freak out in ship fanboy spasms. They run into non-skeletan Joshua again and when he asks the relationship between Liberta & Felicita she says that they’re lovers. Joshua’s like OH OKAY, sure I ain’t mad that my son is dating my half sis’! And not a single fuck was given that day. He says that he wanted to see his son and Liberta’s like “oh I hope you find your son soon.” And that’s when I realized Joshua didn’t actually realize that Liberta is his baby.ヽ(。_゜)ノ They run into Jolly who tells them he used to know a Joshua in the Arcana family who was Mondo’s son and Liberta’s dad. He also says the probability of the Joshua being the same guy they ran into is very high. Afterwards they go looking through some old books and documents to find anymore info on Joshua, and they find a diary of Ash’s father.

They write about how Joshua came to this ship because he was searching for his son and then they see a sentence which states that Joshua’s father is Mondo. DUN DUN DUN. Liberta decides to go directly to Joshua and find out the truth and he runs into Ash who tells him to make Ash’s wish come true if he’s his son. Liberta has another dream that night about his father’s last moments before dying. Liberta is now torn between his father and forcing Felicita to use wheel of fortune which poses risks to her life. When he sees Ash taking Felicita away to Joshua he freaks out and takes her away yelling at her that she’s more important to him than his ghost daddy. And so they go to Joshua to be like “screw you dude” but Ash tries to stop them…until he finds out that it’s a risk to Feli’s life. Derp. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ  Then he’s like oops I didn’t know and suddenly Joshua’s skeleton mob comes after them. Eventually they defeat them all and get to Joshua, who apologizes for breaking his promise of being with Liberta until he grew up. So then Joshua says he has no more unfinished business but I guess the Tarot Card takes over and makes him Skele-Joshua again and they gotta fight daddy now. They fight him as usual and Liberta uses his powers to return Tarot card to the card form and allow Joshua to go back to heaven. They say their goodbyes and Joshua apologizes for being a pain in the ass to Ash who says ain’t no thang because he’s going to hang out with the Arcana dudes now. Liberta tells Feli that he’s not sad that his father’s gone because he left with a smile on his face. (´;ω;`) In Ending 1, Liberta shows Felicita his fugly scribble of Joshua xD. As she goes to take a closer look, Liberta realizes how close her face is and he kisses her babbling about how he loves her etc. GUHH MY CONFLICTING FEELS! щ(ºДºщ)

In ending 2, Liberta tells the town shotas about his adventures of fighting skeletons on a ghost ship. Just as he and Feli  get ichaicha together, Nova & Ash cockblock them yelling at them because he’s made all the small children want to be “heroes” like him and jump all over Ash’s ship. In ending 3, Liberta seems to be all nervous and embarrassed around Felicita. Debito tells Liberta to practice telling his feelings with the statue of Felicita that’s in the garden (which apparently he’s been avoiding so not to look at her pantsu ww.)  So then Nova comes running saying there’s reports of some pervert confessing his love to a statue. Oh Debito. 😆 In the punishment arc, I made Jolly sing a song about the “man of the sea” and  Liberta talk like Jolly XD. In love x laugh 1 Liberta & Felicita go to the beach together, and go on a nice boat until it gets dark so they can watch the stars. In the 2nd one, Liberta asks Felicita to go to a sweets restaurant with him because it’s too unmasculine for him to go alone. They set a new record of stacking sweets or something and because of that they get to eat them for free. They end up ichaichaing as they feed each other. In the 3rd one, they play shiritori, but Nova gets tired of  Liberta’s stupidity on not understanding the rules after he explained them 10 times. Felicita gets tired of their bickering and kicks them both \( ^o^)/ . Only after getting kicked does Liberta understand how the games works. xDD Liberta’s route was really cute this time around too but dem conflicting feels about the fact that he’s here nephew, especially more so that he now knows this factor since he found out who his dad is. That aside though, I thought the father/son reunion between him & Joshua was really sweet.(*´ω`*)

Ash – Well as revealed by Liberta’s route, Ash was the son of one of the people on this ship and he became friends with Joshua’s ghost when he first joined the ship. Ash loves calling Felicita “Strawberry head” and he claims the Tarot cards belong to his family. The next day Ash takes Feli to the food area and says there’s a ghost who makes food for the ship because she used to do it for her son in her previous life. (Pace’s mom ;_;). They go to see Joshua who’s returned back to normal(?) and Ash tells him that the moment he touches the tarot cards he goes into rabid skel-Joshua the Justice mode. At the same time Ash has trouble controlling his new powers as well as he subsconsciously changes shape into Joshua. Suddenly Joshua goes into skeleton mode and so Ash turns into tony the tiger and tells Felicita when they run away to let him eat an apple. Apparently doing this turns him back to human but he turns back completely naked ala Fruits Basket 😆 Soon as Feli sees the naked mans she kicks him \( ^o^)/ . Just then though, he finds out that Felicita can read his thoughts and gets EXTREMELY pissy. He pulls her hair calling her disgusting and saying that the Arcana Family is fulla shit abusing powers like that. He walks out leaving Felicita crying and when Nova & Liberta find her, she says she wants to apologize to Ash. The next morning Felicita apologizes to Ash for looking into his thoughts. She then opens up her shirt and shows him her boobies where her stigmata is and he’s like yo guurl why u not mad at me!?

They have a battle and if Feli wins, he says he’ll return the tarot cards but if she loses, then she has to promise to help him with Joshua. When they battle it out, Ash admits that he’s the one who killed his father because he turned into a tiger and lost  his consciousness attacking him. It was the apple his father gave him that brought him back to his sense and to his original form. That’s when he made the promise with his dad to “see off” all the “guests” (aka ghosts) of this ship. And so Felicita kicks his ass and he returns the tarot cards, but Felicita says she’ll help him out with Joshua anyway. But then Jolly shows up being a douchebag as usual saying that Joshua’s a dumbass who forgot his original reason for wandering. Ash tells Jolly to STFU because all the souls on this ship are lost and its his duty to help guide them on their way to heaven.  After Ash’s father died, Joshua’s spirit basically acted like a father figure to Ash as he spent time growing up alone on the ship. (´;ω;`) After they fight with Skele-Joshua and defeat the Tarot card Ash apologizes to Feli for saying that she was a bitch for reading people’s minds. Joshua then says that he thought of Ash as his real son and then goes off to heaven. 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!! I couldn’t hold back my tears JOSHUAAAA he’s such a nice ghost man ;___;. In Ending 1, Ash reads a letter his father left for him that he was to read after Joshua was sent to heaven. There’s letters from his father and Joshua about how Ash was a  good son to both of them ლ(இ e இ`。ლ)/cue me crying another river.  He then hugs Felicita as they both (+ me) cry. (◞‸ლ)

In Ending 2, Mondo tells Ash he can stay  in their family house as long as he wants. Jolly then acts like a scumbag and makes Ash look into a mirro which automatically turns him into a tiger. Feli chases him down and throws an apple so he turns back to normal. She says that she’d like to cuddle with his tiger form some day and he’s like “…maybe next time you can pet my head.” ε-(*´∀`|萌| He then goes extremely dere and takes her in his arms and kisses her. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ  In Ending 3, Ash says he drank a medicine that would allow him to turn into a tiger. Jolly gives him a medicine to help with his tiger problem but instead it makes him say “gao” at the end of every sentence. ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  As revenge, Ash turns into Jolly and says “Gao” at the end of every sentence in Jolly’s form.  In the punishment arc I took apples away from Ash and I had Liberta & Nova do a boke/tsukkomi for a week though since that’s what they always do, this isn’t really a punishment :lol:. In love x laugh 1, Feli & Ash go on a date on his ship and see a message in a bottle. When they go and grab it, it turns out to be a love letter to an anonymous prince from a loli Felicita XD. In #2 they eat some gellato while it rains and in #3 they ichaicha at the bar while Luca bawws in the corner. Well if it wasn’t obvious already but any route that makes me cry is automatically my favorite route in the game and I’ve really grown to like Ash. I wish SO HARD that Dante & Jolly would just GTFO and we’d get a longer Ash route instead Щ(・`ω´・Щ). He ended up being like a tsundere nuko but since he’s a tiger I guess that’s appropriate. Anyway I’m really glad I left this route for last and if you do play this game you should too!! Also it’s a good idea to play Liberta’s route back to back with him since they somewhat tie in together.



Well seeing how I didn’t do the 2 routes that most annoyed me, I actually enjoyed this fandisk a lot more than the first game! \( ^o^)/  The skip chapter option made it really easy to be able to get all 3 endings with the push of a few buttons. The day/night switch animation from hell was finally GONE along with the “lets thrown in random scenarios based on how often you peek into someone’s heart.” In fact it was a very simple point system where certain choices would give you x points and each time you looked into someone’s heart you’d get 1 point. SO EASY! Why you not do this the first time!? щ(ºДºщ) So yea thanks to this the majority of the system stress was gone and I was able to fly through the game smoothly. Speaking of flying, my is this short. I pretty much flew through every guy’s route in a span of 2 hours, including all the extras & omakes I did for them in that time period. They changed the heroine’s “sound effects” to actually be voiced by Mamiko Noto so I guess she’s not going away anytime soon especially now that she’s the official anime voice. The best part of this game was they added romance! Yes the romance that was lacking in the first game came back here with a bang. This is also why I refused to do Jolly & Dante knowing that I’d rather not do anything close to romance with those two (ﺧ益ﺨ). My route (not character) ranking is  Ash >  Pace > Luca > Nova > Liberta> Debito. Not gonna lie, I love Debito but I felt rather…disappointed in his route? I guess all his time to shine was in the first game and I felt like I wanted more out of it here. Pace and Nova really came through though. I didn’t really care as much for those two in the first game but in this game it was just a flood of 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工. Needless to say I am so glad I decided to give this a chance because it really improved my image of the series overall and gasp it was cute enough that I managed to get over my incest barrier with Liberta & Nova (though sorry pedo-sans I won’t be bothering with you ever again.) Actually come to think of it, as far as Jolly is concerned, his pedobearness aside, the fact that he’s an annoying scumbag most of the time irritates me to no end so that just added to my DONOTWANT of him anyway. I got nothing against Dante except I remember being bored to tears in his route. I think he’s a great support character for Liberta but I think even he’s kinda like “uh Felicita what the hell do you see in an ossan like me”…yea that’s what I wanna know lmao. So yea if you played the first game definitely play this one and if Jolly & Dante aren’t up your alley, there’s 6 other dudes to give you your dose of fluff!

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  1. Glad they came in handy! 😀 I play pretty much everything so if my review style matches your own then you’re likely to like/dislike the same games as me. Hope you find a game you’ll enjoy!

  2. I have to say: wow…
    Your reviews are so refreshingly honest and give me so much insight to which games are worth playing and which are not! Thanks for your hard work!

    I’ve been trying to find a otome game suited to my tastes and your review site just came up! I just had to take a look. So thank you very much for putting so much effort into these reviews, I look forward to your next one!
    -now back to game hunting…-

  3. +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀)ノ゚.:。+゚ァリガトゥ
    おおやっぱりアッシュのほうが良かったよね!? 私ガチで泣いたよww

  4. アルカナFD、プレイお疲れさまでした!私もデビト好きだったんですが…今作でアッシュ好きになってしまいました(*´ー`*)トラに変わっちゃう所も可愛かったです♪

  5. Haha wow well Jolly aside, why am I not surprised with Dante. If you’re gonna be so pansy about it, why even give him a romance route 😆

    I noticed most characters in the FD were extra dere so I guess that’s probably why but I just can’t stand Jolly XD;; Don’t mean others can hate him lol to each their own!
    I love Debito but I think in this game Ash takes the top spot for me, I love dem snarky characters.

  6. Hahahaha, poor Jolly xD. Yeah, he can be really annoying but he’s pretty fine in his route, I mean, compared on how he usually is, he’s pretty kind with Feli and well, a teasy one. I,,, somehow can’t resist his twisted personality.
    For Dante… YES, booooorinnng, he kisses her… ON THE CHEEK. C’MON MAN, adopt her already as your step daughter but don’t call her your lover.

    And yes, Arcana Famiglia on my top favourite otomes right now. Even if the first game lacked of romance, it was so well designed and I found that comic style so awesome that I couldn’t help to fall in love with it. Well, and the extra kissu sounds helped as well :$
    Nova and Jolly my favourite ones (oh, yeah sorry… But it’s superior to me xD)

    Uh, sorry about this paaaarge comment xD

  7. a few other people are playing that game so they will probably summarize it in my place.
    Sorry I find Jolly incredibly revolting and the moment he comes on screen I want to toss my PSP against the wall.
    Seeing how I don’t want to break my PSP, I’ve moved on to other games.

  8. Wh-why u didn’t summary Jolly route? QwQ /hikshiks
    I’m waiting for it -_- /ojicon detected
    Please write jolly route just jolly >o<

    -jolly fans-

  9. yea I also feel disappointed with Debito since it was really sexy in the first game so its like wut happened. everyone else i guess was better than the first game so it’s not a huge disappointment.

    arcana felt REALLY short to me. I mean i was flying through each route within a span of 2 hours so I don’t think it’s me, I think its the game. Oh well I’m trying to burn through my otome game backlog so I can play a few galge I had my eyes on (gasp lol)

  10. Woah, you’re as fast as ever reading through these games (or maybe it’s just summer heat that is making me lazy?). I also really liked Ash! His apple addiction was pretty charming and the third ending had me laughing pretty hard.
    I still think there could have been more romantic moments though, like, how did it go from Debito humping Felicitá on the table to almost not daring to touch? Too much hugging and too little kissing etc if you ask me ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

  11. haha it must be interesting to play a game of your own country setting XD
    lolol RIBERUTAAA I think the anime actually is a lot worse in that sense lmao. “ojousama please come have some limonade” or whatever lmao.
    its like reverse weaboos who go “i would like this kawaii pinku bento box” haha.

  12. Well I had the same problem I had with La Storia della Arcana Famiglia…I’m italian and didn’t know which was worse between engRish or itaRian before playing Arcana Famiglia’s series, now I can totally say that itaRian is worse XD expecially when they say “riberutaaaa~” (Libertà) I never understand most of the things they say without reading their katakana lines, lol XD

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