Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera -piece of future-

And so this is the fandisk to Hiiro no Kakera 4. This features 3 scenarios for each guardian with additional routes for the Suwa brothers and takes place after the ending of the last game.

Oomi Shinogu – So in the after story they have a major school scavenger hunt. Saya ends up on the same team as Shinogu and Rei. Rei being a bro lets Shinogu and Saya escape when all the other guys start fighting over her being on their team. They end up winning the scavenger hunt and they get 2 tickets to the aquarium together. They go on a date afterwards and then Shinogu’s all like “oh noes we gotta take it slowly and not rush into things etc.” Saya’s like “wow this sucks but okay I guess (≖_≖)”.  In the next scenario Shinogu’s busy with his school activities and he tells Saya to entertain herself with other mans. Saya gets really pissed off and when he comes to see her one night she tells him that she’s completely fine without him worrying about her. Suddenly he goes yandere and grabs her telling her not to push him away and that he wants to lock her up in this room. Fuck this locking up shit, god damnit what is this trend lately. Why you do this to my Shinogu!! ヽ(`Д´#)ノ So afterwards I guess they resolve their sexual tension and furiously make out after some days of not seeing each other. Then one night Shinogu comes over and they probably have implied secks or something cause Saya’s tired of getting the run around 😆 Afterwards they’re all rabu rabu and then in the final scenario they go on an amusement park date where they both say they love each other etc. They also go to visit Shinogu’s parents telling them that they intend to date with the purpose of marriage and the parents are like “lol yea we knew that already have fun kids!” I’m kinda disappointed there was almost no focus on any of the amusement park activities. I feel like they coulda expanded on that but I guess that’s better fit for other characters? The random o/c moment with Shinogu was really weird. I didn’t see him as a yandere type character honestly, and after that one scene that side of him was never brought up again. It’s like why even bother honestly? Scraping for drama I guess? XD

Atori Shun – In Shun’s path, Saya gets up paired with Shun and Hibiki for the school event and Hibiki’s obnoxious level starts to aggravate even Shun. To stop them from fighting the Suwa brothers show up and say that they’re bored without Shinogu so they need entertainment xD. While they end up fighting over Saya, Shun grabs her and then they run off. They win the 2 tickets to the aquarium and Hibiki bitches what a stupid prize it is and tells the 2 of them to go together. Of course they do and the next day Shun picks up Saya with his long neck and they go to the aquarium. ( ≖Д≖;) Not this shit again ww. At the aquarium date Shun says that it would be nice for them to come here again together with Chihiro and Saya agrees. He then adds that maybe it’s not that he wants to come here for Chihiro, but he really just wants an excuse to go out with Saya again. Saya’s like “lol wut” and he’s like “just kidding!” HE WASN’T KIDDING SAYA – actually I think she picked up on it for once. In the next scenario, they go to the amusement park with tickets his parents gave to him. He officially asks Saya to “date him” (even though they’re already lovers lol) and then the nice boat they came on has problems forcing them to stay at a hotel overnight. So then I was all like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ when he kissed her forehead and told her goodnight. HELL YEA this is like what I wanted for Shinogu’s route but oh well lol.

After this Shun starts avoiding her so she goes to all the other mans for advice. He finally talks to her and turns out it’s because he was busy visiting his bro in the hospital. So then I don’t know what crawls up Saya’s butt but she’s all like WHY ARE U SO NICE TO ME and he’s like “umm because you’re nice to me? (ಠ_ಠ)” He then starts fiddling with her hair and tells her that he was in love with her at first sight and he’s loved her more and more since that day. Then they continue wangsting about their night at the hotel cause they probably regret not getting laid, and finally they do a stupid pinky promise that they’ll love each other forever and ever. Honestly what is this kindergarten? 🙄 So then Shun gets all jealous of Munakata hogging his otoutokun in a memory piece scene. Saya offers to come to his house and cook for his brother and he’s so pumped about it that before they get to the grocery store he grabs & kisses her. He apologizes and says he’s sorry for being such a FIEND and that she should leave him if it annoys her and she’s like “well thank GOD you’re a fiend cause I was gettin tired of beatin around the bush ho!”  In the Sweet Days scenario they go on a date to the pier again and he asks her to call him by his first name. She does and he’s so happy that he glomps her. Lol well I can tell they were scraping for plot here but at least the hotel room scenario was cute xD. I still secretly wished he’d start yelling like Mahiro but sigh yea I guess that’s gone forever.

Kutani Shirou – In Shirou’s route Saya’s on a team with him and Touma. Rei uses some crazy government weapon and scares the crap out of everyone so Shirou & Saya run off. They run into an empty classroom where they get locked in so Touma goes around looking for the keys while the 2 get some raburabu time to each other. Well at least Shirou starts getting antsy but then he goes from antsy to ikeman and kisses her hand after Saya thanks him for protecting her from crazy Rei 😆 Afterwards Touma unlocks them and they find the box and win the 2 tickets to the aquarium. They go on a date together and Shirou moans a bit about something or other (I was on the subway lmfao so I don’t remember xD;) and then says that he’ll always protect her cause she’s his destined princess lol. In Shirou’s route select, they go to the amusement park like in the others, and he’s happy that she tries to cheer him up when he starts whining about his memories again. As usual the nice boat breaks and they end up at the hotel to spend the night. He like goes to sleep holding her hand and immediately starts snoozing…until he starts babbling about his parents in his sleep in the middle of the night. The next day his teacher hears about them “sleeping together” and he tells Saya that rumors are gonna spread about her and Shirou. Shirou’s like “lol I don’t care if the world knows that we’re dating ( ≖‿≖) They all know anyway.” When Saya asks Shirou to tell her about his parents, he refuses saying if he did it would hurt her.  Saya gets really upset and goes home without him. While looking for her Shirou runs into Shun who tells him “if we find that she’s upset we’re gonna cut you beeitch.” Shirou’s like ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!! and runs off to look for her. He runs into her and Saya tells him that he needs to cut his curtain tassels off or the teachers will get mad. He said he’d try his best but those hair extensions are hard to get rid of or something.

After they start walking home he hugs her from behind saying that she’s his one and only princess. He says he loves her so much and he prolly wants to hump her but he cuts off before he can babble his ecchi thoughts and asks her to come over his house. There he promises to tell her about his parents, and she also offers to make him dinner when his sister goes out leaving the 2 of them alone. (/ρ\)いやーん He tells her that his parents were told he was needed for saving this country but once they found out what they were gonna do to him, they demanded him back. Due to this they were killed and he had his memories wiped so he wouldn’t remember any of this. After telling Saya his sob story he turns into a puppy and asks if he can poke Saya around so he pats her head, pulls her cheeks and finally asks her for a kiss. THAT WAS SOME KISS (*´д`*)ハァハァ. A few days later they go to the park together and he lifts her up in his arms asking her to marry him and she agrees.  In the epilogue, you can see a memory piece where after they made out that night, she fell asleep and he stuffed her in his bed like a body pillow and slept with her all night. Boy was she surprised to wake up in his bed! XDXD  In the sweet days scenario they go to the beach at the pier and he asks if he can give her a thank you kiss for reviving his memories. She says ok but lol the CG was of course them not actually kissing. Thanks Otomate, I appreciate the last minute trolling. So anyway as usual Shiro was adorable but sadly to my disappointment HE NEVER CUT OFF THE STUPID HAIR. In fact that one bed CG I thought they were gone – I guess either they forgot to draw them or he removed them before sleep or maybe they just weren’t visible in the way he was lying down? I don’t know but SO DISAPPOINTED. I mean LOOK HOW HOT HE IS WITH HIS HAIR LIKE THAT (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ It’s like everything about his personality I absolutely love except DAT HAIR sigh. (ಥ_ಥ)

Komura Rei – For the school event Rei trolls everyone and says he doesn’t wanna do the event and instead just roll around the roof and sleep lol. When they run into the other guys who want Saya on their team they all gang up on poor Shinogu while Rei grabs her and runs ^q^. When they get to the library Saya is worried about Shinogu and Rei gets all jealous so he starts pulling her cheeks xD. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑Since Shinogu is busy with school activities he tells Rei and Saya to take the winning tickets and go. They go to the aquarium together where he compares all the other guys to various fish and Saya says Rei reminds her of a jellyfish. They go to the amusement park together where he drags her to a haunted house and scares the crap out of her. They look at some penguins and Rei says Saya reminds him of a penguin except the penguins are cuter and she starts getting jealous of the penguins 😆 They go to the pier where he tries to kiss her but Saya acts like a dumbass and is like “noo~!” and he’s like “Wtf man I said I love you T_T” and she apologizes thinking that he was going to just do it as a joke. He instantly bounces out of his sadness and goes “oh its ok next time I’ll push you down and have my way with you (´^ω^`)”………..|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Darn Rei doesn’t get the hotel room scene oh well xD. Several days later Rikako and Otoha give Saya some love advice about Rei, who doesn’t want to “go out” with her officially and just calls her his “woman” and that this is an “adult relationship” lol. Saya gets frustrated with his careless attitude towards their relationship and so she asks him to stop screwing around. He gets all bitchy and tells her to stop tying him down with her feelings and runs off. WHAT THE FACK REI ヽ(`Д´#)ノ.

The next day he’s all happy and drags Saya to a cafe where Saya’s like umm wtf dude you were all pissy yesterday. After they walk home finally Rei turns red like a tomato and is like WHY DON’T U UNDERSTAND MY OTOKOGORO ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん and then he runs off home again lol. The next day he asks her to cut school with him, which she agrees worrying poor Shinogu lol. They run off on a date together and that’s when Rei finally admits that he hates being all goody two shoes like Saya but he doesn’t mind changing his pace for he because he loves her…and he’s extremely embarrassed to be all raburabu with her xDDDD 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . On the way back he grabs and kisses her (dat …んー…(*´д`*)ハァハァ ) and then from that day they become officially boyfriend & girlfriend. In the sweet days scenario they go to the pier where he says that after she graduates he’ll finally not be embarrassed to stop calling her Senpai and call her Saya instead. For now he’s too (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン to do so and then he holds her hand while they look at the stars. Alright so aside from his annoying bratty rant in the middle there I thought for the most part, Rei was just his usual adorable self. I didn’t like how the FD painted him out to be wishy washy. I mean in the original game I knew he had a trolly side and he was a bit 気まぐれ but it was like EXTRA EMPHASIZED here which actually kind of ruined the character a bit for me :/. Maybe I just didn’t catch on it in the first game? It’s just that stupid scene where he told her “STOP SUFFOCATING ME WOMAN” when all she wanted to know was his feelings for her. Give me a break you stupid brat and grow up honestly sigh. ( ≖Д≖;)

Onizaki Touma – Fortunately like I had hoped in the first game, Touma was a super tsunderella in this one 😆 In the school event Shirou complains that Touma’s hogging all of Saya’s attention  and Touma tells him to STFU and look for the box xD. When Rei shows up with his crap, Touma grabs Saya and they run off to a classroom where this time they’re the ones who get locked. Saya gets all nervous and trips falling like a bumbling idiot. Touma tsun’s for a while then gets dere and pats her on the head saying  he didn’t meant to insult her lololol oh you tsunderella you. By then Shirou gets the keys & unlocks them out of the room. They win the aquarium tickets and Shirou is a bro so he tells Touma the animal lover to go with Saya instead. At the aquarium date he takes her hand and holds it while furiously blushing so that she doesn’t get lost. At the dolphin show one of the dolphins tosses a ball that lands in his lap so Saya tells him to go down and return it. When Touma does, the dolphin must sense his animal lover inside of him and pulls him into the water プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Touma bitches at first then smiles & pats the dolphin on the head lmfao. The staff is so shocked saying this is the first time this ever happened and as an apology they give Touma a dolphin keychain. He takes this keychain and gives it to Saya as a gift to remember their date by (while of course blushing & tsundereing over and over.) In Touma’s main route they go to the amusement park date thanks to tickets from Shinogu. They act like a dorky バカップル and says he refuses to go on girly rides like the teacups and merry go round. Saya gets upset and he’s like “ok fine I’ll go on your lame rides if you go on my scary rides wahah” and Saya agrees despite feeling incredily ill afterwards.

At night they go watch the stars together at the beach and as they start heading back he gets embarrassed again and starts walking fast to the station. Saya starts to run after him on the sand but trips & falls on her face. She apologizes and he’s like “stop apologizing damnit I’m not angry at you (〃▽〃)ポッ”. So then he grabs and hugs her and saying “I don’t want to let you go tonight” and Saya’s like “lol its ok I’m here for you” and he’s like “THATS NOT WHAT I MEAN SIGH” and gives up going back to the station. Way to cockblock yourself Saya 😆 So afterwards at school Touma’s a sad panda cause Saya just doesn’t understand his feelings under all that tsundere mess of his and he wants to be more of her lover than just her “guardian”. Just then Rikako talks to Saya asking if she could come get her father’s things from the government office. Saya gets extremely upset thinking about her dead father who she only knew for a short time and runs off. Touma then tries to tell her to stop running away and ignoring her parents’ existance and she gets pissed off at him and runs off again. They start avoiding each other until Shun and Rei are like “Would you two fools just make up already 🙄 “. So that day after school Saya gathers the courage and asks Touma to go home with her. Touma is so happy that she’s talking to him again so he agrees. They walk home together and Saya clings on to his shirt sleeves as they both turn red like tomatoes.  They both apologize to each other and after speaking with Hibiki and Shirou, Saya decides she will visit the government office to get her fathers things.

She asks Touma to come with her and support her and when they both get there she finds letters from her father. As she reads them she runs away part 3 (sigh stop it already ho) and she runs into the rain with Touma chasing after her. She tells him that in one of the letters it had her father worrying about his daughter’s birthday and so that really set her emotions off. Touma hugs her and says ain’t no thang guurll I’m here for ya. ヨチヨチ(( (っ´ω`)ノ(pωq) So after this event they get back to being all いちゃいちゃ and he goes shopping with her on one of their dates. As they head home, they pass by Shirou being dragged around by Rikako and hide in an alleyway cause Touma’s too embarrassed to be seen on a date lol wtf. After they hear them leave, they both realize how close they’re standing while hiding and so Touma leans down and kisses her. In the sweet days scenario they’re at the amusement park again and Touma loses his locket from his parents on one of the rides. He says he doesn’t need it anymore but Saya is determined to find it and so when she finds it, it’s opened and it has a picture of Touma’s parents inside. He’s so happy she found it he gives her a proper smooch (cause man the one from the last scenario sucked balls.) So yea hooray for TsunTouma xDDD |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  I swear man every time he did his BETSUNI and NANDEMONE-! I was rolling around my couch laughing ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Totally needed more of this in the first game but I’m glad they made up for it in the fandisk!

Inukai Hibiki – Oh my god I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in an otome game in a while. I can probably clearly say now that Hibiki is my favorite HNK4 character, hands down 😆  So in Hibiki’s school event he says it loud and clear “I don’t want to participate” and Saya’s like “oh come ON man lol”. She gets caught up in Suwa brother’s net and Hibiki takes her and runs to get it off in the cafeteria. He then tells her that she should stop acting like she can protect anyone because she’s lost her powers and she says it’s the same with him too. He’s like “don’t you GET why I still protect you? SIGH.” Lol Saya you blockhead. When they win the aquarium tickets Shun acts like a bro and tells Hibiki to take Saya. Hibiki of course bitches & complains about how he hates crowded places and loud families (and I can sincerely sympathize with the man) but of course shows up anyway.  At the aquarium Saya says he reminds her of a starfish and then she gives him a bento that she made for him. He grumbles but eats a rice ball and then Saya takes a piece of rice off his face and eats it. He’s like (〃ノノ) and Saya says that he’s cute and he’s like STFU LMFAOOOO |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ~~!!! Lol Touma he’s got you beat in the tsundere department I’m afraid xDDD. In his story route they go to the amusement park as usual with tickets from Saya’s father, who’s alive in this route. She gets some ice cream and he licks the cream off her face despite her trying to stop him. Lol HE HAD THIS KIND OF FACE TOO >: D I’m not even joking lmfao.

So then as usual the nice boat has technical difficulties so they go to the hotel and of course going to a hotel with Hibiki means he gets to be 意地悪 to Saya as he pleases. He tells her to kiss him and so she sits on his lap and kisses him until he’s satisfied ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ and then he tells her lol just kidding goodnight. A few days later Rikako invites Saya to eat at a new cafe along with Otoha. The first thing the girls ask is “tell us about your relationship with Hibiki!” Saya feels weird sharing details about her love life with uh…her boyfriend’s sister but Otoha apparently really wants to know. Both girls are shocked when Saya says that Hibiki is sweet to her and even cooks for her xDD. Afterwards Otoha asks if it would be possible to apologize to Hibiki and Saya says that it would be better if Otoha apologized on her own, offering to have the two meet up. Hibiki is not pleased about this but goes along anyway  and meets up with Otoha at the mall. Of course things don’t go as planned when Hibiki acts like his usual asshat self and suddenly Otoha goes tsundere (lol it runs in the family) saying that Hibiki’s a dickhead and that he doesn’t deserve Saya. She drags Saya away and then realizes what she’s done and apologizes. Hibiki in the meantime is extremely hurt, not because he got in a fight with Otoha, but because he got stabbed with the idea that he may not be good enough for Saya.  He then starts avoiding Saya because he can’t handle the idea that she may not understand his feelings for her but Saya is suddenly an awesome otome game heroine and decides to take some action. She goes directly to him, demanding that the two of them discuss their problems despite Hibiki telling her that he’s busy and trying to tell her to GTFO.

Finally Saya breaks down and cries saying that  that even if he hates her she won’t give up. Suddenly Hibiki’s wall breaks down seeing her tears and he tells the peanut gallery to GTFO while he takes  her to another hallway and wipes her tears off. Saya is so happy she gives him a bento she made and then he thanks her and walks away (´^ω^`). That weekend, Shinogu Rei & Shirou invite Saya out because Hibiki’s always hogging her from them and because they want to cheer her up. When they run into Hibiki, he walks up to Saya, grabs her, and makes out with her in front of everyone  (with a massive ドヤ顔 afterwards xDDD) /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Everyone’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ and Rei of course cracks a joke. OH MY GOD I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD GUYS アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! Lmfao oh my god lollolol. Anyway Saya apologizes to the 3 rejected guys and runs off after Hibiki in the park. When she catches up to him, Hibiki tells her that he needs some time apart and tells her not to come see or talk to him. Additionally he tells her not to flirt with other guys if she knows what’s good for her. Lol um okay you tell her to GTFO but then not talk to other guys? Wtf lol.  Then we see a flashback that apparently had Souichi ordering Hibiki to kill Saya if the situation arises and at the time Hibiki would do anything for his sister so had he not gotten to know Saya better, he might have done it. Hm who knew Hibiki was a massive siscon? 😆 I guess one of the siblings had to be since it was the crazy ho in HNK1 lol. (She was way worse than Hibiki though.)

During class Saya starts crying without realizing it so Touma drags her out on the roof and tells her to get a hold of herself and solve her problems with Hibiki. Saya’s like alright and so the next day she makes herself at home at Hibiki’s place and cooks him dinner. He gets home bitching about how he told her not to see him, and she’s like “Well you said I could come here any time so I did ^q^.” She tells him she knows that he’s only telling her to stay away because he wants to resolve his wangst on his own but she says she’s there for him and they should resolve it together. Hibiki’s so happy he hugs her and says he loves her and that he needs her. Daww (*´ω`*). They go shopping together and afterwards Hibiki falls asleep at his place and when he wakes up Saya is holding his hand and he’s like “I dreamt about you baby but you’re better in real life~”. In the sweet days scenario, Hibiki has to do a lot of government work because he plans to work there immediately after graduation. During a weekend where he was supposed to go on a date with Saya she ends up just following him on his work duties, and as an apology he gives her a necklace that she was looking at when they were at the mall.  She’s so happy that she cries and he kisses her tears away (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ MAN I LOVE HIBIKI. He’s SO HOT also he reminds me so much of myself its actually terrifying lmfao xDDD. I was laughing so hard during that surprise kiss scene in front of everyone. EPIC MAN. I think that’s gotta be the most memorable moment in the game lol. Very very satisfied with this route, glad I left it for (semi) last.

Suwa Kyosuke & Teppei & Extra – So in the fandisk the Suwa brothers both get their own routes. Well technically they are mostly sharing a common route but each one gets his own ending and sweet days scenario. Kyosuke is the younger brother who calls the heroine SaraSara Straight. Actually he seems to love calling people by their hair style as he calls her father “nice middle” which sounds to me like something else but anyway 😆 At the school event both brothers plan to throw eggs at everyone from the roof top and Saya begs Kyo to stop Teppei. Kyo will do anything his tamayorihime commands so he throws Teppei off the roof instead. Afterwards he gets jealous when Saya gives beatup Teppei attention and demands that she pat his hair too XD~. After the event, they go shopping for clothes for Saya saying that her current outfit is childish and the 2 brothers then argue over what she should wear. Then they call her dad asking him to pay for the clothes while he’s in the middle of a meeting lmfao. In the route, they often call her to come visit the seal room to check up on it. Because she keeps coming at night she gets like no sleep and ends up passing out. Depending whose route you do, either Kyo or Teppei takes her home. In Kyo’s path, he takes her home and climbs into bed with her after reading her some bed time story.In Teppei’s he puts her to sleep and after she wakes up he cooks for her. In Kyo’s ending he nags her for attention and in Teppei he continues being a tsundere while making her bentos and such xD.

In Kyo’s sweet days scenario he says he doesn’t care about the people in this town and that protecting the seal is just his job. He then adds that thanks to Saya he now feels differently about this and tells her he’ll try to stabilize the seal so that he can visit her more often and then he hugs her. In Teppei’s sweet days he comes to take her out at night and he takes her to the central tower where he shows her the night view of the city. Needless to say as he holds her he gets all blushy and tsundere ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑  and tells her not to look at him. If you pick flags for both brothers, you will get the missing CG where they both kiss her on the cheek イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Both brothers scenarios were really cute. I can’t decide which one I liked more since I like tsundere Teppei (and his love filled bentos) but I also like the sarcastic tsukkomi Kyo. I was disappointed they didn’t get one on one smooch CGs with Saya like the guardians but I guess the kiss on the cheek CG makes up for it since it’s so cute. (´^ω^`) After you finish all the routes including this one, all the extras will unlock which are extra stories between the characters. Some of them included stuff like Shiro complaining nobody thought of him as a senpai or Shun saying that Rei reminded him of his younger brother. I also thought the thing with Otoha and her servants who deep inside hate her and get pissed off when she bosses them around (even though she does it on purpose cause she knows they will betray her lol.) Shirou also tells Touma to call him Oniichan because he knows deep down inside Touma always wanted an older brother lmfao. Anyway it was a nice extra to end the game and also unlocked a few additional CGs.

I don’t know why he’s in a bear suit.

So honestly I will say the fandisk was enjoyable. It’s actually not long at all but I feel like I’ve been dragging it out because I’ve been busy lately and I couldn’t always get a seat on the subway to break out my PSP.  In this version, Saya’s name is spoken if left default which was kinda nice. The memory pieces, which are kind like the mirror thing from HNK3, were actually voiced this time. Not only that but they were also like a “scenario that happened” rather than just lazy text on screen ala Natsuzora. The comedy was GOLD. I was laughing so hard, especially in Hibiki’s and Suwa bros. routes. Hibiki has got to be my favorite HNK4 character now because omg man just absolutely epic win with that guy プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The omakes were nice especially the CG comment feature which also came with text during the comment part. There was a built in screenshot feature so you could take screencaps (but they would be watermarked with the idea factory copyright logo.) Anyway overall I enjoyed the fandisk a lot. Sure it wasn’t the original HNK1 cast but I think the HNK4 cast is charming in their own way. I just wish they had fixed Shirou’s stupid hair in the fandisk. They trolled me SO HARD ;_;. At this point only HNK2 is left and hopefully I can finish that by the end of this month cause I think it’s time to move on to other things XD.


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  1. The only really long game was the FIRST HNK. None of the other games are that long in fact they are probably 1/3 the length which also includes HNK4 (the predecessor for this fandisk) so you don’t have anything to worry about 😛

  2. yay! a fandisk. hmm… i wonder if you’ll figure something out if you’ll buy the fandisk before the original. cuz ya know… Hiiro no kakera is pretty damn long and complicated game that i have no intention to do so. but just for teh sake of sexy lil’ hibiki i’ll do so.

  3. i think my husband likes him as a VA mainly because he’s just funny. then again don’t most people like Sugita because of him being Kyon in Haruhi? I used to associate that image with him but after all those otome games I guess the image just faded lol.

    I have no idea if they even sell rambutans in my city 😆

  4. @hinano thanks for the summaries and you should try eating one(a rambutan) its delicious

    I’m just gonna ask for future reference are there any other Heterosexual males here that like sugita tomokazu’s voice???

  5. HolyLeonheart> lol yea I feel the same way about Shun and Mahiro….I’m a lot more disappointed with that than with Shirou because at least I like Shirou’s personality but shun…..=_=;;;

    But yea lmfao Hibiki is so hot The fd was actually short. if I didn’t have a job I woulda finished it quicker I think. also lmao I NEVER HEARD of this rambutan thing you guys are talking about. I wonder if its some asian fruit that doesn’t get sent to the US XD

  6. Thank you for the review! Again, I always find your review very amusing to read xD I have to say despite everything, I can’t bring myself to like Shirou =w= (Because I can’t get over the fact that my sexy Ryou is gone ;A;)

    But still! HIBIKI IS ONE DAMN SEXY BEAST HERE!! He’s totally my fav in this game (HnK4) too xD I laughed so hard when he just kissed Saya in front of those three. (And the sound Shinogu made there was not-understandable, lol, poor poor boy)

    And two Suwa brothers are cute as usual, the kiss-on-the-cheeks CG is KAWAII! But I really like the extra CG (when Saya is in her Tamayori-hime costume and two Suwa brothers combined into one hot beast, lol) It’s so pretty xD

  7. Ah, you’ve finish HnK 4 fd? Wow, so fast! Same as HnK 4 previous game, I like Hibiki and dislike Shirou. Moreover in the fd, his siscon isn’t heal yet.

    Speaking of rambutan, I have that tree in my house, but doesn’t bear fruit anymore because it’s already too old. But, the color when it’s still green is similar to Shirou’s hair.

  8. @Hinano
    Yeah I’ve upgraded my browser and my computer was scanned and checked, perfectly virus-free. But thanks anyway! (^ ^) Hopefully I get this problem sorted out.

  9. Usagi> wow what?? o_O that’s weird that you’re having wordpress issues ;_; I don’t know what to tell you other than upgrading to firefox 6 or upgrading your pc (maybe you have a virus/trojan that needs to be cleaned out? :S) if I can help you in any way let me know!

    Rina> the doyakao is actually in the CG where he’s kissing her that I posted. Look at that face xDDD

    kyrades> lol I love the brothers too but I wish they had more in their individual routes since most of their stuff was common between the two ^^; also i wish they got a real kiss CG not that 3P end one lol

  10. Loving all the tsunderellas in this fandisk! Definitely would play it just for all those blushface moments XD

    I have a friend who loves the Suwa kyoudai so much she dedicated one whole WOT to their route 8′) those two have such LOL moments together

  11. @Hinano
    Aha, I kinda dislike Blogger too. But my computer doesn’t cooperate with WordPress and I can’t seem to register an account here for some reason…yea. (u . u)

  12. OMG! Suwa Brothers have their own route!Must have this game (I Cant Download it my internet is slow as turtle lol) I cant imagine though how inukai-sempai can make ドヤア・・・ Face Though XDD

  13. Usagi> no problem, I’ve added you back as well (´^ω^`)
    lol yea I seriously just wanted to rip them out of his hair lmfao WHAT MADE YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA SHIROU (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Hibiki was the best lmfao I’d save him for last ;DDD

    offtopic> omfg I hate blogger TAT I secretly hope you will move your blog to wordpress while there’s still a few posts on it cause lol I go try to comment on your post and it tells me CANNOT VERIFY YOUR ID, then erases my whole comment before I can use another ID afsfsaf (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ lmfao sorry had to rant!

  14. God I love your review!

    I wished Shirou had cut off at least SOME of the curtain tassels. Seriously I’m fine with it if he wants to wear them, but SO MANY? There’s like no end to the amount of curtain tassels there. In any case, hnghhh can’t wait to play this lol. I have high hopes for Hibiki, Touma and Shirou’s routes. xD

    Thanks for the review. x’3 I’m gonna add you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind. 😀

  15. Lmfao R-18 from otomate! I can’t imagine! Or maybe I can since they had a lot of implied secks in Musketeer & Death Connection 😆

  16. Tsundere’s all over the place! I like this fandisk already. XD

    Well all the effort into HnK4 was worth it ’cause this fandisk sounds like it’s filled with pure win xD lol

    And when I saw the CG where the Suwa bros kiss the heroine on the cheeks I was like, if this was R18 that’d be the 3P ending loool xD

  17. lol I think its more like “oh we drew the sprite with some kind of neck collar on it but now too lazy to adjust all of them so we’ll just leave it with the long neck lol. Guess they didn’t think their plan all the way through. Yea I know Amnesia & Gekka are both crazy non-rapists games but they’re not exactly high up on my backlog. In fact I actually would like to focus more on “series” like how I am doing with hiiro so any games that come in a pair of 2 or more, I will prolly push to the front of my list.

  18. Besides the “lock you somewhere” trend (and wait till you play amnesia to see how bad that can get), what’s with the long necks trend? As an artist myself, I can’t help but look at them and be stupefied. I mean, the artist can’t have overlooked them, or even think they look good. Right?

  19. Yea I didn’t write as much because a lot of times I’d be playing this on the train so I had to go by my memory when I got next to a computer xD; Hibiki’s route was epic win though, who knew he’d turn into such a tsundere lmfao xDDD; Shirou’s route was really sweet too, it was just ruined by his dumb hair lol

  20. =x i was expecting a little bit more from the fandisk, but watever it was fun to read and it seemed interesting like when i was scrolling down the page while reading and saw Hibiki’s first cg that u had posted i just burst out laughing, didnt think he could even blush like that

    i think maybe they could have done a bit more for the Suwa brothers, but they got a route so i guess its fine

    all the guys’ route were interesting and i wish i have a psp now so i can play it too =x anyways ths for the review

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