What I Learned After 4 Months of Nier:Reincarnation

Since the English version of Nier Reincarnation is coming at the end of this month I figured I’d make sort of a tips post after playing for 4 months. I’ve pretty much grasped everything there is to know about the game so hopefully new players will find this somewhat useful for their upcoming Nier adventures!

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RPG Review: Final Fantasy V

It’s been a while, but I finally finished a Final Fantasy game that made me cry like a little babby. Also as usual, the characters in this CGI movie look nothing like their in game sprites 😂

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RPG Review: Final Fantasy (1)

Continuing in my “play every FF game” quest, I managed to get myself through the one that started it all. By the way this CGI movie has nothing to do with the game because you don’t fight any dragon bosses and also the warrior’s sprite outfit looks nothing like the one in this CG movie or any of his artistic or Dissidia renditions 😂.

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RPG Review: Final Fantasy II

Don’t let the CGI movie fool you, this is another adventure in pixellated archaically outdated game systems. 😂

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