Ameba Mobile Game Review: Himitsu Kareshi -Idol Hitotsu Yane no Shita-


Hikari just got laid off work, bummed out and depressed she wanders around until she bumps into some hot dude. Turns out he’s a popular idol and since she recognizes him, he grabs her and brings her to his apartment. Apparently he shares it with 3 others idol room mates and their apartment care taker has recently quit. He offers, or rather shoves, the new care taker job on to Hikari whether she likes it or not. And so, Hikari’s adventures of living with idols begins.

tetcchanNarishige Tetsuya – Tetuya treats Hikari like his pet dog. He hugs her and kisses her and makes her freak out 😆 He asks her to make him dinner but since there’s no ingredients they go shopping together. Hikari is worried they’ll be caught but he disguises himself with a hat & sunglasses. Unfortunately some stalker fangirls catch them and they end up running away and hiding in a karaoke booth. The girls follow them there and check every room (like fucking creepers) so Tetsuya drags Hikari under the table to hide. Hikari can’t contain herself cause she’s being hugged by a hot idol bishie and she tries to get him to get off her. Tetsuya realizes there’s only 1 way to shut her up so he starts making out with her until the stalker girls leave. After introducing her to the rest of his room mates, they tease him and Hikari but they get the idea that pretty much Hikari his Tetsuya’s territory. One day he asks her to help him act a part in a drama that he will be in and he wants to practice doing a love scene. He demands that it’s her job as a housekeeper to help him so she gives in (and because he’s so hot she can’t say no.) When he almost starts to screw her, his phone rings and while he goes to get it she looks at the script. Turns out he lied and in fact his part is in a variety show so the whole love scene thing was a sham. Hikari starts crying upset that he would lie to her but he tries to tell her that he only “practiced” this kind of thing because it’s with her. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) A few days later Hikari finds out about a special event for only 100 fans to get in but of course Tetsuya tsuntsun’s and shoves the tickets into Hikari’s hands. Before going off to the event he kisses her on the cheek and says if she doesn’t come he’ll kiss her body all over when he gets back. (I fail to see how this is a punishment but….:lol:) At the concert he gives her a piece of “gum” but when she opens it, it turns out a letter telling her to come to his hotel room dressed as a pizza delivery person. His bff is there too but the dude is a wingman and leaves him and Hikari alone. Tetsuya then gets all ronery and starts cuddling & nuzzling Hikari who bitches & protests that she’s not his pet. He then shows her a pic of his old pet dog and tells her about how his father died and he was only raised by his mom. At this point he becomes so vulnerable to Hikari that she can’t let him go or resist any of his advances. He ends up pushing her down on the couch, and despite her complaining that she’s dressed as a pizza delivery dude, he says ain’t no thang since they’re gonna get naked in a bit anyway (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.

tetsu01Needless to say they screw that night, and the next morning she gets a phone call telling her Tetsuya’s been in an accident. When she rushes to him, turns out it was a lie to get her to come because they need a replacement for an actress in their music video cause the original one got injured. While she’s getting ready to undress (to be half naked) Tetsuya barges into her changing room complaining that she’s taking too long. Her towel covering her accidentally falls off and that turns him on so he grabs her and starts making out with her. Just then his bff comes in asking dafuq they were doing and Tetsuya just shrugs it off saying Hikari was being a slowpoke. When the video shoot starts all she has to do is stand there while Tetsuya  peroperos her but it’s so hot she can’t contain herself and she passes out :lol:. After she wakes up, she had overheard Tetsuya talking to his bff about how he cares about Hikari a lot and his friend warning him that if he’s too pushy she’ll run away from him. Tetuya then tells her that his mother was always sick in the hospital so in order to make her feel better he decided to become an idol since she liked to watch them on TV. The only comfort he had at home was his pet dog and Hikari reminded him of his old wan-chan so he just couldn’t let her go ww. So then while Tetsuya goes out to get her a drink, his bff comes in telling Hikari that because of her Tetsuya’s slacking off on his idol work and that she should just disappear from his life. Hikari is so shocked and shaken by this that when Tetsuya comes back she brushes him off and runs home alone. She cries and falls asleep until Tetsuya comes home and gives her the CD with the new single as well as the video that she starred in. A few days later a scandal breaks out and paparazzi surround their apartment building. Tetsuya and the others go hide off at a hotel and tell Hikari to protect their apartment but Hikari decides to go and see Tetsuya instead. When she gets to his hotel thanks to his friend, Tetsuya glomps her and starts getting ichaicha until the other band member Hiroki there is like AHEM I’M STILL HERE GUYS. He goes to leave to give them privacy but Hikari begs him to stay since the reason they’re all here is because they have to escape from the paparazzi XD. So then night time comes but there’s only 2 beds so they end up with the 2 dudes uhouho splitting a bed while Hikari gets the 2nd bed….or so she thought. As I had predicted, Tetsuya climbs into Hikari’s bed and sleeps next to her ^3^. When she wakes up in shock, it wakes him up too and he decides now’s a good time to get randy as he starts fondling her boob and moving his hand lower (๑´ლ`๑)♡.

tetsuHikari starts thinking that maybe she’s a replacement for the previous apartment caretaker Tetsuya was involved with and pushes him off the bed. This of course wakes up Hiroki and he’s like dafuq’s going on. So then when Hikari goes out to buy some groceries for them, a paparazzi approaches her saying he knows she’s Tetsuya’s girlfriend. Tetsuya saves her by saying she’s just staff and when they return to the hotel room they realize that now their place is known and it’s possible someone close to them is leaking info. Hikari then begins working as his actual staff at the concert to get the paparazzi’s attention away but sadly their staff are a bunch of jealous bitches who set up Hikari to seem like she stole one of the other girls’ rings. Hikari gets pissed at their bullshit and starts yelling at them saying that neither she or Tetsuya is guilty. Tetsuya affirms and tells them to GTFO and then decides to come up with a plan to try and catch whoever is after him. That night Hikari & Tetsuya get a room to themselves and he tells her he’s tired of holding back and they screw all night long. The next day while Tetsuya goes off to find the one targeting Hikari, Hikari STUPIDLY decides to return to the apartment building to “try and do some work” sigh. He calls her telling her to watch the TV and when she does basically she sees that he’s gotten his fellow band member to xdress to sway the attention of the paparazzi. On top of that he’s figured out that his so called BFF guy was the one feeding information about Hikari to the paparazzi. He was pretty much jealous and had some homorage because Tetsuya chose to dump him and join biRTH instead sigh. The guy leaves fuming with the promise he’ll stay away from them from now on or some bs. Sadly I was 44 affection points short and I ended up getting the normal end where he says Hikari is his and tells all the other guys to back off without directly admitting it. In the sequel route I guess they are married or something (sob I wish I got the happy end ;3;.) So then some creeper starts calling the house phone saying they know that Hikari is married to Tetsuya and she starts getting paranoid and terrified. He comes home to see her and she freaks out but doesn’t tell him what happened because she wants him to focus on his live tour and not on her. Anyway I ended up having to quit the sequel route because they forced you to do mission b/s and buy shit so I was like lol no thanks and moved on to the next guy.

hiro01Kisumi Hiroki – Hiroki’s meeting with Hikari is abducting her while she’s looking at puppies near a petshop window :lol:. In his car he tells her that she’ll be his pet from now on since she has nowhere else to go. So basically like with Tetsuya, he gets Hikari to be their new housekeeper but on top of this he lies and tells the other guys that he and Hikari are dating with the prospect of marriage :lol:. One of the actresses Hiroki works with, Ayumi, is a huge bitch and pretends to be nice to Hikari but only because she wants to know what kind of relationship she and Hiroki have. When Hikari finally asks if he likes her which is why he always cares about where she is or who she talks to, he bursts out laughing and saying she’s the best “pet” to have. So then things get interesting when they run into Hikari’s old co-worker Takaoka who just so happens to be friends with Hiroki. I guess Hiroki has a complex against this guy and now he thinks that Hikari might like him more. That night he’s grumpy in his room and ends up dragging Hikari along for the ride. She pats him on the head and suddenly gets all deredere asking her to keep doing it. She continues until he grabs her and kisses her. He tells her if she really doesn’t like it to resist but as if Hikari will say no and they end up screwing all night. The next morning he tells her that he’s the heir of a rich corporation and owns a huge company in a tall building visible from his bedroom window. He tells Hikari that he wanted to do both so he’s doing his best to balance his lifestyle between the two. Hikari realizes what a hard worker he is so she offers to give him a big ‘ol hug and he stuffs his face into her boobs ww.

hiro02He then dresses to go to work and gives her a goodbye kiss as if they’re a married couple but Hikari still can’t believe he’d ever have feelings for her. (Cause yea you know clearly having sex and cuddling in bed the next morning = totally platonic :lol:). So then that jealous biatch Ayumi who’s a co-star with Hiroki, calls Hikari lying that he passed out and got taken to the hospital. Hikari runs to see him but instead gets attacked by some rapists in a dark alley. Fortunately Hiroki finds her note at the house and rushes to save her. Turns out those guys were clearly hired by that jealous biatch Misaki. Hiroki then starts a rumor that he’s dating her to get attention away from Hikari. When Hikari calls her she bitches that Hikari stole Hiroki from her and that she’s gonna announce on TV that she and Hiroki will be officially dating. Hikari tells her that there’s no reason for her to be so bitchy since she’s pretty and should be able to charm Hiroki away without having to resort to doing horrible things. Ayumi just cries saying Hikari doesn’t understand anything and hangs up on her. So then Hikari is taken to Hiroki’s concert but on the way she runs into her old coworkers Takaoka who confesses that he loves her but he knows that Hiroki loves her as well. Hikari can’t believe it and says that Hiroki just treats her like a pet. When Hikari gets to the concert, on Ayumi is called on stage as a special guest. The band manager throws a shitfit at Hiroki for bringing the woman he’s in a “scandal with” on stage. He then tells her that if she says anymore shit he’ll spread the scandal about how she almost had rapists attack one of his staff. Hiroki then says screw you guys I’m going home and leaves the stage with Hikari. And so in the Normal ending Hiroki quits being an idol to become the leader of his own company. He takes Hikari with him and tells her that his new dream is no longer to be an actor, but to make her happy. Well certainly that Normal end was better than the one for Tetsuya lol.

souta01Saotome Souta – Souta is the younger brother of a twin idol unit and to get Hikari to work as their house maid, he pretty much blindfolds, kidnaps her and drags her to his house. Having played Brothers Conflict right before starting this route I could only imagine him being Fuuta and sounding like Kenn :lol:. He then tells Hikari that she must cross dress like a guy because if the others find out a girl is living here there will be trouble. When his brother Fuuta comes home, Souta introduces Hikari as “Harukawa Kotarou” as the new housekeeper. He always teases her behind closed doors since he’s the only one who knows she’s a girl. One day, the twins’ father calls and Souta gets really pissed. He’s in a bad mood the rest of the time and takes his anger out on Hikari who tries to be nice to him because she feels bad that he’s not eating.  Despite him being all bitchy at her, he does save her when the rival idol dude almost finds out that Hikari is a girl at one of the Saotome concerts. One day while everyone is out doing their old work only Souta & Hikari are in the house. To make him feel better she decides to make him some food and he asks to go grocery shopping with her. They screw around and only go home with some candy. Hikari eats candy in his room until he ends up pinning her down on the floor telling her that right now since no one is home they aren’t 2 male room mates. They are man and woman! (/ω\)イヤン He then ends up kissing her the whole time and Hikari of course doesn’t resist because she’s glad to have made up with him.  Afterwards Souta gives her a special concert ticket to his show with Fuuta. When Fuuta sees Hikari and Souta getting along well he becomes a jelly oniichan and is like NOO SOUTAS MINE BACK OFF. Hikari’s like um it’s ok you can have him but Souta would rather spend time with Hikari than his oniichan ww. They go on a “date” together which just looks like 2 guys shopping but get attacked by rabid fangirls with cell phone cams.

watSouta grabs Hikari and runs to hide in…a love hotel. Unfortunately Hikari can’t KY and tells them they need to leave ASAP. Souta sighs and gives in but not after managing to steal a kiss on the cheek. After they get back Fuuta is pissed that Hikari took Souta out again but Souta tries to calm him down. A few days later when Souta comes into Hikari’s room he’s happy she bought the “pair mug cups” for them and hugs her. Unfortunately his stupid father calls again and Souta is so traumatized he throws his cell phone against the wall. He then tells Hikari that when he was little, his parents got divorced. Fuuta was taken by the mom and Souta was taken by the dad. Souta wanted to be with the mom but the dad somehow managed to steal him away and then ended up abusing him and beating him. Thanks to Fuuta they both became idols and Souta was able to escape from his dad’s abuse….but now the psycopath is after Souta again. (Honestly this is so horrifying why doesn’t this douchebag get arrested and thrown in jail….oh right, JAPAN.) Hikari is so shocked to hear Souta’s awful past she hugs him back realizing this is why Fuuta is always worried about his brother for. The stupid father continues calling Souta and Souta tells Hikari that he wants to take him back Hikari’s like OH HELL NO. She wants to do something for Souta but realizing how helpless she is, she decides to just be by his side since that’s what makes him feel at ease. One night he comes to her room to drink coffee out of the 2 mugs they have and they end up screwing. Sadly the next morning Tetsuya  & Hiroki walk into the room and she has to hide herself under the futon so they won’t find out she’s a girl lying that she has a fever. Souta takes advantage of this, hiding in there too and poking her while she desperately tries not to react to it XD. They eventually leave them and that day Fuuta comes in raging that there’s now a scandal in the papers about Hikari and Souta. Souta’s like “whats the big deal it’s just 2 dudes screwing around” and Fuuta rages saying he wants to protect Souta from his dad but getting his face in the paper like that is making it hard for him. Fuuta then pms-rages and storms out of the house leaving a depressed Souta. He almost takes his anger out on Hikari and breaks the mug she got him but she tells him that even if his oniitan isn’t around, she’ll be there for him. Souta calms down hugging Hikari and asks if they can buy a new set of mugs later.

souta02Tetsuya & Hiroki say that ever since Hikari came,  it made the two brothers’ relationship worse and Hikari thinks she’s going to leave. She runs into her room to pack her things and closes the door. Souta ain’t havin’ none of this so he BREAKS down her door telling her she ain’t goin’ nowhere! 😆 So then a few days pass and Fuuta calls Hikari asking her to bring his script to the set. She does but when she gets there she sees the two brothers “working together” but ignoring each other during their breaks. Suddenly Fuuta passes out because of stress & overwork though eventually Fuuta & Souta makeup in the hospital. So then Fuuta starts thinking he’s gay for Hikari or something since he doesn’t know she’s a girl 8D. Just when everything seems fine, some dude starts stalking Hikari, in her guy form. ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ Turns out that dude is the twins’ asshole father and when they find out they’re livid.  Douchebag dad demands that Souta return to him and if he doesn’t, he threatens to kidnap Hikari o_O.  (Why don’t anyone call the cops.) And well his threat succeeds because some days later he tricks her into meeting up and ends up knocking her out and tying her to a hotel bed =_=;. Souta calls him and finds out that Hikari’s there so he runs with Fuuta to save her but instead gets stabbed. Fortunately Tetsu & Hiroki stop the crazy idiot and call the cops & ambulance. Souta recovers in the hospital but in the meantime, all the guys in the dorm find out that Hikari is a girl. She apologizes and explains why she crossdressed but they go “Lol uh you didn’t have to crossdress nobody said our housekeeper had to be a guy?” Still though Hikari feels bad and decides to leave and since she can’t find a job she just returns to living with her parents. One day on TV she sees Souta telling an interviewer that he lost his pet cat Hikari but he’s determined to find her. And so 3 years later Souta shows up at Hikari’s house (freaking out her mom) and taking her back to his apartment to once again work as a house keeper. This time though, she’ll be working there as a girl, not as a trap :lol:. This was also the normal end since let’s face it I fail at playing otome games without a guide :lol:.

final thoughts

Again due to me only playing 5 chapters per day this took quite some time but I think the stories were pretty interesting. The last one with the twins was ridiculous since I played it last and the whole time I was like “why the hell does Hikari have to crossdress.” Again my biggest beef is with the CGs. If you don’t have enough affection you see “part” of a CG like in my Cgs above bleh. I’d almost rather not have ANY CG than have a teaser ( ´_ゝ`). Also I always screencap CGs during my playthrough but unlike most mobile games, there’s no CG gallery. Whatever you see during the game is all you get so for those that don’t have a screencap feature on their phone, you’re outta luck.  You can play this game and other games at Ameba Mobile and can easily make an account by logging in with Twitter.