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Chikage-tan is mai waifu♡


Sorry I don’t have an April Fool’s post of any kind this year. No excuses other than busy with work and just burning my brain raiding in FF14. I’m trying to finish up the 2 otome games in my side bar so I can at least keep up my 1 review per month pace here. (;^ω^)


In regards for what’s to come after, I’ve preordered the Clock Zero vita port, Crimson Empire vita port, Norn9 FD, and Possession Magenta. I might play some old PSP game on the side during my commute though while waiting for the orders to arrive at the end of April. Thanks to all the train delays lately I made a lot of progress in regards to this! 😆


Thank you for 3 million hits!

Thank you for the 3 million hits! Thanks to all you readers, whether you’re a commenter or a lurker, I was able to make it this far.

Here’s to more otome gaming ahead!

*<(。´∀`)ノ【∮*+゜*。Merry Xmas。* ゚+*∮】


Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to spend it with someone lovely (♡ ≖‿ゝ≖).

4th Anniversary Winners & Other Thoughts


Thanks to everyone who entered the 4th anniversary giveaway and thanks to everyone who came out of lurking to post a comment. (*´ω`*) Anyway the winners are below:

First Place: Teacup – who win’s the B’s Log Issue
2nd Place: Yume – who wants me to review Peter Pan by Quin Rose
3rd Place: ヽ( ´¬`)ノ who requested a CG pack from Joker no Kuni no Alice

Congratulations to all the winners. I’ll be contacting you via email about your prizes. Continue reading 4th Anniversary Winners & Other Thoughts