Otome Game Review: Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

Our heroine Alice Liddell finds herself falling down as usual with Peter holding her in his arms. She tries to ask him wtf’s going on but he magically vanishes without saying a word and dumps her into the country of Diamonds. The country of Diamonds major areas are the Castle of Diamonds, The Hatter Mansion, The Train Station and the Graveyard & Art Museum (which are right next to each other.) Alice is now in a new country but unlike her previous move from Heart to Clover, nobody here remembers who she is – except for Nightmare. Suddenly characters like Nightmare and Ace are shotas, Dee & Dum are only in adult form and Vivaldi, Gowland and Pierce are missing in action. Additionally the castle of Diamonds is run by the queen of Diamonds, Crysta Snowpigeon and the new prime minister is now a black rabbit named Sidney Black. Over at the art museum & cemetery area is another mafia with a leader by the name of Jericho Bermuda who is a dodo bird. Alice has to figure out what the hell is going on and at the same time try to convince everyone to like her again. Unfortunately unlike the country of hearts, everyone’s feelings towards her are as cold as a frozen diamond.

diamond002Tweedle Dee & Dum – Where did my adorable randy twins go? Well surely they are not in this game. Now being in only their adult form, rather than being kids who just “change shape” they are now 2 obnoxious adults who only care about their paid time off and bonus. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。  Despite them being 2 ikemans, they’re like 2 salarymans and since they don’t remember Alice, they use her as their walking bank account forcing her to take them out for sweets etc. When Alice first comes to the Hatter mansion, she’s immediately thought of as a spy by both Elliot and the twins, but Blood saves her from being killed because he doesn’t really think she is. However due to there actually being a spy IN the Hatter mansion, pretty much everyone is on their toes. Slowly they start to warm up to their “neesan” but of course the moment that you make one wrong choice, they consider Alice a spy and immediately kill her with no regrets. (Pretty sure they were sad about it in the original game sigh.)  So then once they somehow fall in love with her (without me or her realizing it) they become EXTREMELY jealous. So jealous that they get pissed if she even as much as goes out to town to play chess with some faceless guy. They get jealous of her being friendly with Elliot (once Elliot stops being a wanker.) They decide the best way to figure out what their feelings are is to….have a threesome :lol:.  After this they move into her room so they can always be with her and watch over her when she gets tired. They even wait for her in her room after she comes back from work! Just like good old times I guess (took long enough tbh.)  Blood buys them a new bed that would fit the 3 of them on it – he’s like a super wingman. He also gives them art museum tickets since they’ve never been able to go, and the tickets don’t require them to stand & wait in line. They finally go to the art museum and jump into different paintings. They come back and roll around their new bed with Alice saying that she wants to know more about the ones she loves. This excites them so much they start making out with her and end up screwing again (my favorite quote being “Who do you want to do first”…www. )

diamond013So then the like “token repeat” ending that happens in every route which I’ll just mention here is Joker kidnaps Alice on his choochoo train but Ace rescues her and wants to throw her into the prison (since Ace has like a million roles now). The twins come & save Alice from a weird blob of angry numbers and afterwards the real spy in the Hatter is finally caught.  Best End:  Blood gives Alice a small house to live in with the twins as a WEDDING GIFT プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Alice is like wtf and asks the twins what the hell’s going on and they’re like “we want everyone to know that you’re extra special to us so the best thing to do is get married but since you can’t marry until you propose…we are proposing to you.” XDDD She tells them that it’s not necessary since she loves them and won’t look at anyone else but she does agree to marry them somehow lol. After this the twins aren’t as hasty to kill everyone who approaches the gate and actually listen to people…tho its mostly cause they knew Alice was watching lol. In the epilogue, she asks Dee & Dum to call her name and they get embarrassed for some reason but manage to do it anyway. Slacker Buddies End: The maids ask if Alice wants to pick 1 of the twins or both :lol:. The twins then come and TAKE her away slacking off on not only her work, but their own. Elliot chases after them raging while Boris joins in for fun. They run off and lose both Elliot and Boris so they ichaicha in the park together.  Deserted Island End: Alice ends up on a deserted island with the twins. So then Boris comes to them on a nice boat but the twins tell him to GTFO so they can enjoy their “honeymoon” with Alice :lol:. Gray and Nightmare come along too thinking it would be a good place for Nightmare to get better, but the heat just makes him worse XD. The twins tell Alice to ignore the others and go get randy elsewhere instead to enjoy their “honeymoon”.  Actually the limited edition booklet one of the comics was about this ending it was pretty funny 8D. Sigh well what can I say, when the twins got dere and randy again I was like yay but then I had to sit through 75% of “we aren’t gonna get our bonus!” and “oneesan lunch is on you!” “wah wah we don’t want to wait in line let’s kill everyone ahead of us!” “onneesan you’re a spy bye bye *shoots*”. _ノ乙(、ン、)_ The twins aren’t my favorite but I definitely ended up liking them a lot less and I felt rather disappointed. Thought not as disappointed as…

diamond014Elliot March – Wow you know I was all happy that Alice wasn’t as bitchy in this game (let’s face it she was kicked off her high horse) so I was hoping for a really good Elliot route. NOPE. Instead this time they made Elliot a total douche and on top of that a HUGE Blood fanboy. All those jokes about being a bunny, and all the carrot jokes at the dinner table….almost all but gone. Instead Elliot just kept calling himself Blood’s “dog” and despite Blood’s orders NOT TO KILL ALICE, HE STILL KEPT ON TRYING TO KILL ALICE FOR AT LEAST 50% OF HIS ROUTE (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻.  Seriously the moment Blood would lose at the survey meeting race thing, BAM Elliot throws a shitfit claiming that the winners cheated and need to be shot. With all this gun shit going on in America lately, this just rubbed me the wrong way and kinda ruined Elliot for the most part. At one point I had a FUCK YEA ALICE moment when she got sick of his accusation shit and pulled his ears. I always felt bad when Alice pulled his ears but this time it couldn’t be more righteously deserved.  Blood decides to be a wingman (part 2) and assign a new mission for both Elliot & Alice to do together to get him some kind of special tea leaves.  Alice asks Elliot to go to a pub with her since she doesn’t want to go there alone and of course he gets badly drunk and starts raging about bad alcohol. She gives him some water and then drags his drunk ass out of the bar promising not to tell Blood. After this Elliot starts to have feelings for Alice to the point that he gets depressed and it’s so bad that he doesn’t finish his carrot cake! Blood orders Alice to get Elliot out of his wangsting. After 1 of the assemblies when Alice passes out in the dream sequence, she wakes up to find herself in Elliot’s room. Alice asks if Blood ordered him to do this but he admits that it’s not and then says because he’s Alice’s supervisor..! 😀 Alice tells him she feels weird that he’s sittin there staring at her and suggests she go back to her own room. When she tries to get up he stops her by hugging her (*´ω`*). He then babbles that she’s a woman and should be more careful. His babbling then somehow turns into him grabbing and kissing her 8D.

diamond015He tells her to stop making him worried about her and that she’s a failure as a spy….because she’s NOT a spy you fool.  Some days later Alice has a bad dream so she goes out to take a walk and ends up at the cemetary where she chats it up with Jericho. Elliot comes to get her bitching that she’s a spy after all. Then he says he doesn’t want her to die and he’s really worried about her. Alice says she’s not a spy she’s just a freeloader and he’s like “even if you’re a freeloader I don’t want you going to see other guys” and he kisses her. ( ´゚д゚`) Alice is like wtf you keep calling me a spy then you say you’re worried about me, wtf do you want. Elliot basically says “Please make Blood lose interest in you and throw you away so that I can take you instead.”Um okay…. (ಠ_ಠ) You jelly? When Elliot goes to talk to her the following day apologizing for what he did, Alice is like “whatever idgaf I like you anyway.” When Elliot hears this he can’t hold back any longer and he kisses her pushing her down on the bed. He’s like “fuck it man I don’t care if you’re a spy or not” and they do the mattress mambo as Alice tells herself that just him calling her name makes her heart skip a beat. It’s pretty sad that by this time they’re both so infatuated with each other but Elliot’s still stuck on her being a fking spy sigh. (Also this is all Blood’s fault for not actually telling Elliot that Alice isn’t actually a spy.)  After they wake up Elliot asks Alice why she decided to stay at the Hatter so she decides to tell him about the country of Hearts. She tells him that both Clover & Heart countries had a Hatter mansion and he and Blood and the twins were all there. She then explains she came here because she knew them even though they don’t know her. Elliot believes her story and it makes Alice realize that even though they may not remember her, Blood remembered the way she played chess with him since apparently clocks inside them do retain memories to an extent.  Elliot then babbles that had Alice told this to him sooner, then misunderstanding might have been avoided! ヽ(。_゜)ノ Maybe she would have if you stopped pointing your gun at her and calling her a fking spy every 2 seconds.

diamond016Best End: Alice ends up at the train station with Julius asking her where she wants to go. Suddenly Elliot pops in with his gun pointed at Julius and Alice is like wtf put that thing away. Elliot grabs Alice telling her not to go anywhere else but with him, as they run from the mass of numbers coming at them. When Alice gets sick a few days later Elliot tries to take care of her but instead gives her some sexual healing :lol:. The next day Alice makes Elliot some carrot cookies and then they have a party where Blood gives Alice a sun hat that ELliot picked out. Alice doesn’t get it until Elliot babbles that it’s a sign that she’s been accepted as one of the family. Elliot then takes Alice to the hill of floating bubbles. In the epilogue everyone in the Hatter gets on the train at the train station. The Train to Heart Castle End: Elliot gets on the train to the country of Hearts since he assumes Alice wants him to be the way he was in there. She runs into the train looking for him but when she runs into him, he tells her that he saw HER get on the train and went to look for her. Turns out it’s the Elliot from the country of Hearts that she knew and he grabs and kisses her saying he’s glad to have finally found her. Turns out because Alice jumping on & off the train it screws things up and she passes out and is unable to wake up…and so her vision of Elliot is all a dream. The Desired Relationship End: Alice and the Hatter guys have some tea together. Their relationship pretty much turns into what it used to be like back in the country of Hearts. Elliot tells Alice that she’s like a partner to him now. “Friendship” End: Elliot apologizes for spilling the beans about Alice and her adventures in other countries. He then gets randy and starts making out with her and doing all sorts of stuff against the window so anyone can see /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  He tells her not to worry cause to everyone else now they’re just “supervisor and employee” and he won’t do anything “too randy” ←Lies ww. He then tells her eventually they’ll be able to be more open about their actual relationship. I dunno man I’m just not feeling you Elliot. I know he had his thing with Alice in the other games but he felt like he cared about her so much more but here he’s just a huge ass! Calling her a spy until the end blah. I remember being like “oh man I can’t decide which bunny man is more moe” well certainly not this bunny man. I feel sorry for any Elliot fans who play his route in this game.

diamond017Blood Dupre – So unlike Blood in the previous games, the Blood in this game is actually nice! I guess they decided to flip both him and Elliot cause Blood here is actually caring about Alice and apologizes for any discomfort she may receive due to being a victim of the whole spy consequence. He often plays chess with Alicel and he knows that she isn’t a spy but for his entertainment purposes, he doesn’t tell Elliot so he can watch them squabble. (In this sense, Blood never changes :lol:.)  Though he does have to constantly KICK Elliot for trying to kill Alice because unlike before, he really cares about her well being. One day Alice goes to the art museum area to chat up with Julius & Jericho and when she returns to the Hatter, Blood has ordered for her to be captured by his servants. He then throws her into the same prison room as in the twins’ route. Alice tells Boris that she’ll just wait in hopes that Blood will come for her. He finally does come for her and lets her out taking her to his rose garden. Still she ends up spending more time in that stupid room but he tells her that soon he will let her out. In the meantime he gives her some books to read so she isn’t bored to tears. He also gives her some aroma candles so the room has a nice scent to it and allows her to relax. A few days later Blood comes to her telling her that they almost caught the actual spy and will let her out of there soon. Alice starts to feel herself falling for Blood and she starts to get allowed to leave her room to eat dinner with everyone. The following night someone unlocks the door to her room so she decides to leave it and as she hears someone running after her she starts to dash for it. Suddenly Blood grabs her and pulls her into a random empty room telling her to stay quiet. To keep her quiet he first puts his hand over her mouth, then removes it and rubs his finger along her lips…until he finally figures the easiest method is to just kiss her. (/ρ\)いやーん Meanwhile the Hatter servants catch the real spy and Alice is finally able to be free. He apologizes for throwing her into that room  and explains the real spy was a girl who worked at his tea factory so since Alice worked there too, she was a possible suspect.

diamond018After this Elliot apologizes for being a huge douchebag and then says he was stupid enough not to realize that Alice and Blood were lovers. After this Blood gets more aggressive in his pursuit ofAlice and unfortunately for her, she can’t resist! XD Blood tells Alice he realized that she knew him from another world but he didn’t know how well. Alice says that they were never “that close” (lies) and he says he don’t give a crap what she did with his other self. He then pushes her on the bed kissing her but sadly it doesn’t go anywhere cause he knows she has a fever and he doesn’t want to screw her while she’s sick /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Blood tells her that because she’s special, and irreplaceable, he doesn’t want her to become like him. Alice realizes it’s not the same Blood that she’s known before when the one in front of her then confesses that he’s in love with her. Alice admits that she loves both this Blood and the one from the other countries and feels like she’s cheating. He’s like “ain’t no thang, as long as they’re both me :lol:”. xD Blood then goes but what if I’m just an illusion of a better self than before but Alice tells him that she love him, and that it’s not an illusion. She then kisses him, surprising him and uh making him want to screw in the garden. Not wanting rose thorns in her butt she asks to continue this in his bed instead. (And this is why this game was made Cero D (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン) Best End: Blood rescues Alice from Joker but then the evil number hurricane comes for them and they run for it. After this Blood becomes a huge lovestruck dork for Alice. He tells her that she may be hard to handle but he’s not gonna be too easy for her either. Alice is surprised how much he opens himself up to herself and he’s like “I can’t help in front of the woman I love.” ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆ One day she falls asleep in his office while he’s working, she has a dream which causes her to cry. He wakes her up and when she says she’ll return to her room, he tells her he’s worried and to stay with him instead. He then cuddles with her bed to help her stop crying. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ A few days later Elliot throws Blood a surprise party and he arranges for Alice to wear a special dress. Blood finds out and is like “why.jpg” but Alices convinces him to attend it anyway cause otherwise it would be a waste.

diamond019After the party they go the his rose garden and make out while he babbles about being jelly of his other world self. In the epilogue, they cuddle in bed with one of the candles Blood had given her while she was confined. Alice stares at him as she realizes how much she loves him and he takes that as a sign that they can hump again \( ^o^)/  (Wtf he got 8 kiss CGs doing the best end route o__o). Chess Freak End: Blood & Alice play chess non stop and Alice gets better and better. Unfortunately for Blood, Alice is too busy being a chess pro to notice his feelings for her. He decides to stop beating around the bush and one day in mid game kisses her and Alice is like megusta.jpg. They end up screwing and she’s surprised that he tells her afterwards that he’s lonely without her, rather than how in the past he’d just leave her to wake up alone in his bed. To the Hatter Mansion End: Alice misses jerk-Blood and so she follows bunny form Sidney back to the country of Clover. When she gets there first thing on her mind is to visit Blood and see if anything has changed. Then & Now End: Alice wakes up in a field with Blood next to her in the country of Clover. She tells him she had a nice dream but instead of telling him they were lovers she confesses and says she loves him. Bad End: The Hatter servants find Alice at the train station and afraid to cause trouble Alice agrees to return to Hatter and when she does of course first thing Blood does is throw her into the underground prison. ( ≖Д≖;) Some people on 2ch mentioned that Alice gets Stockholm syndrome falling in love with Blood after he locks her up in the room but I dunno it felt kinda justified? Not the locking up part but since the entire teahouse was considered suspicious, I imagine that the faceless people were either shot to death or confined as well so the fact that Blood used the “confinement” to keep Alice alive seems a lot nicer to me? I mean fucking Elliot kept shoving a gun in her face and the twins wanted to make chopped salad out of her so no matter how I look at it he ain’t a bad guy. Either way he’s a lot nicer and sweeter in this game than in the other ones and it makes me sad that we’ll probably never see nice-blood again orz.

diamond020Jericho Bermuda – I got nothing against Jericho. He’s a sweet guy, he’s really caring and gentle to Alice and despite being a mafia boss, he never once considers her a spy or attempts to kill her. HOWEVER he’s an ossan and he’s gachimuchi so he’s already got 2 things going against him (unless you like gachimuchi ossans) in my eyes. I’m sorry Jericho you’re a sweet guy but just not my type! Jericho is the graveyard master & museum owner. While Alice stays over there she works at the museum to keep herself busy. The museum in this game is pretty special – all the paintings are alive. Like the kind of museum you saw in Joker no Kuni, animals can jump in & out of paintings and people can go “inside of a painting” to explore it. The cemetery is special too because there aren’t actually any dead bodies in it.  Since in wonderland when someone dies their body vanishes and you only have the clocks left over, people pretty much only bury the possessions of the dead in the cemetery instead. (Though I guess this makes no fucking sense when I think about Pierce and his chopped up bodies ew.) So here’s the deal with Jericho – he’s pretty much a dying existence (and pardon me if I got this wrong).  Apparently there’s a bunch of his selves on other axises of wonderland (aka other countries) however most of them are all but dead. When too many of them die, the sum of the numbers shrinks and therefore the remainder is doomed to disappear as well. The only way for him to continue to survive is to kill other role holders so that they don’t take over his “spot”. Typically when a role holder is killed, they will just be reborn in the same role but I guess it’s to a point where eventually the role just gets taken away and replaced with another role. So very often Jericho tries not to sleep because he’s afraid that the him in Diamond will die in his sleep if he sleeps for too long. Due to this he often asks Alice to help him wake up after a certain period of time.  When Alice passes out after the assembly, Jericho says he was worried that she would vanish before him and that he’s prepared to die before her. Alice gets upset that he’s leaving such a big impression on her, but is planning to leave her by dying before her. She then takes the hand he was patting her on the head with and places it on her cheek causing him to blush like a cute ossan ;D. He tells her to let go but since she refuses, he kisses her instead (*´ω`*).

diamond021After a few days of avoiding him due to embarrassment, Alice goes to bring him some food she made & tells her he thought that she hated him. After they eat he says he’s getting sleepy but he asks her to be by his side so he doesn’t fall asleep for too long. He jokingly asks her to sleep with him but Alice freaks out and he feels bad so he goes j/k and tells her to just come back in a few minutes to wake him up. When she goes to wake him up he wakes up telling her he had a nightmare about her. He then pulls her into a kiss, and Alice realizes she’s in love. Well Jericho then confesses that he’s fallen in love with her and Alice tells him she loves him too and doesn’t think of him as “Dead” but “living” to her. He then says he wants to make up for all the time he’s been holding back his feelings for her and they screw on his couch. Wanting to spend more time with Jericho, Alice goes around asking everyone what it would require for her to become a resident of wonderland, rather than always be an outsider. In the usual ending, Black Joker slashes White Joker with an axe.  Alice then gets chased by the mass of numbers until she runs into Joker again, and then Jericho comes to save her. Best End: Alice comes back to the museum from the train station and Jericho’s worried about her because apparently she was “gone” in her dream ?_? Jericho has to go kill some role holders so he can prolong his life and Alice tells him go get em bro while she waits for him at the art museum. When he finally returns Alice jumps into his arms. He goes to take a shower and they can go screwing his room afterwards. While in the art museum one day Alice chases bunny form Sidney and then she bumps into Jericho who has no idea wtf she’s talking about. Turns out she had accidentally walked into that illusion room and the Jericho in her illusion told her to “come back”. When she runs into the real Jericho he says maybe she went in there because she wanted to see a certain rabbit.

diamond022A few moments later shota Ace comes by pushing her inside once more and Alice decides to man it up and go inside. She ends up opening the door to Jericho’s room which proves that what she really wants right now is to be with him. They make out and screw and she wakes up wondering if she’s trapped in an illusion. Jericho explains that this is reality and that the room is a room that connects “desires to reality” rather than just creating an illusion. He thanks her for choosing him and promises to treasure their time together. Until the End End: Jericho tells Alice he wants to be with her until the end and figures the best way for him to leave a lasting impression on her is to hump like rabbits. Avoiding Death End: Jericho almost dies from his injuries but manages to survive and tries to kiss Alice while he’s in pain. He then realizes how much that hurts and Alice tells him to do it when he gets better. Jericho’s route really made me think and left me scratching my head and searching google. It left a lot of questions of “if there’s a generation of roles and the old ones get wiped out” then what about characters like Peter, Vivaldi, Pierce, Gowland. Are they new roles that replaced the ones in Diamond? Why does this whole death cycle only seem to affect Jericho? Also I did a wikipedia search on the Alice on Wonderland Dodo bird which mentioned that he was supposed to be the parody of the author and that they had the whole voting system parody because of him. It makes me wonder if that was the reason during the surveying meeting, his route was the only one where all the sand tubes exploded. I guess Jericho’s route was really interesting plot wise, but as far as having sexy time with a hot dude…er no. He’s so much larger than Alice I feel like he probably would crush her or something agh lol his love scene was extra randy too! I woulda preferred this with Julius or Boris instead (´・ω・`;A).

diamond023Sidney Black – Sidney is the black rabbit prime minister of Diamond country and he absolutely hates white and he hates Peter White. This often causes him conflict  with the queen of diamonds, Crysta because she prefers white and yellow and rages if he tries to color the garden roses in any other color.  Unlike Peter who’s constantly I LOVE YOU ALICE *glomp*, Alice’s first impression of Sidney was I HATE YOU OUTSIDER-SAN *points gun*.  Alice easily figures out though that the best way to tame this tsundere is of course compare everything he does to his RIVAL Peter. So for example if she wants him to do something all she has to say is “well PETER would do it for me” and INSTANTLY Sidney does it. Also unlike Peter who killed his brother (I’m sorry I vaguely recall this being mentioned) and abandoned his family, for Sidney it was the opposite. Due to him having a heterochromic eye (one red and one black) his family of black rabbits abandoned him thinking he’s a freak. This is pretty much why he’s had this obsession with black to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have 2 black eyes. Also unlike Vivaldi who just uses Peter as her slave bitch, Crysta treats Sidney like her play toy and she gladly accepted him when he was abandoned and alone (which at one point makes Alice jealous as she thinks that Sidney would pick Crysta over her.) While at first Alice’s job is helping the maids in the garden, she soon takes on the task of being Sidney’s office assistant. He has her run around until she’s dead tired, filing things and carrying paperwork. Sidney is also a very territorial bun and when Alice comes back from the art museum after cuddling some buns from a painting, he starts hugging her to make sure the only bunny smell on her is his own! 😆 He then keeps asking Alice how she was treated at Heart castle, particularly how she was treated by Peter. When Alice tells him about Peter’s glomping and love proclamations, Sidney thinks that Alice & Peter were lovers.  His jealousy soon turns into his passionate obsession with Alice and he just can’t keep his hands off her.  He even sneaks into her room at night hugging her from behind going “Is this what Peter would do as well?” When Alice comes back to her room from the cemetery visit, Sidney is there being snotty as usual and sick of his shit, Alice snaps back and makes fun of him knowing it’ll piss him off. It works of course and all it does is further rile up his jealousy about her past relationship with Peter. He then pushes her down on the bed kisses her babbling about how his heterochromic eye is horrible. (Sidney can’t see well from his right red eye which is why he wears that monocle. I guess red eyes = bad eyesight which is why Peter wears glasses.)

diamond024Alice says that his eyes are beautiful as she places her hand on his cheek. Sidney’s like ずきゅ~~ん♥ and kisses her saying this way she can’t look at his eyes and they end up screwing. Afterwards he tells her not to come to his office to do his slave labor filing anymore and to just go back to doing her gardening with the servants. After Alice’s passing out incidents after the assembly Sidney gets really worried about her and tells her to stay in his room for a while. Alice says she’s fine but Sidney refuses to let her out telling her if she’s bored he’ll bring her books to read. She then asks him to turn into his bunny form and while he grumbles she’s like PETER WOULD DO THIS FOR ME and he’s like omg FINE. He turns into a bun and Alice immediately hugs him. She thinks he’s so adorable and he calls her his lover but she thinks he’s referring to her being Peter’s lover. He’s like forget Peter, I AM your lover now and kisses her in his human form. Alice is like oh rly? But hmm yea I guess..and then he turns back into his bunny form so he won’t get randy with her while she’s sick xD;; They end up sleeping in bed together and Alice realizes she loves the tsundere bunneh ε-(*´∀`|萌|. Best End: Sidney rescues Alice from Joker and the number mob but when she arrives at the train station Sidney’s not with her. She comes back to him at the Diamond castle and Sidney’s sincerely worried about her. He decides to take a break from his work and they screw on his office couch. Afterwards he admits that he loves Alice but is worried that she’ll leave him to return to Peter. She tells him she loves him and she won’t leave him, but he refuses to believe her and begs her not to throw him away. (ಥ_ಥ) Not knowing wtf else to do, Alice goes to Crysta for advice and Crysta’s like “get over yourselves you lovebirds.”  She also tells Alice that she’s not into furries so Alice has no worries about her being a threat to their relationship lol.  Alice goes to the art museum a few days later where she goes into that special room where you can meet whoever your heart desires. She ends up in Sidney’s lap while he complains that he didn’t want her going to the art museum. A bunch of buns come around and he babbles that he’s distrustful of her because she’s the first person he’s ever loved.

diamond025Alice then glomps Sidney saying she loves him too and they smooch while some shota stares ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ. They go back to his office where they make out & screw on the couch. Alice tells Sidney that even if he doesn’t trust her, she will keep trying her best to get him to do so. She also tells him she likes his heterochromic eyes because while he thinks they’re an imperfection, she finds it charming. It reminds her of how imperfect she is on the inside, and can start to like the parts of herself that she now hates. In the epilogue, he gives Alice a black teacup as a present saying he’ll bake her a chocolate cake to have tea with her one day. Caged Bunny End: Alice ends up in a lock down since she’s being targeted by assassins. Crysta then puts her into a Sidney cosplay in her room saying she and Sidney will take turns watching over her. She then glomps both bunny Alice and bunny form Sidney saying the more buns the merrier. After Crysta’s taken away by maids to do her work, Sidney ichaichas with Alice on the bed as “2 bunnies”. He then babbles how Alice should just “stay locked up” so that she doesn’t abandon him. The maids ask Crysta if she’s ok with them humping like rabbits and she’s like “hey the more the merrier I hope they have lots of bunny babies ror.” 😆 Supervisor & Employee End: After Crysta sees Alice & Sidney in a fight she demands Sidney make Alice his assistant once more. Funeral End: Alice recalls a funeral when their mother died and she sees her sister crying over the coffin. She wished she could be like her sister so she could cry in the same way since she didn’t at the original funeral. Nightmare asks what Alice wants to do, and Alice says she doesn’t want to forget. Suddenly she finds herself at her sisters’s (?) grave. Omg Sidney is my favorite character in this game  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q . I feel so bad because I love Peter but dat tsundere bun is so cute I can’t resist ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆.  I thought Sidney would be a huge jerk when he was introduced as “black rabbit who hates Alice” but turns out he’s just a huge tsunderella and the cutest route in the game. (*´ω`*)

diamond004Julius & Ace  – Basically in a lot of the Julius & Ace endings, Alice is back in the country of Hearts as if she never went to Diamond and since the game takes place after Clover, there would have been no Joker no Kuni either. Also a lot of the endings seem to relate to Alice’s decision making on where exactly she wants to go. Ace’s role in diamond is he has no role. He’s a shota this time and he refuses to accept a role so he just wanders around being a wilderness man and always causing Julius to run around looking for him. He’s extremely ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ for Julius and gets really bitchy at Alice until adult Ace shows up going “man dis shota don’t know what he’s missing out but that’s ok cause I’ma drive over and grab dat sheit.” Shota Ace says he doesn’t want anyone looking for him when he runs off because if he stays near someone long enough, he’ll want to kill them. ヽ(。_゜)ノ  Alice ends up dragging him home back to Julius and wishes he’d understand that it’s a good thing someone is out there caring enough to look for you. Jericho then allows Ace to go out only with Alice so that he doesn’t get lost. Please Stay With Me A Bit Longer End: Alice runs into adult Ace and tells him she wants da shota back. Ace says that he’s ronery that he’s being left behind and says that Alice’s heart is slowly turning into ice as she forgets about those she’s known. Just then shota-Ace calls out to Alice, and adult Ace disappears. He then shows her a tree with shining leaves and says since he couldn’t find her a better food than the rabbit, he wanted to show her this instead. In the end, shota-Ace and Alice babble about how they love each other in Julius’ office until he slams his fists on his desk going “WTF!?” XD He asks if they plan to go out and Alice is like “Sure I guess?” though in her head it’s as “friends” since she doesn’t take interest in shotas ww.  Unfortunately Julius thinks Alice is a shotacon and starts flipping through child rearing books :lol:. Ace then tells Alice that she can go out with him, but he won’t let her date Julius. If You Were With Me End: Alice decides she ain’t into shotas and picks adult Ace. After the 2nd assembly, she goes for a stroll in the woods and runs into adult Ace again. Alice says how she’s lonely and has no one to hang out with but Ace tells her to ask his child self, he’d prolly agree. He then says that his child self will probably fall in love with her just like he did and before she can ask what he means, Ace kisses her.

diamond001He then warns her that his shota self may kiss her like this too but for Alice not to reciprocate cause he doesn’t want her being taken by his other self. Alice tells him if he’s so worried he should stay with her but he’s like SORRY CAN’T BABE GOTTA GO as he kisses her again and runs off. As far as Julius is concerned he’s pretty much Ace’s babysitter in this game (poor guy). Ace goes all yandere ass on Alice because he thinks she’s stealing Julius away sigh. He tries to kill Alice until Julius shows up and stops him. Julius then carries Alice back princess style (✧≖‿ゝ≖) since her foot is injured. She asks her to take him to her room so he can help take care of her foot. Alice tells Julius that she knew him from country of Hearts and he lived in the same room there too. He tells her that his room never changes no matter where but only the scenery outside changes.  Like a Family End: Julius asks if Alice wants to stay in Diamond or leave and she’s not sure. Julius asks Alice to go out with him and Ace together more often. In the Same Room End: Alice decides she wants to stay in Diamond a bit longer. They go to the art museum together and then back to Julius’ room. While they’re drinking coffee together, Julius walks over to Alice and kisses her. He asks if this is how their relationship was in the other countries and she says no (Alice pls.) He then says “I felt like it was…or maybe I just wanted to kiss you.”  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  Alice is like I’m awwwright with that babe and they continue making out in his room. YESSS thank you QuinRose, it was short but extremely sweet. (*´ω`*) Still the BL rage from Ace was pretty annoying lmao. I like adult sawayaka-troll Ace more than angry butthurt shota Ace. Also it seems like shota Ace doesn’t get lost, in fact he knows exactly where he’s going so I guess once Ace decided to abandon his role it pretty much turned him into a general directionally challenged dude.  Alone in the Castle End: Alice finds herself waking up in the castle of Hearts but there’s no one else there. She sees a bunny form Peter and starts chasing but loses him and instead finds a bunny form Sidney who tells her to chase him. Suddenly she trips & falls and instead Julius appears before her asking her wtf she’s doing. He tells her he’ll lead her to the exit but as they start walking Alice starts crying. Not knowing what to do Julius gives Alice a hug. (*´ω`*)

diamond003The View from the Clock Tower End: Alice finds herself at the lock tower with Julius after waking up from a dream with no memories of Diamond. To clear her mind she goes outside to get some air but a strong wind blows her over the edge. Julius tries to save her but is unable to reach but Alice thinks that this is all just a dream and she’ll just wake up shortly in Julius’ room while he drinks his coffee. (I’m assuming this is a dead end?) Trio’s Night Camping Trip: Alice ends up having an outdoor camping trip with Julius & Ace and she has no memories of her time in the country of Diamonds. They have some BBQ and then Ace whips out his wine bottle and gets poor Julius drunk :lol:. Alice falls asleep on Ace’s shoulder and Ace tells Julius that if he’s not around, the 2 of them can’t get a proper rest. As he says this Alice starts unconsciously crying in her sleep. Trio at the Amusement Park End: Alice finds herself on a rollercoaster at the amusement park with Julius & Ace as if Diamond was all a dream. After they get off Julius is on the verge of puking so Ace goes to buy some drinks. Alice tells Julius to rest himself in her lap but he starts babbling until Alice forces his head into her lap  |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . She tells him she feels like she was thrown from a totally different world just now but before they can finish talking Ace comes back yelling how he’s all jelly. He then says that if they “leave him out” he’ll get ronery so ONLY 3P ALLOWED /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. He then grabs Julius’ and Alice’s hands to drag him on more rollercoasters. Secret Chat Between the Two: Alice wakes up in Julius’ office and her adventures at Diamond seem like it was all a dream. While Julius steps out, Ace sleeping next to her wakes up sniffing her hair and they drink coffee together.  The View from Atop the Directional Arrow: Alice finds herself in the directional arrow forest and then runs into Ace. He’s lost as usual but grabs her hand telling her to run for it before the arrows grab them. Alice gets tired and stops but she suddenly finds herself in a white space on top of one of the arrows. Ace voice tells her she’s now in control of her destiny and must tell the arrow where to go. Yea Julius & Ace were kinda mishmashed with them being in the country of Hearts to Ace being lost just like Alice to him guiding her out of Diamond no Kuni. Too much symbolism and I really had a difficult time trying to figure out where some of these endings even led to.

diamond005Nightmare & Gray – Poor Nightmare got shafted as being the only character with no kiss CG in the game. Ok I realize he’s a shota but hey adult Ace got a kiss CG so I think it’s only fair that adult Nightmare get one too??? Wtf. (´・ω・`)  Nightmare is the station master though in shota form. Alice comes to visit him to play chess. Nightmare suggests that Alice move from Hatter to the train station and she’s so happy she glomps Nightmare shota and he’s like ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ XD. When Alice tells Blood she plans to move to the train station he’s like “how about no”.  He prepares to get one of his servants to kill Alice, but then Gray saves her. Elliot shoots Alice and injures her but she survives and Gray takes her away to the train station. The mafia comes to the train station after Alice to try to get her back. Gray tells Alice the only reason he keeps Nightmare alive is because he doesn’t want to kill a “sick child” so he’s waiting for him to get better and grow up first lol. When Nightmare comes down with a fever, Alice takes care of him. She places her forehead against his to feel for a fever and his temperature goes up ε-(*´∀`|萌| cause he’s busy being embarrassed xDDD. Just then Gray comes in with the food he prepared for Nightmare…and we all know Gray’s cooking skills. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ  Alice runs off leaving poor Nightmare to endure the “prepared meal” :lol:.  Gray goes into some witchcraft store to buy “cooking”ingredients (and you shouldn’t be buying cooking ingredients there.)  They get back to make the soup for Nightmare and it’s like black & purple. Alice tries to stop Gray from making it worse but he’s like “you don’t understand” and continues making it. Soon as Nightmare eats the food he passes out and Gray points out that it’s a special sleep medicine that will make him sleep and “rest” his body lol. He says that a lot of people are after Nightmare and he doesn’t want anyone else taking his “target”. After this Alice finds Gray sitting in the forest with his squirrel friends. He then starts smoking his cigarette which brings back memories of the Gray that Alice knows. The twins show up some days later forcing Alice to come hang out with them. Their trip is interrupted when she hears Gray causing havoc and runs after him. He tells her she’s an idiot for going after him, smacks her forehead and blows smoke into her face. (´;ω;`)

diamond006As they take a walk in the forest a bunch of guys come after Gray and he tells Alice to run for it so she isn’t in the way of him fighting. Alice is worried about him but he kisses her on the forehead and tells her he’ll be fine. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ Riding the Train End:  Shota Nightmare and Alice take a train ride together in her dream. It’s not just any train, but the train to get Alice to the country of Hearts. He tells her that even if she goes back, she can always come visit him and can ride this dream train until she’s ready to get on the real one. Formal Unveiling End: Alice decides to reject the offer to move to the train station and stays at the Hatter mansion. Instead though, she decides to move her workplace to the train station while living at the Hatters. Alice then attends a ceremony of formally unveiling a new train by Nightmare. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned and 2 trains crash into each other. Successful Job Change End: Gray decides to stop being an assassin and just work for Nightmare normally. He then begins calling Nightmare as “Nightmare-sama” and wearing a train station worker uniform. Alice starts to remember the good ol’ days of Gray and Nightmare at the Clover tower. She tells him he looks hot in his uniform and Gray takes that as a sign of her being interested in him, and kisses her. He then says that he’ll be a good employee but in his private time he’ll do whatever he wants. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン THANK YOU QUIN ROSE I AM SATISFIED WITH THIS ENDING. Double Work End: Gray asks Nightmare to hire him as an office worker. He tells Alice that he did this because he felt it was time to retire as an assassin and because Nightmare’s too damn weak lol. He thanks Alice for recommending the idea to him which gave him the push he needed. He then kisses her forehead and smacks it xD. He then tells Alice that while he’s working for Nightmare, he still technically hasn’t quit his assassin job.  Overall short but still a pretty good route which really shows why the hell Gray was putting up with Nightmare in the first place. He felt EXTREMELY different than he did in all the other games though. (Let’s face it I think of Gray as this gentleman who keeps begging Nightmare to do his job, not a rough guy with rough hair blowing smoke in Alice’s face orz.) Still though, the randy inside of Gray is the same throughout both games. I kinda wish they added a scene of Alice provoking Gray by poking his lizard tattoo oh well XD.

diamond007Boris – Boris works at the train station unofficially for Nightmare in order to receive a place to stay. He finds Alice imprisoned at the Hatter mansion and looks through her window.  Alice asks him to help her escape and so the two of them run away from the Hatter mansion into the woods together. They jump down a hole to hide and then walk towards a light at the end of the tunnel….which of course is Ace. He lets them stay in his tent for a bit and then they go on their way. They make it to the train station where they ask Nightmare to help hide them there. When Alice asks why Boris decided to rescue her, he says he couldn’t leave her alone like that. He takes her to a room where she can stay at the train station. Boris asks her to help him take care of a bunch of nukos that Nightmare keeps around (though most have been brought in by Gray lol.)  The Hatter bodyguards keep coming to the station to look for Alice so she’s constantly hiding. Refusing to go back to the Hatter, Alice goes to Boris’ room and plays with his mass of nukos. In order to help hide her, he gives her a hood with kitty ears so she can go out with him(✧≖‿ゝ≖).  The Hatter guards find them again but the nukos help create a distraction while Boris grabs Alice & runs. Kitty Train End:  Alice decides it’s unsafe to have her stay at the train station so she wants to move. She and Boris jump on the train just as the Hatter’s mob comes after them. Boris yells out to Nightmare to take care of his nukos. He starts prpring Alice until suddenly his mob of nukos comes to cockblock xD. Resting with the Kitty End: Alice decides to stay with Boris and he tells her not to get too comfy with other nukos cause he gets jelly. He then licks her while she cuddles a pink nuko.  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  Hnng Boris you cutie pie ♡♡♡♡. I gotta say though that I recommend doing Boris right before Blood because while doing this route Blood felt like a jerk so then doing Blood immediately after I was like “oh okay”. I think doing Boris after Blood’s route in midst of the conflict would have left a bad aftertaste because then it feels like Boris is a jerk for taking Alice away and making her seem even more suspicious to Blood & co.

diamond008Crysta Snowpigeon – Crysta is the queen of Diamonds but sadly unlike Vivaldi she’s as cold as ice with very little emotions. All she wants to do is have fun and play with her toys like an immature child. She changes her form from adult to child at will and rather than bitching like Vivaldi, she simply freezes  & kills things in an instant. She has a collection room which looks like an ice cave and it’s full of things that she has frozen overtime (including a massive dragon.) She also apparently hates Vivaldi and hates the color red or the sight of blood. Alice wants to know why she never sees the king of diamonds so she asks Crysta about it directly. Crysta tells her that because he’s afraid of her, he always runs away and hides and comes out when he feels that it’s “safe”. This is all of course a lie and a delusion because… King of Diamonds End: Crysta has Alice meet the King of Diamonds……who is frozen in a block of ice in her collection room. ( ´_ゝ`) Her reasoning is he was so scared of her he kept running away so to keep him in place she froze him! What a waste of ikeman. Her reaction is kinda creepy though because she goes “He used to come out and play with me but now he never does this anymore” to which Alice (and I) go “if he’s frozen like this there’s no way he can ever come play with you…” Bad End: Crysta gets pissed thinking Alice is going to run away from her, and freezes her and adds her as part of her collection. I actually didn’t like that Crysta got almost no character development (and I don’t mean she needs to yuri up with Alice) but I guess I felt like Vivaldi was a lot more caring? Then again I think Crysta in general is supposed to symbolize the fact that Alice has fallen into this “If” scenario and her memories and heart are as cold as ice – just like Crysta. And that rather than growing up and getting over her problems (like her sister’s death), instead Alice choses to stay in this world, freeze her heart and only enjoy what’s around her with no real attachment or feelings. So I guess in that sense, I think Crysta is a necessary character but I still would have like to see more development or at least a happy ending for her with the King of Diamonds (´;ω;`).

diamond010Joker – As always Joker leaves me like  ヽ(・´ω`・)ノ ワッケ!!(ノ・´ω`・)ノ ワッカ!! ヽ(・´ω`・)ノラン!!  He tells Alice that as long as she has train tickets, he will always see her. Joker is the train operator so I’m guessing since the entire game revolves around “the train” and each chapter is a “ticket” he’s sort of the 4th wall where once your tickets for a character run out – he sends you back to station 1 to start all over.  White Mask End:  Alice wonders what would happen if she became a resident instead of an outsider. She finds herself in a ballroom with Joker with no memories of Diamond. Joker tells Alice that this ball is just for the 2 of them and they dance together. Joker tells her he loves her and kisses her to prove it lol. He then gives her a white mask asking if she wants to become a faceless person like the ones in this world. Alice says she doesn’t want to be faceless but he’s like too bad so sad now you won’t have a worry or care in the world as he slips the mask on. Black Funeral End: Alice finds herself at a cemetary during a funeral. Joker shows her the inside of the grave full of numbers and while Alice is confused he grabs & kisses her. He then disappears leaving her running through darkness until she runs into the funeral again (I’m confused though was Alice the one in the coffin now then?)  A Stage Just for the Two of Us End: Alice tries to run away from Joker on the train going through all the wonder worlds but instead gets intercepted by both of them.  Alice finds a gun in her pocket thanks to Nightmare and shoots into the ceiling. Joker freaks out and leaves Alice alone – until suddenly she meets him again in the prison.  He then pushes her against the bars and starts licking and kissing her lol. Alice pushes him away and so he changes the scenery bringing her onto the circus stage instead.

diamond011Final Terminal End: Alice shoots Joker and he turns into confetti. A few moments later Joker comes by asking her to present her ticket. She walks off the train with Joker going “let’s begin the circus”. White Prison End: Alice wakes up to find herself in an ice cave which looks like Crysta’s collection chamber. Joker shows up saying he’s been waiting a long time for her. He then says that he loves her and kisses her an Alice is like wtf?  She then sees a bunch of flowers frozen in ice and Joker tells her if she wants them, to reach out for them.  Joker helps her by taking her hand and they’re able to somehow melt the ice and go through it like water. Alice ends up falling inside the ice  with the flowers and sleeping in there forever. Joker tells her not to worry or remember anything as he watches over her. Black Throne End: Alice ends up in some black room with no memories of Diamond and only Joker, who says she’s in the country where he’s king. He then kisses her telling her she’s the one who wished it to be like this and passes some weird drink mouth to mouth. He tells her that if losing someone is painful, then she should just lose herself. As Alice starts blacking out Joker tells her to become the ruler of this country so he can be her enemy. Symbolism in yo face but yea it’s hard for me to grasp what exactly Joker is. I can only assume the final terminal end is Alice being thrown into the next country which would be Spade because she’s the “main guest” and she’s going to continue wandering. I guess that’s why Nightmare hates Joker and always tries to pull Alice off the train so that she stops wandering and settles on staying somewhere in wonderland. If anyone has a better explanation I’m all ears.

And finally the most important ending of all….
diamond009White Rabbit End: Alice wonders if it’s okay for her to stay in the country of Diamonds without Peter like this. Joker tells her she needs to hurry and decide where the train will take her. Alice thinks about her feelings for Sidney but realizes she can’t live without Peter because he was the one who brought her to this world to begin with. Alice quietly runs out from the Diamond castle and goes to all the places she’s stayed one last time recalling memories. She then goes to the door forest and she knows which door will bring her back to Peter and remind her of her time with Lorina. As she opens the door, Peter is there waiting for her and they embrace. C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! PETTERRRRRR 。゚(*ノДノ)゚。わ~ん Lol man still I have SUCH GUILT about abandoning Sidney (which is like the worst thing you can do to the poor guy augh…щ(ಥДಥщ)).

Other Notes/Symbolism stuff/Ramble:

  • So to reiterate I guess, railroad represents Alice’s feelings and decisions of whether or not she will go back and that’s why Joker is the train conductor. It represents Alice’s swaying which is why in every ending someone saves her FROM the train because otherwise she wanders into nowhere, or ends up dying. (I guess like falling off the cliff in Anniversary?)
  • Chess is important because thanks to chess Blood somewhat remembered that Alice is a good guy and not a spy.
  • Ace is a lost wanderer just like Alice which is why I guess in the other games he always said Alice is like him and he likes her the way she is – confused and with no direction. Soo when Alice’s direction points to Julius Ace gets jelly and bitchy and if Alice is heading that way, then he only wants a 3P end >_>.
  • Crysta represents Alice’s frozen heart and how she’s forgotten about the other worlds – particularly forgotten about her sister and simultaneously forgotten Peter. Well technically Alice hasn’t forgotten Peter, she kept thinking about him and crying about how much she misses him but her sister was definitely forgotten.  By deciding to accept responsibility of her sister’s memories she then is able to return to Peter by opening the forest door leading her into where she wants to be.
  • The special room in the art museum that allows you to be taken to where your heart desires is kind of like a forest door  I think. The difference is that you can possibly be trapped in an illusion if what you desire isn’t real or something. I still didn’t quite get that.
  • Wtf is that blob of numbers that chases Alice in every ending? Is that supposed to represent time trying to catch up with Alice that she’s been running away from?
  • I had a theory in Anniversary that Alice was actually dying from the same disease as her sister & mother and the only way to “escape” it was to go into Wonderland. I know it sounds weird but I feel like this game kinda confirmed it? With the whole funeral scenario and all the endings where Alice dies if she doesn’t decide where to go because then she gets booted out of wonderland and into the real world which = death. I could be wrong but I’ll just pretend that secretly my theory is somewhat valid! 😆

final thoughts


Warning this game contains slight confinement scenario but at least it’s not an uguu cage of love. Unlike all the other games, nobody here loves Alice. In the other games they just magically fall for her but here it takes time for her to get to know them so most of the time she just annoys them. This is good cause its less Mary Sue but bad because nooo my babies all hate me щ(ಥДಥщ). It’s like Heart no Kuni no Alice: щ(ºДºщ) Y U ALL LOVE ME | Diamond no Kuni noAlice: щ(ಥДಥщ) Y WON’T U LOVE ME. The entire game it’s quite obvious how much Alice misses Peter but the other characters in here help her a bit to forget about it though consequently causing her “feelings and heart” to freeze just like the Queen of Diamonds. I think overall the story was pretty interesting but I still feel like Elliot & twins’ routes were a waste. If they were gonna have them act like assholes to Alice the whole time, I would have just preferred them have shorter routes and more focus on the “side” characters. Seriously I would have preferred longer routes for Julius, Boris, Nightmare and Gray (´・ω・`). Jericho’s route was really interesting though so even though I’m not into gachimuchi ossans it was still worth the playthrough. Blood was a lot nicer but I didn’t really feel that his route contributed THAT much to the overall story (except the chess aspect) so they coulda cut down on the bias (and the mass of kiss CGs :lol:). Sidney was adorable though and probably the only route I felt was justly as long as it was making him my favorite Diamond character. I think if you were only a fan of CERTAIN characters in the Alice series, you would probably be disappointed but if you pretty much liked everyone then this game is definitely worth the playthrough. Fujimaru’s art is really nice too though Alice’s loli face took some time getting used to :lol:. As far as Cero D……School Wars was a lot worse lmao. I serisouly think this game coulda passed for Cero C lol. A few people who never touched the Alice series thought they could play this game since it’s straight VN but I do not recommend doing that. This game makes a lot of references to Heart/Ani, Clover and Joker so I would not recommend playing this until you played at least those 3. (Omochabako is just an AU fandisk and is not necessary.) And finally for play order I recommend Nightmare, Gray, Twins, Ace, Elliot, Boris, Blood, Julius, Jericho, Joker, Crysta, Sidney, White Rabbit End. Especially ending the game with White Rabbit end makes for the best way to conclude it. 😉 Anyway this will be my last post for 2012, have a happy new year everyone, see you in 2013! ☆゚+。*゚(*´д`良い年になりますように´д`*)゚*。+゚☆

32 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

  1. Happy New Year to you too! And now…
    (why did you have to be a douche in your route Elliot D:)
    And yum, Blood is another one of my favorite characters lmfao so even if his story didn’t contribute much I can appreciate the bias 8DD hahaha
    Anyways good to see Sidney was a good bunny 😀 he reminds me of my pet rabbit lmfao cause my rabbit whenever I fall asleep he attacks anybody who tries to get close to me LOL and gets mad at me if he smells any other bunny on me WWWWW I love my baby bahahahaha I just love bunnies so much ;A; I want Sidney and Peter full routes in one Alice game please! DO IT QUINROSE PLEASE ;_;
    And all dat symbolism dang. I mean I know the Alice games always have a ton of symbolism in them but wow this just added way more into the game series. I guess I appreciate that though since it certainly makes the games more interesting.
    Anyways great review :3 I’m definitely going to start this… sometime…. when I have more time lol I’m curious as to what they’re going to do for the next Alice game? …I also wonder if there’s ever going to be a sort of concrete final game lmfao I mean cause the basis behind a lot of the Alice games is Alice’s regrets and guilt and her memories of her sister and stuff which make it so she, idk is conflicted about staying IDK you know I just don’t know www never mind I asked 😛
    Hope you have a great New Year! ^0^

    1. haha Peter and Sidney were so cute. Elliot not so much but at least we can hope that in Spade he’ll be back to his old self щ(ಥДಥщ)

      Isn’t your bun also black? So you have a Sidney all to yourself x333
      And yea the symbolism was totally interesting, I think it really added to the game since Joker/Omocha didn’t really have much of that.
      Have fun when you finally get to playing and be sure to leave the best bun for last 😉

      1. Yeah if Elliot goes back to his adorkable-ness in Spade then I’LL HAVE THREE USAGIS TO MYSELF F YEAH
        And yup my bunny is black xD and I do kind of have one all to myself :3 in fact now I feel the need to go and hug him now LOL I would adopt a white boy rabbit too but boy bunnies typically fight so that probably wouldn’t be smart 😛
        Yeah Daiya feels like another more serious (I guess you could say?) game in terms of the addition to the storyline/symbolism so I’m pretty excited to see what QuinRose has in store for us next 😀

  2. The game doesn’t seem too bad. I’m pissed about Elliot and the twins practically being a waste, but I’m glad Blood seems so sweet. I’m surprised at the number of endings Julius and Ace get, if you put all of those ends together they could almost have a full route. Crysta seems fun and so does Sidney, but I have to agree with you on Jericho’s looks (also, why another mafia dude? Still pissed about that, we have 5 now!)

    I finished LH and liked it a lot, despite my raging today over the last route. But IDK, I just can’t muster up the will to play Diamond, even if the plot seems interesting and the art good. Maybe I’ll be able to play it once my copy arrives, but I don’t see myself finishing it in a week like I did with LH….more like something I’ll pick up a few in a month. The disappointment of no full Boris, Julius or Peter and horrible Elliot and twins is still too much.

    1. Yea the amount of ends for Ace especially was pretty surprising but I think mostly because Ace was supposed to be a “parallel” of Alice being lost and indecisive like himself? (I think anyway)

      While the disappointment of full routes is high for me as well, I guess I kinda prefer it to the copypasta of say stuff like Joker? The constant template of “first the circus, then this event, then she wakes up in bed with guy ____” etc. If cutting that kind of thing out is what it takes then I’m totally fine with it. However yea, giving a full route to Elliot and the Twins and making it shitty is something that pisses me off lol. Still I think the story was interesting enough that I really do hope you give it a chance – especially Jericho & Sidney since Jericho had a good story and Sidney was just adorable in general. Maybe it’ll even change your feelings about Blood! 😀

      1. About Blood, I doubt it. I might love him in this game, but like you said, this is probably the last time we see nice Blood. On Spade it’s probably back to his usual jerk self. At least the twins and Elliot would go back to being nice…..hopefully.

  3. ♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪ Happy new year♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩
    Thank you so much, your review clear up a lot of thing for me. Despite all the rages at first ( I want Gray and Julius’s full routes ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ ) i’m glad the plot still turn out to be good. The art’s so beautiful and we have a toll, too. Thank u Quinrose( ´∀`)
    This time i watched all of your broadcast even though it’s at night or early morning in my country, it’s soooooooo worth itヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ
    Shota Nightmare and Sydney’s so cute. Gray and Boris look so hot in uniform (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン it’s a pity it’s only a brief . Gray did feel really different but untamed Gray is extremely sexy, i can’t resist (*´Д`)ハァハァ .Especially his successful Job Change End.
    i like King’s design so it’s really a waste of ikeman(´Д`。).
    Now QR solved this game plot problem i hope they will give us a fandisk with all left character’s full routes ( Gray and Moelius( i love his blushing face), please ) oh and Peter vs Sydney would be nice too(*´艸`*)
    May I ask what exactly Quinrose excuse for not making all character’s full routes? I did saw someone post it on weibo (it seems from the booklet ?) but i can’t understand it fully cause my kanji suck, so sorry for bother.
    Again, thank you for the detail review , especially symbolism stuff (-^〇^-)
    Wish you have a nice year with otome games

    1. I just looked in the booklet and I completely missed that page lol. I glanced through it and from what it seems like, they can’t fit all of the stuff on the UMD. They said if they had added anymore content, it would have lagged the game to which I say 1. Go back to PC and 2. If PC is too buggy to deal with (cough Clover), then make everyone’s routes equal like you did in Omochabako :/

      They did say they plan to do “Another version” so maybe a fandisk is in the works? They also already have Spade in planning so at least we know that’s coming!

      THanks for watching the broadcast 😀 Glad people find it useful to follow.

      1. thank you for the explain 😀
        their excuse seems not entirely convincing but glad to hear there are more Alice games :3

  4. I personally find it interesting that the they flopped all of the Hatter personalities so too speak. Initially when I was reading it I was wondering if the whole game would follow a similar premise of sorts. Sort of like how in Blood’s route Alice points out that they’re all Blood to her and she loves all versions of him. In that ideal I figured they would be exploring the duality of their characters. Two sides of the same coin so to speak. Almost how Alice projects herself differently in Wonderland then how she has seen to be in real life.

    Sadly though this doesn’t hold much merit. Pretty much every one other then the Hatter residents sound the same or rather like younger/rewound versions of themselves.

    Now this is just an idea I had but here it goes; Alice returning to the kingdom of Hearts in my opinion, ‘freezes’ her heart. Why? Mainly because from Heart/Joker we know that Wonderland is partially made from her own desire to be accepted. An escape from the reality she comes from. Where everyone fawns over her and she isn’t overshadowed by her sister.

    To me, returning to that world is much more ‘freezing herself from feelings and growth’. Especially if you consider the White Rabbit ending. Who was the one whom first pulled her into Wonderland and fights to keep her there? Away from the realities of her waking world and the responsibilities it holds. Perhaps it’s just me seeing it as a sense of irony, but even though Alice is running forwards to the kingdom of Hearts and Peter; she’s really running backwards. Back to Peter who loves her unconditionally, sure; but also prevents her from growth.

    Then again, the only ones who really know what’s going on and always seem out to help her are Julius and Nightmare, in my opinion. Sure Julius doesn’t remember her either but he is still helping and protecting Alice. Julius says she should wake up and accept her reality; while Nightmare trying to stop her wandering and allowing her to take root and grow. While Joker is either her guilt to be punished or something of the like. As Peter is the opposite, coddling and keeping Alice from accepting any of the realities of her past life.

    Just some thoughts really. Long run omg Sydney. I can’t believe you need to abandon him to get the Peter end. ;3; Seriously talk about hitting the guy in the one spot that’ll hurt the most. Can we have both bunnies in Spade plz QuinRose??

    1. Wow I think you’re on to something! Which would explain that Alice ending up with Julius & Ace back in Heart would mean that she’s going backwards..however I think when she goes to Peter she’s going to Clover, not Heart, so she’s already somewhat “accepted” memories of her sister there (Maybe?) Or maybe it’s like this diagram where all worlds are on an axis and Alice just keeps going back & forth between “wah wah Lorina” to “screw dis shit let’s have some fun!” (ala Crysta).

      Thanks for the input though I think that’s a great way to look at things. I do agree with you on Julius, he was the only one who was probably the best for her and Nightmare too though the poor guy got shafted this time around. Elliot seems like a younger version of himself but the twins I don’t get I mean…they’re old so they go back to being young and then being old again? Yea that part confused me lol.

      1. Unless they pull something out of their asses for why Dee and Dum were adults; I think it was just pandering to the fans. Or it would have something to do with ‘buying’ time on their clocks like Jericho talked about. My guess is still the former.

        As for the timeline, I think it’s very loose and non-linear. Especially when I’ve read Diamond is supposed to be after Heart/Clover. But the *Kingdom* of Diamond takes place before Heart, Clover, and Joker. With this being said I think that the shifts in kingdoms are in response to Alice and her fickle heart. Or following the in some sort of coma/illness idea; a change in her condition. It’s a shift in her own character and the world she perceives around her.

        From what I’ve understood, Clover means that Alice has given up being responsible for her real life and remains in Wonderland. Because if you are too responsible she returns home. Following with that the true end shows us that her home isn’t the happy cheery time she originally projected. I think the worlds shift based on Alice herself. So her returning to Peter could be returning to the Kingdom of Hearts or continuing on the story into Joker.

        In closing here is a metaphorical way of seeing the progression of the kingdoms:

        Heart- Healing a broken soul. Escaping the realities of life. Denying her responsibilities to her past she turns to…
        Clover- Whimsical, full of life. The one who told her to take responsibility is gone. Gazing back, she finds herself in…
        Diamond- A reflection of what was. A mirrored reality. The truth hidden away in glass. Following the white rabbit home to…
        Joker- The circus has come for her. The piper demanding his price be paid. Her responsibility once again wishing to be seen. Finally leading her to…
        Spade- An enigma of death.

        Anyhow just an idea I thought up of how the timeline works. Probably isn’t right especially since it’s more a metaphorical idea then having any solid backing.

        1. Heart- Healing a broken soul. Escaping the realities of life. Denying her responsibilities to her past she turns to…
          Clover- Whimsical, full of life. The one who told her to take responsibility is gone. Gazing back, she finds herself in…
          Diamond- A reflection of what was. A mirrored reality. The truth hidden away in glass. Following the white rabbit home to…
          Joker- The circus has come for her. The piper demanding his price be paid. Her responsibility once again wishing to be seen. Finally leading her to…
          Spade- An enigma of death.

          You are genius lol. It’s like you pretty much explained the blob that was in my head the whole time but I couldn’t quite put it together! 😆
          The Joker thing especially I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

          I agree about Alice’s change in condition/shift in character. I had also thought of Diamond being the “what IF Alice DID open one of the forest doors and Peter was unable to stop her” since they often said Diamond is an “if” scenario

  5. Happy new year, Hinano! Also, SKIPPING THROUGH SPOILERS LIKE A BOSS.

    I’m glad that overall you find it a good game, since I was really unsure about this. Also, I like *cough* gachimuchi ossans, so that should be an interesting route to take. PIty that the twins didn’t seem to be good, though. I like the twins. Them and Elliot being TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNdere doesn’t seem quite right.

    1. HNY!
      No problem you can come back when you’ve played the game to give your thoughts on it ;D
      Hey if those ossans is what you like then I think you will probably love Jericho XD;; He’s really a sweet guy.
      And yea you will see how twins & especially Elliot are just blah so it’s good to do their routes early on and get them out of the way x_x.

  6. Gachimuchi+ ossan = My type. Yes, I’m not ashamed :3 (To make it worse, I also have similar small stature like Alice xD)

    But too bad for the twins, I’m really hoping for a good route. Since twins are now my new feti–okay, I’ll stop right there.

    Speaking of which, twins aren’t really common in otome right? Especially randy ones lol.

    1. haha then you’ll love Jericho!!! xD;
      Yea I don’t know of too many games where you can have a 3P end with twins. Usually if there are twins they always seem to hate each other and have separate routes (like Under the Moon or Da Capo Girls Symphony.)

      1. Definitely ;))

        Yeah, separate routes… I actually kind of wanting more of 3P twin end rather than MainInterestxHeroinexLover or something like that. Can’t really explain why but probably because it’s more refreshing? And I can go for heroine’s reason “I dunno who to choose oh noes wat to do” for this one lol.

        Twins are just awesome~

        Anyways, I’m really glad that this game is turned out pretty good. I do wonder how long will Alice’s series last though..It looks really endless to me xD

        (Crap, I’m not into QR’s art, but it seems I can’t stop staring at Jericho’s opened shirt.)

  7. Interesting….:D I think that Diamond is pretty much a AU from the series. It seemed hella different, complete opposite of Heart. Does that mean Spade would be in this AU or the usual Heart style? Hmm….oh! It looks like they’ve upgraded the art style o u o I’m liking this new style!! 😀 I hope Spade will be the last of the series (and it’s not going to be like the Hakuouki series ^^; ) Will you be playing Glass Heart Princess? 😀 I’m liking the system so far but it’s confusing without playing with the guide :S xD!

    1. I wouldn’t exactly call it AU. Omochabako is AU but Diamond is definitely somehow “connected” to the other games especially when it comes to endings for Joker and Ace and the scenario spoilers for Jericho. I don’t mind if they make more Alice games since I do like the characters I just hope they keep them IN character and stop trying to change them to add to “drama” 😐

    1. Did you play the game? I like the twins a lot but I feel like this game only made them look bad in my eyes 😦 Hopefully if you did play the game and it didn’t phase you then more power to ya xD

        1. oh ok, well I liked the twins in the alice games too but they’re really different in this one so I recommend trying it out yourself!

  8. Wow, this looks good. I kinda want Sydney now, since he’s not at all what I expected. Ok, so Alice has Peter, I can have Syd, and now I need to find someone to take Ellie-kun and then we can become a Usagi-chan team!
    But yeah, I really like this. Nightmare’s always been my fav, (Still is), but I’m begining to like Syd-kun and Peta-kun now. Since Peta-kun is infacuated with Alice though, it’d be easier if I take Syd-kun, so that he can have an Outsider lover like his rival does. !(◎_◎;)
    I’m so smart….

  9. I like the Artist but I prefer her works in the manga only. Like you said, Alice kinda looks very Loli lol.

    Im a fan of Ace, Nightmare, Gray. So I was kinda bummed they didnt have the main routes. At least I had Blood, and Sidney 🙂 But wth they cut off like everyone else except the Hatter family +new characters. I was reading off some Jap blogs and I found an interesting comment where they said that Quinrose was gonna have another game where other charcters will have their turn. I hope this is true! Coz I think I like Randy Yandere characters like Ace lol

    1. yea I agree for some reason her manga art always looks better when its in black & white than in color lol. Yea I liked the tower group the most (Julius & Gray especially) but I think even their short endings were cute x3. The Japanese blogs are probably talking about the apology QR made in their limited edition booklet where they mention they do intend to make “another version” of the game but since the story is so solidified I can only imagine it’ll just be some kind of a fandisk at this point.

  10. After spending 3 weeks painfully tanking through this game, I’m finally done, and I have to admit, it’s probably my least favourite Alice game. Not just because they got rid of almost half the cast and lied about, but also because half of it, the mafia plot, completely sucked. The whole mafia spy crap might have worked in other games where they had tons of storyline and places to write for, but in a game where these guys and 3/5 of the cast, the story for their place should have been so much tighter and original. Add in Twins and Elliot being jerks, and the whole game feels like it only has 3 full routes.

    One part of the plot that could have been really interesting, Jericho, is completely ruined because it is so balls deep confusing I have no idea what’s going on, and unlike with Heart there is not true ending to try to explain it all. So that part is a confusing mess with an ossan I found way too large around Alice and that made the romance kind a creepy to boot too. So that only leaves Sidney, who had a very good route and I enjoyed him very much, but he didn’t have as much plot as Jericho either.

    In the end the only thing I ended up taking from this game, is my own theory on whom Sidney in Peter are supposed to be based from. Everyone in Wonderland means something to Alice, and before I thought Peter was the afternoons with Lorina, but now I think Peter IS supposed to be Lorina, in a sense (at least the one Alice loves and remembers, not the one that was a ho). Think about it, both Peter and Lorina love Alice unconditionally despite all her flaws, and both want nothing more than Alice to stay with them. Like we see in Clover, it’s downright implied that Lorina’s sickness got much worse after Alice started to talk about moving out, and Peter always says he can’t go on without Alice.

    This might seems like I’m stretching, but then add in Sidney, who is supposed to be Peter’s opposite. Who was close to Alice in the real world that acted the complete opposite Lorina did towards her? Her little sister Edith. From what we see of her, she was snooty and rude towards Alice, very much like Sidney in the beginning, thinking of her as flawed and blaming her for everything. Now factor in Sidney’s other big character point, that he has abandonment issues. We know that after her mother’s death, Lorina took care of Alice, but do we ever see who took care of Edith? Not once, and I think Alice doesn’t even mention her when he see flashbacks of her time with Lorina, even though the one CG we see of her she is wearing the same childish clothes Alice and Lorina did in their together time (so maybe she did that to get attention from them?) We know the father buried himself in work after the mom died, so the most likely thing was that Edith was ignored by everyone, hence she felt that she was abandoned, which may in turn explain why she was rude to Alice. Also, her hairstyle is kinda similar to Sidney’s, just longer and not as straight….

    This new theory of mine gets me even more pissed with Jericho, because I’m wondering, who is he? Because in the original story he is the stand in for the author, someone who helped create wonderland itself. So he could be someone super important in the real world that helped Alice shape Wonderland as it is now, but no, we never get any kind of clue as to what he could be in his route. Wasted opportunity. Which, in the end, is what I feel this game is like. It’s not awful per say, but it could have been so much more if it had been given more time and attention.

    1. No you are right lol they cut so much….if they were gonna cut stuff I wish they cut off those awful twins & Elliot routes lmao. I’m glad you made it through the game since at least Sidney’s rout was nice and while the plot of Blood’s rout was stupid as all hell, I at least liked him a lot more than I liked him in any other game xD;; Maybe that was their intention? XD. I don’t know what the point of making Elliot & the twins so fucking hateful was though =_=;.

      I like your theory on Peter & Sidney being Alice’s siblings…would make perfect sense actually. Nice one, I never really thought about it but the way you describe it seems to fit well. Yea too bad about Jericho, his route kinda left me scratching my head as well. Maybe they will do a continuation to it like they seem to do with all their games lately…

  11. You know, I actually really liked Elliot’s route. Perhaps because I went into it knowing his personality well enough to know right from the start of Blood’s little game that I wasn’t surprised. It was frustrating, yes, but I honestly enjoyed his route a lot, moreso even than Jericho’s route. Elliot’s seemed very tense and so once he started getting emotional and worked up and finally sweet it made everything that much nicer for me.

    I think Jericho had better events and such, but I… kept seeing Gowland in his place. From the first time they mentioned that Jericho was like her uncle, the whole rest of the route I couldn’t get that out of my head. Wonderful…

    1. I liked Sydney the most out of everyone, Jericho was a bit too…large for me? XD He was a great character but I didn’t necessarily want to romance him lol
      I guess you like Elliot enough to forgive his actions but it just irritated me :/ The only time he was acceptable to me was in one of the bad ends where Alice remembers him the way he was in the previous worlds. I hope in Spade or whatnot, he’s back to his old self cause I can’t deal with his personality in Diamond :S

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