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FFXIV: Cumulative Winter Seasonal Event Digest

Also I’m a highlander!?

Alright we’ve had a few seasonal events on FFXIV the past month which is basically Christmas and New Year’s.  They also did a blue mage update but screw that ain’t nobody got time for limited jobs. 😲

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*<(。´∀`)ノ【∮*+゜*。Merry Xmas。* ゚+*∮】


Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to spend it with someone lovely (♡ ≖‿ゝ≖).

Poupee Christmas 2011

Well this is my 4th Poupee Christmas and at this point there’s just nothing new for me to buy…

Katherine doesn’t seem like she cares about this fact either and gave us fugly christmas sweaters and man santa outfits meh. Hoping something else will be released in addition to what she has up now…otherwise I guess I’ll be saving my ribbons for New Year kimonos.

Poupee Xmas 2010
Poupee Xmas 2009
Poupee Xmas 2008

Poupee Lingere 2010

I got blue this year 😆 The previous years I got black and black/pink one. Honestly I wish she’d give us something we could regularly wear. I mean when you only wear that on your poupee it looks like a ho – otherwise you can’t see it anyway.