Diamond no Kuni no Alice Unboxing


I normally post my unboxings at my FC2 blog but since WordPress has a nicer gallery feature I figured I would take advantage of that instead.

This is more of a test/rehash post just to see how it turns out. With WordPress’ gallery feature I can also post higher resolution images for future unboxing posts.


2 thoughts on “Diamond no Kuni no Alice Unboxing”

  1. well when you click on 1 of the pics it opens up that popup gallery thing so you can actually then just scroll through all of them at once (and well actually its easier for me than to post thumbnails 1 by 1 lol)

    btw what happened to your wordpress blog? last time I checked it said it was deleted??

  2. Niice!

    although i think it’s much less clicks on the part of the user if you posted full size and enumerated down the span of the post,
    im kinda trained to do that now lol

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