Otome Game News 12/2012

I’ve been keeping my updates in google docs so I can just copy pasta right into wordpress! ←lazy bum
amneAmnesia is being ported to Iphone & Android. Oh well I think it’s better than porting Hiiro or Hakuoki so yea more power to that!

  • Starry sky ported to 3DS……lol. How about working on your new game Honeybee?
  • New Hakuoki game probably for mobile or something? Different artist no more yone clones?
  • Broccoli is selling a custom Utapri PSP pack with the release of all star
  • Otomate opened up a museum where they also openly admit their heroines are intentionally Mary Sues to project yourself into. Sigh.
  • Amnesia Crowd introduces a new character named Luka who will be voiced by Hosoyan but he’s only listed as a sub character so I hope he has a hidden route?? 😦
  • 0ji Cinderella captureable cast: Seki Toshihiko, Kusao Takeshi, Nakata Jouji, Midorikawa Hikaru, and Morikubou Shoutaro.
  • Seishun Hajimemashita panders to SS fans some more by shoving Suzuya & Kanata as “friends” into the game lol dafuq….it’s like Starry Sky is their lifeline now.
  • Storm Lover 2nd Cast: Hino Satoshi, Takahashi Hiroki, Shimono Hiro (lol I called it), Ono Yuki, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Eguchi Takuya  + Okamoto Nobuhiko coming back as Shina yessss.
  • QuinRose’s new game is a Hyakki FD. Sigh. I should be happy bu I know this is the “rest of the game they never finished” rather than a fandisk. They promise a route for Asuma but if he and Yui can’t touch wtf are they even gonna do. (I’ll probably buy the game anyway sob.)
    Nothing like giving a route to guy who you can’t even hold hands with!

    Why is Ui bandaged lmao..bondage FD???

Sorry for the rush on this, it’s the end of the year and I’ve been glued to my PSP playing Diamond Alice. Despite the disappointment of not having full routes, it’s actually turning out better than I thought. I’ll leave my thoughts on that for the post though, hoping to finish it before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s eve ;).

Edit: Please note this will be the last news post I do. From now on unless I actually purchase the magazine (which is unlikely due to running out of bookshelf space), I will not be writing a news post. Thank you for understanding.


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  1. Interested in seeing the Amnesia port for Android o.o but other than that…I am excited for Storm Lover 2!

    And I like the UtaPuri PSP (cause its whiteeeee) though its expensive >.>

  2. I guess maybe if you poke their lips with the stylus they’ll go (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン
    LMao I don’t know I think Honeybee should try to focus on their new game instead of recycling SS lol I”m kinda sick of it now.

  3. I loled when you mentioned they ported Starry Sky to 3DS
    it’s like they’re putting kissing desktop to get “real” with dem 3D features lol /shot
    that’s just me anyway

    also excited for Hosoyan chara in Amnesia!

  4. Yeah, we have to pay tax for import stuff. But in my country, there are many shops that we can order from without paying tax…..maybe under the table money LOL

  5. haha I shoulda saved all my deleted tumblr posts before deleting it (though I was kinda pissed lol) oh well I’ll continue doing my thing on my Fc2 blog 😉

  6. especially excited for storm lover 2nd! noburin and hiro yay~ … i especially loved your posts before, about SL kai in tumblr and twitter ^o^ (lol stalker much?) thanks for the news!!!

  7. oh I see, well just FYI CDJapan doesn’t charge tax on anything shipped overseas so if there’s a tax it’s on whatever your country has I guess?

  8. Amnesia always has some weird costume designs, Luka seems fairly normal except for the mofumofu. What card is he gonna be?

    Whats this? Diamond no kuni doesnt have full routes? I was thinking coz the characters keep increasing. But I heard according to the seiyu interview that some final do the nasty! And this game is also 17+ LOL

  9. Re Oyaji : Oh right I sort of skipped over explanations a bit there. I was talking about 0ji, the rest should be obvious. It’s kind of old news, but since I never got to rant about it…. (I like oyajis, seriously. It was just kind of a ‘….WHAT???’ moment, which tend to leave a bad taste.)

    Crowd feels like a bit of a Fandisk #2 to me rather than a proper sequel, and yet they say a sequel it is. I mean, the suspense part is only part of the game and it’s set in an alternate continuity, and the continuation from Amnesia is like the Love part. It’s not like Wand of Fortune 2 or anything, although I suppose Amnesia’s structure makes that kind of sequel impossible in the first place.

    Shiratsuyu and Norn 9, actually. I’m still apprehensive about Princess Arthur; just feeling better since seeing that they actually did the research. Art style feels plastic to me and something about it still rubs me the wrong way. Still fairly excited about the added bits to Natsusora and Desert Kingdom, too. But yeah, it’s Otomate, can’t raise your expectations too high.

  10. working my way as fast as I can though I have work for the next 3 days so my progress stalled a bit 😉

    otomate just slaps some CGs into picture frames and bam, they got a museum! its probably a small gallery more than anything though.

    i’m in midst of playing an android otome game now but i’ve been kinda slacking off lol hopefully ill make some progress on this in the next week or so.

  11. ah you chose SAL or something? D:
    lol I thought about buying SS after summer twin pack for PSP but I feel I’m just feeding their greed at this point

  12. lmfao I can’t believe you sat there thinking about it. I was hoping for some miracle that during the “weakened powers” day they’d somehow magically be able to overcome the balance that or just have some kind of magical clothing that would allow them to touch lmao idk. I think making a route and have them say kiss through a glass window or something as the punch line would be so lame but CURIOSITY. Though I am seriously happy for Wakaba having a route, he was really cute.

    The game can be Cero D as long as there’s at least 1 cero D scene. I’m playing Alice atm and so far only Blood had anything in his route that was remotely Cero D. Everyone else could pass for Cero B or C lol.

    wait who is being advertised as an Oyaji??? O_O

    I’m still confused on what Crowd is about. The screencaps and char pages don’t feel any different than the original game and it makes me feel like the game is a remake or something with prettier art.

    If you mean like Shiratsuyu or Princess Arthur? I’m apprehensive of Otomate but I say this as I enjoyed LGS and Confidential Money probably more than Cinderella or Hyakki lol. Guess Otomate is hit or miss after all.

  13. I wonder if Asuma’s problems would be solved if they do a 3P with Nagare. With a lot of ice. Lowering temperatures = slowing down molecules, as well as reducing the combustion temperature of fuel (i.e. Asuma). It’s scientifically possible.

    …………..yes, I actually thought about that seriously. Also, the 3P will probably be sufficiently hot, pun not withstanding. (I was rolling my eyes when I read that announcement, btw. Yeah, the game name is clever. Yeah, I kind of expected it. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a horrible business practice, and if game journalism in Japan is anywhere like it is in the West, they’d get lambasted to hell and back. Alas, game journalism in Japan basically means ‘advertising spot for game companies. /rant)

    That said, it’s feasible to do a romantic story without any touching. Will defeat the point of the first game being Cero D, but it’s possible, and might even result in a better story without the fallback of reliable dokidoki. If I cross my fingers, wish really hard and bark three times, maybe.

    Also, I don’t mind Oyaji in games. Seriously. But making one of your former Young Men an oyaji dude is seriously a 誰得? bait and switch moment, imo. If he’s going to be an oyaji, advertise him as one from the get go, dammit! I’m okay with oyaji, I like them in certain situations, but don’t bait and switch! I guess it’s a good thing he wasn’t my primary target for the game(s)….

    /QR rant end

    I hope that Luka person has a hidden route, too. He has a really nice character design, it’d be a shame if he just….is a side character with 10% screentime. But IDK man, I never thought of Crowd as a long game, so I’m not sure what to think about this.

    There’s been a few promising news on other games that I’m watching, but I’m crossing my fingers and waiting on those. Over half of them are Otomate’s, so…

  14. I want to play DiaAlice so bad but I have to wait for my copy for a month (~_~;)

    Heneybee continues to sale old games again again and again. ENDLESS Starry Sky.

  15. Thanks for the update.(^^)

    “Nothing like giving a route to guy who you can’t even hold hands with!” Only Quinrose, boldest of the bold, will pull this stunt on otome gamerz. I’m still deciding whether I like dem pullin’ ma chainz like that or not.

  16. Can’t wait for your Daiya review >w< AND LMFAO Starry Sky on 3DS… and then Starry Sky in their new game…. GG honeybee are you ever going to come up with something new? maybe someday but not today lmfao
    oh mann so excited for Storm Lover 2 xD I hope it's as amusing as the first game was :3 and uh Otomate opened a museum….? ….. o_o for some reason that strikes me as odd lmfao but oh well? xD
    otome game companies seem pretty keen on porting to iPhone & Android nowadays, I guess that must be the latest trend in terms of otome gaming? Lol kinda nice since it's convenient to have it on your phone and almost everyone these days has a smart phone lol
    I'm waiting for delayomate to stop milking Hakuouki seeing as how Yone isn't there anymore but it's pretty clear to me that is not happening anytime soon lol kind of like with moneybee lmfao

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