Otome Game Review: Storm Lover NatsuKoi!!

So remember that “beach school trip” thing in Storm Lover Kai? Basically this fandisk is dedicated to “expanding” it to be more than just a 1 time event. This time you spend 3 days with your guy and you get a chance to even start as “friends” and work your way up to lovers. Additionally they FINALLY gave routes to Takashi, Chihiro & the hidden character from this scenario. Unfortunately as with the previous game, it does give you the option to NTR though fortunately it doesn’t give you CGs so it’s not a requirement! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! The gang stays at a fancy shmancy time share mansion funded by Yuuto while they have fun in the sun!

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Android Otome App Review: Soine Kareshi ~Kakeru~

Good news my fellow Android otome gamers! The Soine App that was hogging the iphone market, has finally arrived to Android! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

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B’s Log August 2012


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Android App Review: Nego Danshi Live Wallpaper

Ok you’re probably wondering wtf this has to do with otome stuff but…

These 2 nukos are voiced by Shimono Hiro & Tachibana Shinnosuke which are in a lot of my otome games. Basically it’s just a live wallpaper of the cartoon kitty walking around your phone but if you poke it, each seiyuu will say “meow” (or nyaa) in 3 different ways. I couldn’t really recognize Tachibana as much but if you hear Shimono you will surely realize that it’s him 😆 Both cats are free to download from Google Play and if you like hearing seiyuus meowing then you can also check out the drama CDs.