Otome Game Review: Storm Lover NatsuKoi!!

So remember that “beach school trip” thing in Storm Lover Kai? Basically this fandisk is dedicated to “expanding” it to be more than just a 1 time event. This time you spend 3 days with your guy and you get a chance to even start as “friends” and work your way up to lovers. Additionally they FINALLY gave routes to Takashi, Chihiro & the hidden character from this scenario. Unfortunately as with the previous game, it does give you the option to NTR though fortunately it doesn’t give you CGs so it’s not a requirement! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! The gang stays at a fancy shmancy time share mansion funded by Yuuto while they have fun in the sun!

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Android Otome App Review: Soine Kareshi ~Kakeru~

Good news my fellow Android otome gamers! The Soine App that was hogging the iphone market, has finally arrived to Android! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

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B’s Log August 2012


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Android App Review: Nego Danshi Live Wallpaper

Ok you’re probably wondering wtf this has to do with otome stuff but…

These 2 nukos are voiced by Shimono Hiro & Tachibana Shinnosuke which are in a lot of my otome games. Basically it’s just a live wallpaper of the cartoon kitty walking around your phone but if you poke it, each seiyuu will say “meow” (or nyaa) in 3 different ways. I couldn’t really recognize Tachibana as much but if you hear Shimono you will surely realize that it’s him 😆 Both cats are free to download from Google Play and if you like hearing seiyuus meowing then you can also check out the drama CDs.

Otome Game Review: Storm Lover Kai!!

Our heroine Igarashi Yuuna moves into a new town and transfers to Saint Louis High. As she gets used to her surroundings, she gets to meet some hot dudes at her school. If she successfully stalks them and gets them to confess she’ll get a new boyfriend however she must be careful…if she screws up in their relationship, the guy will dump her or some ho will steal him. It’s up to you to make sure Yuuna’s relationship succeeds within a span of 1 year. Welcome to Tokimeki Memorial D3P Style 😆

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